New Equipment & Battle Pass Season 3 Worth it? | World of Tanks Battles Pass Season 3 Rewards Review

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World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 3 – it worth it? World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 3 Rewards, Special Tanks. World of Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay.

► World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 3 Article:

00:00 | Introduction
00:55 | Battle Pass Season 3
04:25 | Rewards
08:00 | Styles
09:15 | IS-4 Style Battle
13:37 | T110E5 Style Battle
18:10 | Outro

Let’s find out if it is worth it or not?!

What do you think?


  1. Not a scam.

  2. Will you stream tommrow the brawl once again?

  3. Bounty equipment is BS since it takes 3 million credits to get that extra % of improvement.

  4. I like the battlepas. dont have to win even for get some point to it 🙂 I liked have German tank, I dont have any national blueprint for German tech tree either, have tons to the Russian and American so. I hope on German and some speciel like Japan nexst time or China 🙂

  5. Battle pass after battle pass, new premium tanks every second week but no gameplay, balance, MM changes.

  6. Obviously they want to bait people into paying, but I’m a largely F2P player and as long as they offer enough carrots for people like me I’m happy. Another game i used to play just had so many crashes and fails I stopped paying the monthly pass, which was the only money I was spending on the game.

    • Is that other game pubg mobile 😂😂😂

    • They cheat you though, Look at thier staff playing with maxed out 100 premium repair kit,food,25gold ammo rounds you as a f2p player are being used so someone can farm you and kill you.

      Thats how it feels, I said before ot feels very inhuman and cheap that they see you as a thing to be shot instead of a cherished part of the community

  7. Next one should be E100 vs 60TP

  8. HALLO <3
    (not) FIRST LUL
    Skill fixed your tank would you want to try it as well ?

  9. Spending any money on this game is not worth it-spend your cash on booze,drugs or whores,much more pleasure.

  10. I only play it for the tech tree tokens/ Nation fragments and blue prints to unlock vehicles….beyond that its just not worth spending real cash for reel cash, And talking of stats and competitiveness i made a video on how world of tanks is designed to make you loose non paying players are usually clubbed with poor players with horrible stats to baby sit them wasting your credits time and stats…..

  11. next battle pass should have german and french commanders. Those are the next two biggest tech trees that havent been featured yet and both of those nations are kinda iconic.

  12. They changed Position from the gunmarks on IS4. Befor this skin it wasnt in the Front of the barrel

  13. I will chose a bounty rotation mechanism and i will put it inside my T57. Curently i have all bounty equipment in T57. Vents,Vert stabs and Gun Laying Drive. Now i will replace Gun Laying Drive with rotation mechanism witch i feel it’s going to be more useful to use old and new stabilazer than a GLD. I realy like the T57 because of the gun and trolish armour.

  14. E5 3d skin looks good

  15. 17:20. Did u say “Nein” there or is it just my brain making that up? 😆

  16. I didnt pay for the Last Pass and it was ok. I dont need books for 6skill Crews for useless perks, and neither do i need blueprints for fully researched nations with 200 blueprints already laying there 🤷

  17. Dang, since when are all those bots with chicks as pics telling us they’re lonely/happy/whatever… pestering the comment section?!

  18. Magic The Gathering Arena does the exact same thing with their seasons.

  19. I think I have Spent less money on WOT, than any other year…..With Covid, I been home a LOT more, but the Business Practices WG uses… It’s an insult to our intelligence. CLick Bait, Pay to Pen, Pay WALLS and Russian Refunds…. not to mention the Russian Bias tanks…. Buffed EBR nerfs….. WOW!!!! if it wasn’t for Tankrewards… I would not even have premium time, for half the month. No FUN FOR ME????? oh YAH?? …. how about, No Money for you.

    • The ebrs are just a reach around just like the other nerfes they did like progetto, they just want us to spend 1.8 million credits to make them even better than they were

  20. Until arty gets removed when does not get a cent from me

  21. Still think the premium battle pass is wayy too expensive.

  22. 💪😌 i’m glad the sticker camos, are available for us free to play players, for sure i’m getting the improved rotation cause the other one is available if you have the “bonds”… james bonds 💪😂 sorry i just had my coffee 💪😂 cheers you guys and dez 💪😘

  23. Blue Prints should be used to get through the modules but not to get higher tier tank !!! At the present time too many inexperienced players go to high tiers and egames at tier 9 or 10 are ridiculous.

