New Enlisted Vehicles👌

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  1. ❗️APC Event ends on February 29th❗️
    Universal Carrier BR II, Sd.kfz.251/9 BR III

    • what u think about vehicles

    • I have question, if i do 20k battle score task after i complete it do i need to do one more or thats it ill just wait till Next one in 1-2 days?

    • @thomasdubbeldeman3864

      ​@@Goofy2005 If you have score 20000 exp points and you have claimed your price (please people dont forget this part).
      Then yes you have to wait 1 to 2 days before you can grind for the next 20000 exp reward.

      But a good way to remind yourself when the next reward is active if to remind the two day limit. So for example for this event its started on the 1st of februari. So from the 1st to the 3rd of februari you can grind 20000 exp points. Then from the 3rd to the 5th of februari you can grind a other 20000 exp points and so on and so forth until you have completed all the event rewards.

    • What’s the song?

  2. To bad the game and it’s graphics are total garbage, Saying it’s free doesn’t make it any better

  3. Bro esa vaina va a ocupar el espacio de escudra de vehículos

  4. Hey, he used a brazilian song!🇧🇷

  5. Anyone saw that flying ship

  6. @santiagobarrios1075

    What game is it?

  7. @Rutherfordium2023

    massive understatement for anti infantry capabilities of the short 75 smh

  8. Type 1 ha-ha

  9. Game is mid, people get shot with .50 and walk it off

  10. The floating ships in the background

  11. Update ruined the game

  12. Hold on, Enlisted Sd.Kfz.251/9 gets an Mg 42, but Warthunders not? WHYYY?!

  13. Game name ???

  14. 20 round 97mg lol

  15. @LiteratureDefenseForceTV

    Fun fact: The Universal Carrier was the most popular vehicle that was used by the Greek troops in exile that took part in the battles of El Alamein and Rimini.

  16. Game name

  17. What is game name?

  18. What game is this

  19. And event and premium exclusive because 99% of Gaijins content has always been this way.

    There’s a reason I don’t play this trash.

  20. Comin lvl up is really slow, this game want to buy gold

  21. Ho ha : looks convincing
    Universal carrier : at least it works well
    SD.kfz. 251/9 : what’s APC?

  22. German when make apc

    Hans i want new apc

    Sdkfz251/9 exist

    Hans what is this

    This is apc sir

    No hans it looks like spg to me

    Nein sir, its an APC, ARMED PERSONEL CARRIER


  23. They ruined the game with there last major update, I haven’t touched it sense

  24. ألمان يفوزون في كل شئ 😂

  25. @Cowboysnake-mb9qf

    It’s called a bren gun carrier because that name is cooler

  26. recoil? nah

  27. Quando a pessoa é de cultura nos sabe

  28. @ArmoredMelonPlayground


  29. Anyone knows the song?

  30. I miss this game, too bad it’s un playable after they got rid of campaigns

  31. The Stummel is low-key the first IFV

  32. Cha Cha-cha

  33. I can’t find enlisted in Steam(

  34. How do I download this? I looked on steam and it said Q1 of 2024

  35. I’m gonna play enlisted on Saturday

  36. @GermanStormtrooper18


  37. @darkninjacorporation

    Getting a Boys ATR is kinda cool tho

  38. Just wait until the universal carrier gets a flamethrower.

  39. @therealdaveportnoy620

    German EZ mode as usual

  40. they stel trom war thunder repot now

  41. Historical Fact: The Universal Carrier is considered the father of the APCs and is the successor of the Tankette.

  42. Remix horrível de uma boa música brasileira, enfim norte americano só sabe fuder com os outros

  43. @jarrellfernandez9341

    Is the battle of Normandy still available ?

  44. Как различать var tunder

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