New Fast Lorraine 50T + BIG Announcements | World of Tanks Lorraine 50 T Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Lorraine 50T Preview, New 9 French Tank – Next 9 Premium or a Reward Tank? World of Tanks Lorraine 40T, Tier 8 Premium Tank Gameplay.

Information from:
– Blitzträger E-220 and Drops article:
– WG

Yesterday I showed you one of the upcoming MEME tanks Cobra, with 2,060 burst damage in 4,5 seconds… Absolutely MAD gun, right? But today, let’s take a look at one quite a MEH gun, but super fast tank – The Lorraine T. It is not the Lorraine we are used to seeing, so let’s check it out!
Also, let’s about couple announcements I have for you for this crazy October.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Oh, the long-awaited October is here… Let’s make it memorable. 🔥Stay tuned for a lot more content and surprises… and as always, stay smexy!
    Also, stay tuned on my other channels where stuff is as crazy:
    ►Instagram: (Mrs. Dez hosts stuff there)

  2. Name : fuckyouDez
    Sever: east monkey

  3. i just here to try my luck 🙂 maybe i win 😀

    server – eu
    nickname – zo0lykas

  4. Wargaming is preparing for final cashout with these T9 premiums.

    Server: EU
    Username: Nscaalcn

  5. Maybe reward tank, or marathon…

  6. i dont like the dpm but the speed seems awesome
    Username: teppotunari
    Server: EU

  7. Im fine with tier 9 prems until they are not op.

    Username: “_DaruhuN_”

  8. dude wtf man just improve the game who need more tanks HAHAH

  9. I think this will be a loot box T9 premium, but it won’t be meta – same level as Strv K.

    User: AngelVel
    Server: EU

  10. عبادة رداد

    Not that bad tank, it’s just ok
    obada_warrior (eu server)

  11. New T9Premium
    ID CRYthe
    Eu server

  12. The Lorraine will come with the Santa i think. That mobility can make some suprise.

    Username: Joopek
    Server : EU

  13. The baguettes are coming!
    The tank can be a premium for tier 9, i really dont care about that, it just has to be balanced
    Server: EU
    In game name: GopnikTanker

  14. i love the tank. i always liked the liberte and this looks like a more mobile less armored version of it.
    Username: Neratius
    Server: EU

  15. [ WOT ] BOLD Sherlock

    I have big hopes that Lorraine 50 T will be marathon tank. Tech tree IX tier is amazing and having premium version that is fast too is big YES from me.

    Server: EU
    Username: BOLD_Sherlock

  16. Ahh man, Glad to see your enjoying the 10 Year anniversary. I hope you Gain many more subs so that this could become your main income. Proud of you brother!
    Server: NA
    Name: GHOST0014

  17. The floodgates are opened. Pandora’s Unboxing vid posted. WG won’t stop dropping tier IX premium tanks anytime soon. This Lorraine 50t would most likely be a premium.
    Why? Monee

    Username: AOG9 Server: Asia

  18. EU
    Name; DizzyLaz

  19. Happy 10 anniversary to you Dez 🙂 . This new tank the Lorraine 50t is this the meta we’re heading into in WG . TBH I hope not and on top of that i don’t see WG doing any real work it’s just a pick and mix tank out of their toy box lol.
    As always much love to you and everyone
    The server is EU user name is Sgntrocks

  20. Where does this tank’s role fall in current gameplay? DPM is Löwe-like low, it should be fast, so support role? If premium, bond making is the only lure for this.
    Tanks for the vids, they only get better by time.

    bootman66 NA

  21. 14 seconds reload……can wargaming stop this obsession with terrible DPM tanks…

  22. I think wargaming will release it from loot boxes to get good amount of money becouse its very powerful one
    Server: EU

  23. Hey Dez! That lor 50t looks quite weak, at least it would have 450/460 alpha… for that reload time.
    Server – EU
    Username – SmyDOGG

  24. All I know is if it is another tier 9 premium I’m gonna be very mad. Tier 9 used to be my favourite tier till they added overpowered reward tanks and we all know what’s gonna happen with tier 9 premiums. Petooo NA server

