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  1. I hope you enjoy this kind of content. Thanks for the support! <3

  2. Oh great,more grinding with the awful AMX M4 45 . Atleast give it buffs if youre punishing us for playing it

  3. Ammo choice is not dumb from WG point of view you have 2 guns one has major weakness in pen over the other or you can dab that 2 key and have epic pen ???????? T-54 anyone 🙂

  4. Looks like the generic range finder on the Tier 8 rather than a cupola

  5. FirestreakRodimusPr

    They have learned something, that if they make the Prem ammo the preferred loadout for a tier 8, players will have to either buy/play a premium tank or use a prem account to get anything accomplished.

  6. ARL 44 became bad after the HD buff. Because the turret is weaker and bigger now.

  7. WG are losing the plot
    they don’t know what they’re doing with their own game

    i’d like to ask them something
    if the Strv. 103(B) is in the game (came into service in 1970)
    can we please have the Chieftain (came into service in 1966)?

    peace (from the UK)

  8. Well the KV-2, O-I, O-NI, and O-HO would like to say hello regardless since Derp Guns with HE can still cause damage. Esp Troll Cannons from TDs of the SU and ISU-152 tanks can still hurt these tanks, cus RU bias.

  9. I actually like the M4 45, but yeah it could use some adjustments. The pen is good and the turret is surprisingly bouncy when hull down, but it aims slowly and loads slowly with the 90 mil. The 105 just requires you to fire gold, and the tank itself is painfully slow

  10. Thanks for putting this up Circon! I can confirm the ARL44 is utter trash, as I am grinding it at the moment to prepare for the new french HTs

  11. I have to say, I agree that the ARL is not really that good. I did like my M4 45. Both tanks could use some love. I’m not a fan of the current autoloading French heavy line. I’ve only made it to the tier 9 and can’t muster the enthusiasm to finish the line off.
    Having said that, I do like both French tier 8 premium heavies. I’ve had the FCM 50T for a long time and enjoy taking it out and kicking butt with it. I also like the M4 49, but I’m still learning how to use it properly. I’m looking forward to the new heavies and will certainly give them a try when they become available. I may have to buy the M4 45 again LOL.

  12. Well, seems that the 65T is a candidate for strongholds and CWs battles. What do you think? Seems better than Is3. Have to see the weak spots.

  13. buff my beloved BDR ! please

  14. Wow DPM really sucks… Your gonna need to fire premium if you wanna rack up damage !

  15. It would have made a lot more sense to make the M4 49 the tech tree tier 8, and this weird 50 100 with armor the premium.

  16. Love this new sort of content!

  17. wargaming needs to learn to give tanks better base pen and stop jacking the premium pen all the way up. I get they wanna make money, but they’re gonna lose players if they keep this up. I really couldnt care less about this new line. What they need to be working on is balances and especially for everything tier 6 and below. They have their priorities all wrong and need to focus on what’s inportant

  18. lets be honest, they know what gun we are going to use more, and they give it that insane pen on prem rounds. If they make one gun with good dpm with low alpha and ok prem rounds, and other gun with bad dpm with good alpha and good prem rounds maybe you can choose beetwen those guns. But this is a logical choise (sorry for my bad english).

  19. im guessing that the guns that get a small pen difference between normal and prem….
    the prem shell will have MUCH better pen at range…..

    so while its not much higher…… it does make a large difference at ranges 200M+

  20. I wish they would swap the M4 49 and 65t… make the M4 49 the tech tree tank and give everyone a premium 65t or 65t Liberte.

  21. Agreed on everything, the M4 45 is painful playing it now to get the xp for the T8, also yeah revisit the pen values.

  22. the low view range is a result of the commander getting killed in the GIANT cupola 😛

  23. The AMX M4 45 is like a mobile Tiger P without the armor.

  24. Can someone explain to me why this french 130mm gun has the same pen as the is7’s gun but has 70 more alpha damage…and is more accurate…

  25. Stupid 320 premium pen…

  26. I think that overmatching technique has changed, search it up Circ.

  27. There is some basis for the penetration numbers. These are 1951 and 1954 designs. After the war there was a large increase in shell designs and corresponding penetration numbers. Also one of the reasons along with modern day armor why we dont see many of such tanks in the game. Something Armored Warfare does have. And a much higher learning curve to go with it on what shell to use when. That said, wargaming should indeed fix penetration numbers down, even if that is for a better game balance, despite historical accuracy.

  28. i m super hyped by these tanks, i agree this is shit to be forced to use the 120 to have worthy gold ammo. But the thing is i like the liberté so much that i don’t mind farming credits with it to be able to get a proper loadout on the tech tree tanks.
    Thanks for the Vidéo, you’re cool.

  29. I got cancer from those premium pen values

  30. Oh joy. Yet another new tier 8 heavy that has more pen then the T32. God fucking forbid WGing ever buff the T32’s AIDS 105mm gun.

  31. wg are smoking very weird weed

  32. How much exp will the 65t needs to be unlocked ?

  33. no reason to play e5 anymore after super conq, 111 5a and this one gg wg logic

  34. M4 45 top turret only has -10 degrees in front, -1 on sides and back painful

    hope it will help with future vids of yours

    • i liked meself and adding a comment just to get your attention – and do hope it will help or is it something you already knew?

  36. Well they ignored the tier 7 and down on the 155 change to… among others. Seems like the last few patches have been focusing mostly on high tiers. And grinding XP on the M4 45 now is a pain. As you have no armor, but still can’t trade well vs a Tiger… or anything. 44 is still not that terrible tier for tier vs the M4 45.

  37. I remember there well be a new French tier 8 LT. The name is ELC even 90mm. 3 shell, long reload 24s.short reload is 2.3s. -9/+13. penetration:AP:175 APCR:220 HE:45. Damage: 220/220/270. GUN:90mmD.919.(tier VIII). Highest speed:70km/20km.

  38. So when is the IS-7 gonna get 550 alpha to match the 130mm on the Obj. 263? Since WG is OK with giving more than 490 alpha on non-derp tier 10 heavy guns now.

  39. I kinda prefer these reviews by Circon… as opposed to some other, more eccentric, uploaders.

  40. I think the Amx 65t don’t fit in this line at tier 8 it should the tier8 premium and the tier 8 should be the Amx m4 Liberte because it is also a M4 and it looks like the tier 9 and 10.
    Of course now is too late
    WG logic when they made the Liberte a premium tank.

  41. oh look non auto loader swed heavies with hull armor XD

  42. MLE 51 looks like a M103 clone kek. M103 memes all over again <3 Three mark this Circon pls <3

  43. Tier 8 is only good for gold spammers. Tier 9 is pretty decent. Tier 10 is shit. That’s my opinion.

  44. if you’re going to do the t7 might as well do a vid on the t6 🙂

  45. I’m pretty sure wargaming mixed up the gold pen values for the tier 8 and 9

  46. The smaller gun has the same elevation and depression and worse aim time than the larger gun. Can I get a WG logic?

  47. Let’s talk about stats baby 😉

  48. “what is up everybody”? DEZ bro 😀

  49. French guns can’t hit anything, the rounds go all over the reticle.

  50. Conqueror gun is very similar about the pen with gold and normal

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