New Favorite? It’s Amazing Ballet Dancer! | World of Tanks: The Progetto 65

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks M40 mod. 65, 0 Italian Medium Best Replays / Best Battles. The Best Medium Tank in World Tanks.

Not too long time ago I was finally able to research and get myself that Object 430U, one the best researchable tanks in this game. But now, I have a new toy – The M40 Mod. 65. I have to say, I am enjoying this a lot… maybe even too much!? Can that be a thing?

Let’s play couple battles with it!


  1. Hey Dez no side scraping at 3:20? … I guess I am missing something.

  2. I have 10 millions credits and I need to buy Prog 65 , EBR 105 , T100 lt ,WZ 132-1, AMX 105, TVP 50/51 , T92, Cent AX, STB 1 , E100 (lol not buying this one)and most likely some T10s I have forgotten about. I have a busy week of grinding in Frontlines to come.

    From that list what should I buy first ?

  3. Woo, I just got mine the other day as well! It really is a fantastic vehicle, I love it so much. <3

  4. Progetto 46 much better tier for tier, progetto 65 has too long reload, it need slow game to perform good. Actually Skoda tvp t50/51 is better tank, has much better dpm, much faster reload between shots which leads to less exposure.. Don’t know what is with this progetto 65 hype but it is just mediocre tank.

  5. Reached Standart B half way to mod. 65.

  6. Haa gaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  7. Currently on tier 6 of that line… Awesome tank, really good alfa for the tier. I also have Progetto 46 and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get its bigger brother in T10!

  8. Tier 7 is a stinker imo… That shell Velocity, accuracy and aim time kills it for me…

  9. Like the tank but it seems to be cursed as far as the mm goes. Hard to carry 10 tomatoes.

  10. I think this tank is somehow OP. ?

  11. No cammo? Dez when you get it to 100% you will have 32% and that is pure joy to play with then.

  12. If I were you, I would let the gun reload a bit more. For example 7:53 9:14 12:09 13:13 13:27 14:36 I would have waited for +/- a secound more and kept my dpm higher. But great plays anyway, and great videos, as allways 🙂 Have a nice day.

  13. Yes Progetto 65, best tier X imo, Italian love, my favorite is Standard B tho

  14. I didn’t know I was watching Skill4ltu!

  15. Imagine playing the Italian line with massive nerfs such as 2 seconds per shell on both tier 8s, 5.4 second per shell on the Standard B, and over 2 seconds per shell on the Progetto 65. It takes 10.54 seconds to load the last shell (last to load/first to fire), and that’s with gun rammer, BIA, and food.

    That’s what we got on console.

    The Standard B and Progetto 65 were fun to play for the first couple months, but after everybody figured out the reloads, they’re practically unplayable.

    However, even with the 2 second nerf, the Progetto 46 is still effective and is currently my favorite tank even in tier 10 battles. In fact, I can do twice as well in the 46 than I can in the 65 in tier 10s. And our matchmaking is so screwed up, it’s possible to be the only tier 8 in a full tier 10 battle on console.

    I was the only tier 8 out of 30 tanks once on Prokhorovka. With no light tanks on either team, I took on the spotting role at the mid-line and got 7,800 spotting and took out their Progetto 65 who was doing their spotting in the same area. It’s pretty bad when a tier 8 of the same line can take out the tier 10 without taking any damage in return. Of course, I already knew the 65’s weaknesses, so I might have taken the guy by surprise.?

  16. you need to stop shooting your last shot, it is sometimes better to wait for the next shell to reload to then shoot more

  17. I have bought the 65, but haven’t played it yet, but hands down the Standard B is my favourite tier 9 tank.

  18. It’s shit…

  19. Eric Swalwell farted!

  20. 1:33 LOOOOL

  21. Damn dez you really need to work on your clip menagment with your porggeto. You are clipping ou like is3a. Love your videos <3

  22. Maybe the coolest looking tank in the game.

  23. Im on tier ix spaghetti line

  24. The team chat during your first battle replay speaks loudly about the toxic a@@holes in the game…

  25. Dez please you kill me when you don’t reload the extra shells sooooo many times!!! 🙁

  26. really a pleasure to see someone who doesn’t play with mods; good job

  27. stop firing before you only have 2 to 3 sec left for one extra shell, just wait those 2 to 3 sec most of those clips you could have farmed extra 600 damage alteast if you waited for that extra shell.

  28. The first pancake always gets burned Dez GG.

  29. 2:49 progetto in a bush whining about manticore spotting from in a bush

  30. I have it, love it, cannot enjoy it as WG still refuses to do NA to EU transfers!

  31. Lmao, it looks so cute. Nicely done

  32. As he’s talking about how trollish the armor is, he just casually bounces a Grille 15 shell. XD

  33. ???Gaaaay!!!???

  34. op bs. Italian loaders make French vehicles generally irrelevant
    Omfg you added eyes on your Prog!!!! lolol I have to do that now!!!

  35. 65 best tank, never in a bad mood when I play it.

  36. the game is pretty bad when even italian tanks are better than german ones!

  37. even tho fv4005 is garbage now i still am going for it cause ive wanted it for a long time now

  38. Why are u not loading ur 4 th shell when it was 1 second away. U dont check ur reload. U just shoot right when ur 4 th shell was about to reload. Ur loosing ur potential damage just because u didnt wait 1 second

  39. Bang on Dez, the whole Italian tech tree is fun and the 65 doesn’t disappoint. It can be a little tricky to play sometimes but as my first teir X that could just be me ?

  40. In chat at 9:15 = something super rare on US central.

  41. I got eargasm when Dez do the breathing sound

  42. it is my fav tier 10 man i play it a lot

  43. warming up battle… 2 day ago that first battle was the best and the other 10~ i don’t even want to remember….

  44. This tank is insane. But I got a 9k combined damage game the other day and it was only a second class…

  45. just the premium progetto in background to promote the best med for me ( love also all my spaghettis from tier 8 to 10 with gold Parmigiano lol )

  46. i want it 🙂

  47. I stopped at tier 9 should I carry on.

  48. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Time to play the Flak Bus Dez if you want a ‘happy’ tank.

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