NEW DM23 Round & Protection Analysis First Impressions (War Thunder Leopard 2A4 Gameplay)

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NEW DM23 Round & Protection Analysis First Impressions (War Thunder Leopard 2A4 Gameplay)

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  1. Padoodle Defender

    Love the new logo Phly

  2. Padoodle Defender

    Iz cool

  3. I’m one of the few to French main. It started as a meme, but now it’s a fun challenge over other nations

  4. Matthew Kingston

    Try hoi4 attempt 10

  5. That engin is kinda unrealalistic if it is a turbo diesel you would hear some engin noise too not just the whine of the turbos it sounds like a jet plane not a turbo diesel


    Can u pls pls play the xm 1 for us cause it cant be that bad just cause u killed it with tje overpowered leo 2a4

  7. That engine sound <3 Reminds me a bit Leopard 1 engine IRL. Just love it.

  8. why won’t they add the depleted uranium round for the M1?… yeah why?


  10. Hey phly, yesterday it was the day of the Bundeswehr, that means, everyone can go to a Military Base and enter it to visit all the stuff they had, I also went to an Military Base, they got the Tornado and the Tycoon Eurofighter… It is really scary they were so loud… But if they fly towards you, you hear nothing. And when you hear them it is already to late, they pass you a minute ago and you would be dead… Really scary… But there also was a big Firma called “Rheinmetall” they do nearly the same as Tyssen Krupp, the build Military vehicles, like Tanks… And I was standing in front of an Leopard 2 Pl and I have to say… They aren’t that big, I’m 1.80 or 1.90 m tall and I just can put my hand into his gunbarrel… So I think that house right there was just small because tanks aren’t that big…

  11. “The Leopard 2A4 has some amazing cheeks”
    How lewd. Don’t tempt R34


  13. Phly,please play the xm-1.

  14. The cat goes wheeze..
    The abrams goes REEEEEEEEE!!

  15. LoneWolf | Channel

    Yes! Now the Leopard2a4 have it’s realistic armor values B Package Armor and it also have DM23 that nice!


  17. That tree kind of remind me about the anti tank rocks/trees before

  18. Where are the wings?

  19. Lepoard 2A4 the new challenger

  20. I want the object 279 it’s a monster and why they haven’t already put it in the game is unfathomable because they made allot of them compared to other tanks in the game though it might be op but I highly suggest that we should push for this vehicle look it up it’s cool they made 3 of them

  21. Im so mad that the russians couldnt figure out how to make nuetral steering or more than one reverse gear… I get the russian bias bullshit but man it sucks

  22. whas a nice rewew … im still low tr …i hope next year i will arive at t9

  23. well i mean the xm1 is a tier v one generation under the newest tanks …so there is that.

  24. Jack Anketell-Jones

    Only thing i dont like about this video is the lowered armour stats, its not lile it would be op with realisitc armour, gaijin plz

  25. next time try the AMX 40 plzzzzz

  26. How do you get onto the dev server again ?

  27. but when will the Italian tanks come out ?

  28. I have sat in one irl, i could not imagine how big it actually is before i saw it

  29. engine of leopard just “veeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEE”

  30. I am Michael Jordan

    How can i enter the dev server?



    • CREAM – GENERATOR not true. On paper it’s good but what does it have to show for all its features? It’s never fought anything at all. T-64s in Ukraine have more combat experience

  32. Phlydaily new profile pic??

    Ist good 😉

  33. Still this tank cant get over 50 km/h!

  34. How do you get onto the dev server?

  35. Armor still bullshit

  36. When was rain added to the game?

  37. fucking german bias game since the beginning, germans get bugger and bugger day by day and one of the main reasons why I don’t play this shit anymore.

  38. Love you choice of music near the beginning, Wagner: Ride of the Valkyrie.

  39. Happy they fixed OFL G1

  40. Dear Phly, new fan and subscriber here. From Nigeria!
    Please could you make an effort with reducing/ eliminating the curses and swear words in your videos – my sons [14, 8 and 6 years old] completely LOOOOVE your videos and always watch with me over my shoulder…
    Pretty please?! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  41. Should change his name to tank daily!

  42. The sound is actually off. The tank sounds way different in real.

  43. “t-34B” i wish that was a thing

  44. We need an update on the turtles! My little babies are feeling unloved!! Attempt 1

  45. Junicel Bagaindoc

    Why u not making WOW vids

  46. I quit war thunder a while back but is the M1A1 coming ? I mean if the late 80s 2a4, amx40, type 90 are here why can’t the M1A1 be there?

  47. The First Primaris Cato Sicarius

    You should take a look at aircrafts. They buffed cannons and nerfed .50 cals, so now the Me 262 are wrecking havoc.

  48. @7.36 for match

  49. Hmm they still have allot of work to do with the engine sounds of these tanks, that includes this one, the turbo whine sounds off, the engine note of the leopard is totally different, just look it up, here it sounds time and fake, nothing like the real thing, i have heard plenty of Leopards drive by here as i live close to the army base.

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