New Free Premium Tank Marathon, CS-52 LIS | World of Tanks Fox Hunt CS-52 Marathon

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Source: DezGamez

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► Information:

Today kind an emergency upload, covering first early details about our next free premium tank marathon – “Fux Hunt”.

What do you think?


  1. Skip Work? ✅ | Skip School? ✅ | Say good bye to your loved ones? ✅ | Eye drops ready for long gaming session? ✅
    Congratulation, you are all set to grind out a tier 8 premium tank, for free! 🔥

  2. (Wg opens a pixel tank marathon as a “back to school” event)
    Is it just me or is WG preying on kids for money while also promoting bad gaming habits?

    • What part of gaming is a bad habit? My thousands of hours into world of tanks has made me not only physically changed for the better but also mentally stronger for the day to day encounters. Gaming is a way to not only distract oneself but learn from what they did and improve upon their life.

  3. Loved how every time they do these marathons we have to go out of town for work

  4. i dont want to spend Time or money any more in this game. when i buy just gold if i need it oder prem days. they do a lot of shit in the past. And destroy the fun in this game

  5. Buff the dispersion on this tank and nerf on Leo pta, funny fact. I wonder if they thinking make polish more sniper by nerfing the germans.

  6. I will play as usual and see what kind of discount I end up with before deciding on buying it.
    It’s just a game and one more tank isn’t really necessary.
    If you “suffer” for 10 days straight to get a tank completely for free, blame yourself, because that is insanity you choose.
    Of course WG want to earn money, just like any other company.

  7. You can’t fucking win with these marathons. You either rush in and race for a qualifying position ASAP with miserable XP-per-battle or play as usual for decent result but get a shitty games-per-hour. Either way it amounts to shitty XP-per-session and if you want the tank for nothing you have to spend idiotic amounts of time playing to the point where the enjoyment disappears into a big black abyss, and by the time the event ends you don’t even want to play the fucking game!

  8. Hate marathons like piles on my ring piece… fuck them.

  9. So thats where the good polish medium was hiding
    Also: *laughs in Warzone update sizes*

  10. Wipe out the fascist states of murica

    One Thing: Poland…does…not…exist.

  11. Good timing, I just got my first Tier 10.

  12. I just started working lol it’s a miracle if I’m able to play 2 hours combined from Monday to Friday

  13. So basically we get a crappy polish medium tank for changing our religious preference to “Tanker” for a week?

  14. R.I.P. T-44-100 and T-54 mod.1

  15. We will see a lot of player using bot to grind this tank i guess

  16. In asia official website it says august 27 to sept 10 mystery event so this will be it

  17. Registered 2014, last game: 22 June 2020. Never been happier!

  18. I play on my laptop so i could sneak on midnight to play😎

  19. Thanks, but i prefer my life medium rare.

  20. My girl: what you’re doing?
    Me: going through a maraton
    My girl: what you’re doing?
    Me: going through a maraton

    Me: what you’re doing?
    My girl: packing my stuff, can you help me?
    Me: can’t you do it by yourself? i’m going through a maraton

  21. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Hey free tank last couple marathons I was able to do so this 1 most likely aswell 😊 happy to see I can get this look like a good tank

  22. Lis means fox in polish

  23. What a nice timing for a marathon wow

  24. So basically a T-44-100 in worse? Nice.

  25. @DezGamez When you are a community contributor for a game and you have to dig on unofficial russian sites and sources to find any news on the game you are affiliated with.

  26. Wouldn’t call this a free tank. Time is money, especially now when they are reopening the schools…

  27. I like your use of the Steel Hunter music during the gameplay!

  28. i get why people complain about these, but i personally disagree. The fact that there are lots of marathons (i think) is a nice thing for people who can’t take part in every one of them, so they can still get something… I agree that the grind is too long, that is 100% a fact

  29. For me, school starts when this event ends lmao. So the timing is pretty on point.

  30. LOVE the steel Hunter music you put in video

  31. So we back to the game
    Got a keyboard hit it from
    Side to side
    Side side to SIDE !!

  32. Me hearing a grind : “Hmm I’ll take a look at it and who knows’…”
    Me also hearing it’s a polish tank : “Ohhhh… Well never mind, I’m going out”

  33. Free? It’s not free… time is the most expensive currency!

  34. The only marathon that was actually balanced for player was ts-5 marathon, the others was just a waste of time, you need like 13 hours a day to play to have it… Just a waste of time… And the tank is gonna be a s****…

  35. Well, I’m from Poland, they have my money. I mean I’ll do some stages but I don’t have time and nerves to complete full marathon.

  36. @DezGamez – in polish LIS means Fox, that’s why it is Fox hunt maraton 🙂 And LIS you need to spell like “leece”, not L E S 😉

  37. I saw the tank played by WG employee a few days ago on Live-Server and took some Screenshots – but without the Fox 🙂

  38. Its only a 10 day marathon like the t-34-85m marathon so maybe an easy one this time?

  39. Dez I would really love it if you could use color blind mode. I can not even read the enemies’ Tank type 🙁

  40. 3:56 NEIN

  41. How can this tank already appears on one of my games? Its on live server, not test server. Anyone can explain?

  42. LIS means FOX btw

  43. Harry van de Sunweb

    just when my university is starting up from summer break wargaming says marathon time LOL they can stick that tank up their ass

  44. oh nice a new probably op tank that u have to sell ur soul to wot to be able to get it for free…. probably not even going to try to make it

  45. Is the tank any good

  46. When the marathon starts?

  47. Spend 40-50 hours to get this tank for free
    Or work 2-3 hours to get this tank for money

  48. Great timing Wargaming! Some people have a potential category 4 hurricane coming our way plus our kids just went back to school and people are returning to work. Why didn’t they do this when the new Polish mediums were announced or came out? Or is it because people are returning to work so that means they will have the money to buy it but not the time to grind it for free? That being said I do like the tank. Probably won’t be able to do this marathon unless Mother Nature and a hundred other factors allow it and until WG changes their ways I refuse to give them any money. Oh well.

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