  25. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    I don’t know what to say about this tank… It doesn’t seems particularily strong, and will be probably way too expensive for what it is…

    Username : pom98
    Server : EU

  26. Ehh, I’d have thought they would make it an autoloader heavy at least. If it had some burst potential that would be a pretty scary tank to meet being that mobile. As it is, I’m not really sure where it would fit in. It’s not very attractive as a T9 premium, and it’s even less (if possible) attractive as a reward tank. And I don’t think it really fits into any of the tech trees currently either? 🤷‍♀️
    IGN: Teaddict
    (EU Server)

  27. Keep it your WG will not let USC player in on your give away even after 7 years of supporting you so I just watch and try the grade changes asWg hates USC players

  28. I would like to see loraine 50t as sth u can get do free…. but probably t9 prem.
    Server EU
    Nick exclip

  29. I’m really hoping the tier 9 premium tanks stay like the Strv K or older premiums. They were OK, nothing really better than tech tree. Not OP. The only reason for the old prems was credit making and crew training. Hopefully, because their MM id +1 -2 they wont make them game breaking like some of the newer tier 8 prems.

    IGN: SparkyCJB
    Server: NA

  30. I think this is going to be a battlepass reward tank for next season since it doesn’t have anything that special going on

    Username: Herrbojte

  31. imo the Lorr. 50t is quite interesting. Doesn’t have to be super strong but there should be something it is quite good at. Seems like it’s mobility and hull down here. I’ll get it just because it’s French and I almost only play french (and some German med+light) tanks

    User: Florii57
    Server: EU

  32. We are now constantly getting bombarded with autoloaders, to name a few, new czech tree etc etc. But this is change.

    Server: SE Asia
    Username: Gortana

  33. Interesting mobility at this big tank, i thing will be a reward tanc, nickname:inglorian,server:eu

  34. Eu, ceilingpanda
    Grats on 10 years, man it sure feels like I started watching you just 2-3 years ago…

  35. So far it looks like it’s just going to be a reward tank, looking at the screenshot @ 8:44 you can see there’s no credit icon in the background like premium tanks have. However that may change soon.

    Username: Ghostvvar
    Server: NA

  36. The Lorraine 50t will be a premium tank, as unfortunately WG is slowly but surely increasing the power level of premium T9s they are releasing. It already surpasses the Strv K in almost all aspects and this power creep won’t stop…

    Server: EU
    Username: andreipreda2001

  37. It looks like a balanced tank- that’s rare in nowadays

    Server: EU
    Nick: LaMark7

  38. Bad tank so i guess it will be premium.

    server: EU
    username: cro_498

  39. This new Lorraine will be one of the few tier 9 non broken tanks in the game

    Username papa32ni
    Server EU

  40. will probably be the next marathon premium tank.
    ign: fistbang
    server: NA

  41. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I totally agree dez 50t gives strv k vibes maybw alos premuim cuz of it
    Username maxxxium_power
    Server eu

  42. New 50 T seems alot like the STRV K, poor hull with a strong turret and a low DPM 120mm. Looks like this thing has some pretty crazy mobility though so could be alot better than STRV K in that respect. Can’t see it breaking the game too which is good so well done wargaming, surely it can’t be a reward tank then 😉

    Server: EU
    Name: DestroyerOz

  43. The new Lorraine seems good but I prefer the new Chech tech tree tank, that tank is a BEAST.

    Username :LegionerOffDoom
    Server: EU

  44. when they add Leopard PTA premium version, i quit the game

  45. The fleet of t9s is about to arrive on Christmas
    Ign YTudorel24
    Sever Eu

  46. IMHO a token tank, instead of Char Futur.
    ojkuo EU

  47. I like the look of it, it will be interesting to play
    Ironlegionaire EU

  48. the new lorraine is just another iteration of the hull down meta, although it does look quite interesting.
    server EU
    username CautiousKousjes

  49. Clearly a tier 9 premium …….From now on they will spam WOT with tier9 premiums…

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