NEW DERP CANNON | Huge Japanese LONG GUN (War Thunder Chi-Ha LG)

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Source: PhlyDaily

NEW DERP CANNON | Huge Japanese LONG GUN (War Thunder -Ha LG)


  1. *Thanks for the support phellas :)*

  2. A sorry for your dog

  3. Why 480p

  4. 6:03 humble flex

  5. Rip your dog
    Sorry man

  6. Christian Bradshaw

    RIP bandit

  7. Is it just me or is Phly 34k followers away as I write this

  8. Losing a furry companion sucks, sorry for you and Laura’s loss.

  9. I also had to have a dog put to sleep this week. Fuckin sucks man…

  10. Sucks hearing about the dog 😢

    RIP In Poweroni, Bandit

  11. That’s sad…some people say, but it was just an animal…Not to owner’s…they are family, they are our kids!! I’ll be heart broken when my kitty dies!! he does everything with me, follows me all over the house like a dog!! it’s hard, but life goes on!! Always remember the good times, or them moments the 2 of you shared!! you’re going to feel better about the situation if you celebrate the life they had!! I’m so sorry you had to lose your baby!! Celebrate what you had with him!!

  12. Dimitar D.Dimitrov

    what is going on ? Its been 18 hours since this video was uploaded and the quality is still 480p , I’ve watched some other videos (not Phlys) and they are the same. wtf

  13. I thought it was going to get HE 🙁

  14. Sorry about Bandit. Thanks for another great video they always cheer me up

  15. Incredibly sorry for your lost. 🐶🌈🙏

  16. Phly PLEASE make a video on the su-7b

  17. That’s a Artilerry

  18. Top secret censored 480P

  19. Can’t wait for the mig 25

  20. Please do a video of flying a 1.0 battle rating aircraft from any country

  21. MOOOOOOM! Phly’s talking about his schlong again!!!!

  22. *Battotai intensifies violently*

  23. Is it just me or is the video only givin 480p? 🤔

  24. Hey Phly, awesome vid as usual, if a little on the depressing side. Sorry about your unofficial pet dog, Hope you and Laura get through it. Can you think about reviewing the Swedish CV90120 for one of yout next videos please?

  25. Didn’t knew it till now, very sorry to hear this 🙁

  26. Eveything’s okay but why 82 backups on the Ho-Ro?

  27. Yo Phly, When are you going to do another video on the AH-1Z?

  28. I lost my cat of 18 plus years just aa couple weeks ago. When someone you care about is in pain, your pain is doubled. God bless and comfort you both

  29. Sorry to hear ’bout the dog Phly. Not much of a pet person myself, but you have my condolences.

  30. Scale Military Models

    Well phloppy, right now they are at a huge barrier, what to do with ussr, Germany, and other countries. They can’t make ussr Russia cuz it isn’t. The f22 and 35 are far away imo.

  31. Graham Hornsberger

    Phly please do more like b17 bombers V aaa

  32. So sorry for your loss.. telll Laura they never really leave.. she will have vivid dreams with her fur baby.. it will seem real because they come to you in dreams to let you know it’s ok.. ❤️

  33. ricardo osorio cisternas

    Im pretty sure that gun had HE and Solid shells

  34. FkD 5050「けーに」

    English: Chi-ha LG ,so cool
    Japanese:[KING CHI—HA— ]

  35. Ethan4spy247 Gaming

    The Pinocchio mobile

  36. I want my YF-23 premium

  37. A big gun on a Japanese tank? It doesn’t exist! And if it does? I-I I’m s-s-scared!

  38. Just wait till they add b52 and b-2 lol

  39. I really doubt that they will add the F-22 and F-35, at least not for a few years. Those planes are far too advanced for the the current game and i dont think that game will be able to accurately show all of the technology that those planes have to offer.

    Also, Phly take all the time you need. I recently had to put down my dog that had been with us for 14 years so I know how hard it can be to bounce back afterwords.

  40. Phly: **brings 1.7 br 120mm japanese derp-wannabe into 8.7**
    Phly: **gets shot by abrams a shitload of times**
    War Thunder: “Ok I’ll give you several medals. Maybe add a million more.”

  41. War thunder behind the scenes pulling the strings to start another war so they have more vehicles to add

  42. Wait…Warthunder is adding the phuckin F-14!? HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZOOOOONE!

  43. Congratulations phly dayly!almost one milion subs!

  44. Is it just me or is the video only 480p? I have restarted the app and it still is, other videos work fine though.

  45. Why can’t i view in 1080 its only available at 480

  46. L Ö Ñ G Š H L Œ Ñ G

  47. And sorry about your guys loss 🥺

  48. Warthunder artificially creates world war 3 to make more tanks and vehicles.

  49. Rip bandit may he run with the Abrams

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