NEW Free Event Vehicles (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.61 Summer Event! 20, Fw 189 & More!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The zis30 is built on top of a t-20 kosemelets

  2. Hey Baron what type of computer do you have? What would you say would be a
    good computer to start out with. Wanting to start doing computer games!

  3. distinct olive (TK-526)

    Not free- I will have to grind for hours and want to end my life by the end
    and probably not even get any vehicles ?

  4. World of Tanks started as a unique great game. War Thunder sort of copied,
    moreless improved it. Hmmz, nowadays, they are both trying to cash our
    money. Given up with both of them.(Waving smiley)

  5. Dammit , i want the m3 grant

  6. aloha baron from hawaii have a shit fulled fun weeked

  7. Khamsay Vongchantha

    Baron Baron Baron Do the Tiger II (H) Sla 16. plz!!!!!!!!

  8. Khamsay Vongchantha

    Premium Heavy Tank

  9. commander 7777777

    hell yeah im gona have a good weekend im going to oshkosh

  10. hey Baron, I’ve just recently got war thunder and wanted to know, when you
    host custom games with certain tanks/planes do you have to already own them
    or are they given to you through the settings? also i was wondering how to
    find scenarios to just mess around with ex. shooting without reloading.

  11. kv220 in war thunder is more stock in wot also looks more like a t150 with
    a 85mm

  12. your friend baron.. is trying to make fun rly hard

  13. religion Baron it’s always religious shit almost every war

  14. Great!!

  15. anybody else really bored this summer

  16. hello me who 2015 July 25 why kill stop please tank not swkuhn meet

  17. Who are the idiots who dislike this

  18. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    That’s why I vote for TRUMP

  19. Do you need to pay so I can watch your stream and when do you stream.

  20. Since we now are getting a sweet P-47N i want the…
    P-51 B/C & H
    A lot of P-40s
    Razorback P-47
    F9F Cougar
    F-100 Super Sabre
    Old 666 B-17E
    Super Catalina
    -Now the British

  21. slick makes this vid

  22. Play the m4A1 76 (w) cause ya haven’t.

  23. MadNinjaGato Shadow

    I enjoy both bombing things and shooting things down.

  24. who was attacked?

  25. anyone else notice slick is starting to sound more and more like jrock as
    these videos go on?

  26. I thought the kv220 was the T-150

  27. How do you go to this mission to earn those medal things? XD

  28. So the KV-220 with 120 mm of front armor and 90 in sides and rear. New long
    barrel 85mm S-30. And 100 mm of turret 90mm on side and 90 rear new seal
    clubbing tank???

  29. What ever happened to the Phly/Baron/eNtaK group?

  30. do a kv-2 mod 1939 vs tigers

  31. were you both drunk in this video lmao?

  32. Omg I never knew this intill I played heroes and generals the ZIS-30 is the
    russian T-20 komsomolets tractor that has 2 benches in the back hahahaha
    that is Fucking hilarious ITS That Vodka them Russian engineers must of
    been drunk on when planing this thing

  33. Well my laptop broke like 2 years ago so i cant play and get this stuff. Oh
    well. Even if available only once. I can always be happy with my own derp
    tanks. God i cant wait to use my smk and t-35 again. The mightiest of

  34. Where has Phly been?

  35. Energy level making me sleepy. Damn energy vampires.

  36. Don’t worry the Panzers will go get the terrorists

  37. You need to play hearts of iron 4 baron!

  38. titles new free vehicles only talks about them for 2mins

  39. sounds good baron

  40. Its a trick to release the russian bias

  41. holy shit that tank

  42. 14:36 R.I.P headPhone UserXD

  43. why do you love tovarish so much? oh yeah i forgot, tovarish bias.
    also, volume warning 14:31

  44. Titty Missiles

  45. are they high when they record or something.

  46. So are you not living with SlickBee and Phly No More Baron ?

  47. Hey Baron… I wondered when you mentioned: “Get all the Potatoes*!”, are
    you a 9gagger?! ;)

  48. There is Terror alert in Munich. I heard it yesterday in the news at…
    10PM i think.
    The Police confirmed 6 deaths and many hurt people.
    The Marksmans aren’t in custody yet

  49. Travis Swegheimer

    dear baron I think you are a genuinely good person, I can tell, those
    things are so rare now so keep being a cool person I would love to have a
    friend like you

  50. Hello guys, how can i get one of them 🙁 :/ ?? ;)

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