  24. hi bro
    finally f155 gameplay coming … thank you again…
    i rlly want to see the differences between your setup and mine.

  25. The demounting kits are not counted as gold since I lose my ability to *freely* demount camo, binocs, and tool box
    3D styles = pay2win bs that hides the tank, weak spots, and break up the physical tank without being able to hide the 3D style using the “historical” setting (or any other new setting).
    I predict that the “top tier” or most sought after 3D styles will be the ones with the most hoarding on the tank to cover the tank model/weak spots.

    • 3D styles = pay2win
      Lol that’s the best joke I’ve heard in a while. Keep it up! How about a joke how Bond equipment is P2W?

  26. i really think wg is ass holes for this players pay for prem then have too pay more to get battle pass it should be in the prem account greed.

    • Greed? Like what? You don’t have to pay for the battle pass if you don’t want to. It’s just extra stuff. And you’ll always get the free stuff.

  27. Btw more America means more grind for the patton

  28. Next battlepass STRV 103 B & UDES 😀

  29. I would love it when you can put your own 2d camo on the 3d style

  30. Also skill fixed ur fav the fv215b with the good skin!

  31. The reason why its E5 and IS4 is just beause they have been recently buffed, definitely next would be E100, BUT it has a 3D skin already.

  32. again wargaming screwing over players with the crap in the rewards….what should we expect from a pathetic cheating company

  33. this is why i love this channel, cause dez respects free to play players, he’ll get mad if f2p gets nothing compared to p2p.

  34. Battle passes? Just like Fortnite, PUBG and all those other shitty multiplayer infestations. Is WG testing the waters for a shitty battle pass system moving forward? If so WoT is really on the skids….

  35. I’ll just download the 3D skins from wot mods lol. Don’t have to pay a cent, or grind my butt off for them 🙂

  36. More WOT gimmicks.

    Messing with everything but the games one and only problem. In case you didn’t know what the problem with game is the MAPS. Its never been Arty, WT AUF E 100 or EBR’s (yes ebr’s are bad but..) Better Maps would solve 95% of this game problems. A true Dynamic map. No more of these funneling, corridor, scripted, 1 tactic maps. The maps are being played the EXACT same way every time your on a particular map.This is not really the players fault its Wot’s fault the map is made to play a certain way. No deviations, and this is supposed to be fun.

    I’m not liking these improved equipment items either. Whats next a Quad on the battlefield to get and power up with.

    So its not really worth it. I hadn’t won so much gold in 2019 Xmas missions I would not be getting the improved rewards, but got gold to burn.

    • Yeah, Frontlines showed that bigger maps and a respawn system could work. I would like to see that next to the random battles. Not just couple of weeks per year.

  37. If they threw out the personal manual and swapped it with a universal one the pass would be worth it, all in all you can easily finish the season casually and have time to decide weather or not you want to purchase the pass, as Dez said its time (blueprints) based on the patience and willingness of players. I suggest calculating the blueprints on the free side of things to see if they will be enough to get you where you want. They are useful for ded tanks but the blueprints could potentially make you miss out on a tech tree gem!

  38. Hoping for Swedish next season

  39. Skins shouldn’t be counted as historical, so I can turn them off if I want, to stop them hiding the cupolas.

  40. E5 carry a torpedo, IS-4 carry a life boat 🙂

  41. Wait, do you get both reward lines or just the bottom one after you buy battle pass?

  42. I see i am not the only one who performs shitty with these two tanks, i had some good games over 5k damage with them but mostly im around 3k.

  43. I really hate style from this season.

  44. Well, you still get 10-14 tomatos on your team every game…

  45. Nice gameplay, and it gives me the feeling that you, super hero, are mortal as well…

  46. Dez let’s see some clan wars!

  47. Hi Dez, I still have 3K+ anniversary coins. Do you have any info if there will be any good bargain to grab before they expire or should I purchase camouflage styles and decals?

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