New Czech PREMIUM Heavy Skoda T56 | World of Tanks Skoda T 56 Preview

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New Skoda T56 is The First Tier 8 Czech Tank in World of Tanks – Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks Tech Tree. World of Tanks Skoda T 56, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank Review. World of Tanks Skoda T 45 First Look, Update 1.13 + News.

Today I am going show you first gameplay action and impressions with the Skoda T45, our first every Czechoslovakian tank, is a clear hint towards upcomiong heavy tank tech tree.

What do you think?


  1. Mateusz Pajerski

    Looks nice! Of course before nerf…

  2. <3 as always great content dez :D

  3. The subscribe button flew off screen at the beginning lol. Seems like the new tech tree might be super interesting, like the mediums but higher alpha and less shells.

  4. Just in time to spend our junk bonds

  5. It is literally just a heavy bourrasque.

  6. Interesting looking tank, will have look closer at it after release. Great information on the updates too. Thanks again for another great video. Take care and stay safe.

  7. Its a beautiful vehicle let’s all agree on that. But that huge gap of pen between shells will be the reason why, many players will spam the gold shells. You know…just for certain pens and all of that. I HOPE it has a huge dispersion cause if it does have it that makes it balance by that lovely Alpha…

    Ps. Rip – Defender’s, 50tp prot’s and 703’s alpha dmg

    • what about t32, Is3, KV4, 110,….long standing techtree tanks are looking weaker and weaker with all the premiums….
      Nowadays 7 to 11 tanks per side are premium tanks…. why??? because they are so much better….
      Why grinding any line today? just to play tier 9 and 10?
      because tier 6 to 8 gets smashed buy premium tanks…

  8. yay… more pay to win… just what we needed…

  9. I believe WG can invent anything.

  10. Premium for sure XD.

  11. @Dezgamez who is Z4NN1N ?

  12. Retropaintball clips

    So they release bouraqsue and everyone buys it and next day they release similar tank that’s probably gonna be OP against bourq…

  13. Where do you found it I don’t find anything on wotexpress

  14. Michal Podroužek

    imho i would give it 223ap-275heat pene (+-15)

  15. I think it deosn’ t look op nor bad that’s great job wg!!!

  16. What is it with 6:50 Z4NN1N IS DUMBO? Did I miss something?

  17. 208 pen? WG is just not even trying to hide its greed at this point.

  18. This gonna be OP 😂

  19. Oh yes seems so good !!


  21. I already see a new Tier VIII Premium coming in the shop…

  22. Maybe another Marathon tank 😉 Hybrid like Progetto, EBR, Bourassque

  23. yet another tank to get people using more and more premium ammo. standard ammo needs more pen and premium needs to be for the nasty nasty tanks. again press 2 to get good.

  24. The gold penetration is too much and Maus can be scared of that.
    I would fix the 290mm pen. to at least 228-238mm.
    Anyway nice video, keep it up 🙂

  25. Νίκος Χελιδώνης

    Those things at the turret front are composite armour. They probably are effective against all types of ammo. Probably the turret would be around 300mm of effective armour.

  26. 230 ap pen, 270 heat pen, top speed 40 kph, 11.5 hp/ton

  27. they should nerf gold to 250 or it will be a gold mine of a tank !!!
    also the yuri Gagarin thing !! i missed a few days can i still get the commander ??

  28. 6:55 … what the?

  29. So, is this the Borassque with obesity?

  30. Fcuk you WG – 460Alpha for a T8 Tank … whats wrong with you … 920 dmg in 4 seconds … good luck to all T7 and T6 tanks … thats so stupid … and i bet, the regular T8 techtree tanks is worse than this premium shit …

  31. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Where are my running shoes, this sounds like a marathon…

  32. Yeah seems like something i want to buy for sure

  33. Dez: 208 pen isn’t enough
    IS-6 and 112: cries in rear of formation

    • Ya ikr 208 at tier 8 is still good , people will shoot gold because it’s 290 on a tier 8 HT I think he meant it like that

    • @xxBertaquakexx ture, Dez was saying the gap between standard and premium ammo is too large. Still, 186 pen on the IS-6 is abysmal.

    • well if i can make the 186mm pen on my KV-5 work then i will make 208mm pen work

    • @MO yes having watched the whole video he said it should be buffed to 218 as well. I don’t know guys he was being serious too. As far as my WOT exp goes 208 is plenty on the standard rounds and it does 460 alpha and it’s a 2 shot auto loader. The standard pen seems balanced to me but it’s the 290 HEAT pen that seems pretty weird to me

    • @DOKA2001 exactly. Though the power creep is real, and needs to be addressed.

  34. Since they started releasing fast autoloading premiums (EBR FL, Burrasque, Progetti 46 etc.) the game enjoyment fell for me.

  35. i will stick to german ,russian, and italy .usa tanks thanks. the rest can poop off 😉

  36. Heavy Borat will be on sale soon.
    While IS6 cries in 175 pen.

  37. Wg America released a video which explains more things about the tech tree

  38. Heat is on the low side as well

  39. next marathon tank?

  40. who the f care for new belorus pos tank……

  41. I think that tech tree tanks would be a bit faster and have less alpha damage

  42. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    That armour package on the turret has similar detail compares to the T-55AM

  43. I think they will change the gun for 390 alpha, with a 3 sec inter-shot reload, a variant of the Object 703(II). No salvo, but better reload time between shots.
    460 alpha with a 920 burst in 4 sec looks too strong to me, imho…. especially with such an ”ok” DPM…

  44. Dezgame, please, its not czech heavy tank, its czechoslovakia heavy tank!!!!!!!

  45. When the Germany suffers

    how tf did you manage to upload it faster than official WOT channel?

  46. Why is Z4NN1N a dumbo? xD

  47. wow tier 9 as tier 8

  48. “Signal range is who cares meters”, LOL.

  49. you’re on 850 HP one of these things rolls around and in 4 second you are dead. That is powerful. You only have to land 2 shells…

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