NEW EXPERIMENTAL EQUIPMENT | World of Tanks Update 1.19 Patch Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Experimental Equipment Review. World of Tanks Update 1.19 Patch Test Server Review, New Equipment. New Rewards for Well-Deserved Rewards 2022, Holiday Ops 2023 and Battle Pass 2023.

Yesterday in the evening they launched update 1.19 test server with new of equipment called Experimental Equipment. Out of nowhere, here it is. So let's take a what those new equipment units give you and how it works. So far we have 3 of them – Fire-Control System, Mobility Improvement System and Survival Improvement Suite.

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about this thing? Coming absolutely out of nowhere.. 😀
    YAY or NAY?
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Noti gang

  3. Keep up the good content!

  4. I asked same question, when I saw the article.

  5. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    grindfest pain in the future if this comes.

  6. Upgrading of those equipment units is stupid. There should be something like mission for next stage unlock. I dunno, destroy # of tanks, or bounce shots or something

  7. Would be so nice if we could actually modify the vehicles aesthetically but in a realistic way, like spare oil drums, tracks etc and not just pre-made skins.

  8. i think they mentioned that this equipement is not purshasable, it is obtainable through some missions … i’m not sure where i saw this but if i find the article i will share it.

  9. I like how the tech trees were butchered because they were “too confusing”, but equipping your tanks will require a manual to understand and decide. Big nay

  10. Andrew Schoenfeldt

    To make more and more players leave the game so they can close it down I suppose

  11. Sub asia indonesia

  12. This equipment will be in packages. P2W

  13. Dez — I like your aiming markers. What are you using? Thanks.

  14. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    I don’t like these equipment, strong players become more stronger 🙁

  15. Wtf is WG doing, they are messing up again. They make their own equipment useless. Now u have hardening and improved configuration in 1 equipment unit or whatever its called. So it combines 2 equipment units in 1. Why would even choose to go with regular equipment omg..

  16. this is big NO for me, another op equipment that will be an advantage for the better players…

  17. NO! to yet more diff currency why not just use bonds for these wtf wg

  18. needs to be 50 50 from both parts of equipment to be balanced

  19. Mobility Improvement System is Turbo + IRM

    Fire Control System is Vert Stab + IAU

  20. RoackerRomanMandru

    I am a uniqum and also a whale. I hate this system, but I will max any advantage I can get….soooo…shiet

  21. I tried it on the test server and it seems to me the value is iffy at Level 1 and 2. Level 3 could be great to get those dual benefits

    • Think of the poor new players …..they will not stand to compete as i myself even though i played since 2015 its stupid…and not thinking of new palyers who do you think its aimed at …not me ?

  22. I sense that the most awesome equipment will once again be “awarded” and benefit to the best players thus making them even better than the vulgum pecus (AKA “Noobs” AKA “Red tomatoes” AKA “Morons” etc. check your chat for more 😀 )

    • thing is that noobs tomato morons also got their bounty or improved equipment so the gap is lesser

      how those dedicated and top players will be happy if they cant farm the lower level players easily

      so there you go another equipment for the best and the best players lol

  23. so they basicly have ability of 2 equipment combined in each other with the boost being smaller,consider the fact that u braindead can just pick all 3 and have the power of all equipment combine but smaller boost is well… N A Y

  24. Probably they will reward more parts then those components

  25. would be way better to just update the normal equipment/ introduce new normal ones

  26. Jacek Wojtasiński

    Totally against it. WG will not make it easy and quick to get. Anyone who will get most upgraded ones will slap it on the top of the best tanks. I like to play with premium tanks and get some credits. Now playing any tier VIII HT vs. 279e or chieftain is difficult. Try to imagine what if this OP tanks will get extra HP together with improved configuration on one stot, turbo with stabilisation on second and rammer on third (that’s what most owners of this tanks would do). How any other tier X would stand a chance against that? How any tier VIII would have any chance ? Don’t think people would put something difficult to get on a premium tanks…

    It will lead to situation: play premium and be a so much less competitive or play X, suffer with credits and keep paying for every single event would bring you some more silver.

  27. if they nerf it a bit and replace the unpopular standard equipment like gun laying drive with this its ok. If its just new type of equipment its big nono

  28. go fuck yourself wargaming

  29. It would be cool for the appropriate slot bonuses on Standard equipment to have more bonuses… the busted stats seem to most come from things like Superheavies getting Improved Turbo on Survivability slots etc

  30. imagine being a new player and having to learn all of this + others features

  31. It looks to me like more pointless complexity being added to the game which will give stronger players more advantage over casual players. NAY!

  32. thank you very much, from what i looked at that these are ok upgrades and may be useful…yay.

  33. Nay, just pulling money from our wallets again. I dont have even bounty in all my tx, and now?

  34. I am afraid that Wot is headed the same path as tanki online. I pray to be wrong.

  35. Naaaaaaayyyy nayy nayyy nay nay nay if they are in pay state.
    yey for free because free stuff is always good.

  36. I think it is great, we need equip to enable us to fix tanks weaknesses, like the 100% durability, can you say WZ 111-1-4? Constant ammo racks with loader skill and directive!

  37. I think I speak for all players that want a balanced game when I say, F Wargaming

  38. They are trying to create an environment where players are always out of credits.

  39. It will be pay to win equipment

  40. 4:45 wait what? People play with stabilizer on S Conq? Turbo, HP, and Rammer is meta from idk… moment when equipment 2.0 came in.

  41. Greetings Dezgamer You forgot mention few of upcoming equipments. You forgot mention : Improved Bounty Equipment and Premium bounty Equipment and Improved Experimental Equipment and Premium Improved Experimental Equipment. I belive they deserves a separate video as Well.

    Sincerely : Darkin998

    Edit : I got these infos from “SUPER TEST” server.

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