New French Tech Tree or Premium Tanks? | World of Tanks New Bat Chatillon 12t mle 54 and Projet 4-1

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks mle 54 Preview, Tier 8 (Premium?) Medium Tank. World of Tanks Projet 4-1, Tier 9 Medium Tank. French Tech Tree? World of Tanks Update 1.8+ Patch News.

Today I am going to talk about 2 new tanks WG is working on in the Supertest server. Tier 8 Bat Chat 12t Mle. 54 and tier 9 Projet 4-1.
Both are a bit different autoloader medium tanks, play styles seem to be the same as well, but with some key differences.

Are those tanks going to be premium tank and a reward tank or are they going to add them to the tech tree? What do you think?

Enjoy the show!

►Tanks in action / мир танков Bat Chat 12t mle. 54 / Projet 4-1:
– French Bat Chat 12t mle.


  1. So, what do you think about those 2? Autoloaders, but a bit “different” ones. Where to put them?
    Enjoy the show!

    • Hey, Sensei! I sent u an email on your dezgames business email address. I would love to hear back from you, preferably soon. Take care.

    • I think the BatChat will be a T8 premium to introduce us to the line, and the Project 4-1 will he the standard tier 9 in the line.
      I believe the the BatChat definitely needs some tweaking to it’s gun

      Asia Server

    • Frank Screaming Eagle Selleslagh

      Hey Dez,
      PLease please PLEASE check out your mailbox in Facebook. I’ve send you a private message which to me is important.

    • Username: richardzhang
      Server: NA
      I would love to see them in the tech tree, because there are already so many premium in the game

    • the “t” in projet is silent and the “e” is more “è” in french

  2. Username: LordSmaytz
    Server: EU
    Answer : I’d like to see them in the tech tree 🙂

  3. I would like it when they give us more tanks in the tech tree we dont need more premium tanks.
    Username: janbertik
    Server: EU

  4. Answer: I guess these tanks are gonna be premium tanks.
    User: D0ct0rDave
    Server: EU

  5. нико петров

    wanna see them in the tech tree
    Server EU

  6. Username: XoskarsomX
    Server: EU
    Tech tree, because they need content next year and there is like nothing left. I wonder when we’ll move to like 60s’ tanks.

  7. Frontline mode reward wot_of-slovak eu server

  8. Server: EU
    Name: bale003
    I think they should be in the tech tree as alternative grinds
    There is no point in printing this much premium tanks into the game

  9. They are going to put the new french tanks in whatever way will screw me over the most as I am currently on the BC-12t tryna get the 25t. Need dez present to cheer me up now ;P

    Name: ThAdistractional
    Server: EU

  10. Username dinosaurboy2000
    Server EU
    It’s always nice to get new tech tree tanks

  11. Username: ThorVonTeutoburg
    Server: EU
    Answer: I don’t think the new BatChat and Projet belong to the same branch. Their looks, their clip capacity, their gun handling are just too different. Also the Projet at Tier 9 has worse view range than the BatChat at Tier 8. So my guess (sadly) is that none of these will be in the tech tree: BatChat is probably yet another Tier 8 premium and Projet a reward vehicle for Frontlines.

  12. Username: svadilfari
    Server: eu
    sure why not. more tanks more better. oh wait…wheeled terror

  13. Before bc25t i guess…
    Name oscar097587 (SEA server)

  14. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    I don’t think they will add another line to the french mediums. So, one will be a tier 8 premium tank(could be a new challenge), and the other one a tier 9 reward tank(Frontlines).

  15. username: thesageoffun
    Server: NA
    i would like seeing them in their own line starting from after the elc amx look similar and could potentially be big guns on the field just don get spotted and keep going at all times

  16. Name: MATURUSZ01
    Server: EU
    I’d like them to be in the tech tree as a new branch.

  17. In tech tree please
    User: ruhrp0ttler
    Server: eu

  18. Username: jharska
    Server: EU
    Pls, Pls no more premiums. The MM is already full of nothing but premiums

  19. It would be nice if they put them in tech tree, because there is too many tier 8 premium tanks

  20. Username: Markonija11
    It wiil bee a new tech tree l mean. But WG print Premium Tanka this year soo evriting is posiple.

  21. They are going to put them after BC12t because I already sold the tank ages ago. thetoughcookie, EU

  22. Username: Kisa92
    Server: EU
    On one side it would make sense for B-C to be a premium tank, but with that quite low penetration and garbage gun handling it doesn’t fit to WGs premium tanks “standards” from past few years (e.g. Defender, Patriot,…). The Projet 4-1 will be a new small branch coming from B-C 12t and I think WG is going to tune this branch gameplay as a mobile TD, kind of like a K-91.

  23. Username: Klickinator
    Server: EU
    I would like to see them in the standard trees. We have enough premium tanks.

  24. username: akedintm
    server: eu
    I would like to have the opportunity to buy them with gold in the tech tree, with bonds in the shop or to trade with other prem tanks 🙂

  25. ,ot sure if those tanks can fit in a french tech tree line because of the auto reloader, if it’s like the progetto it means a totally different gameplay so :/
    But even if it’s a classic french autoloader i dont think they can fit in, for me they looks totally differents than all of the french tanks.
    Ok maybe they can be in it because we already have the Heavy (true heavy) french line and they look specials too. Idont know what will happen to those 2 new tanks but they might be premiums as always XD

    EU servers

    PS : The I in vocaIoid is a i :p

  26. Username: NiceSkiller
    Server: EU
    Question: In tech tree probs

  27. I think n I hope they r gonna b in standard tech tree.
    Ign: Jazz_ba
    EU server

  28. Project 41 looks like an Su130-PayMoney so its probably gonna be 40 euros lol

  29. Username : dredking_x
    Server: EU
    i’d Love to get this as a tech tree line. It’s a very interesting gameplay that’ll change from the standard autoloader gameplay of many french Tanks

  30. Username: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: EU
    I think Projet will be a reward tank. I’m not sure where the BatChat will be going to.

  31. Username: Ubiozmiec
    Server: EU
    The French tech tree needs an autoloader medium at tier 8

  32. Username : dredking_x
    Server: EU
    i’d Love to get this as a tech tree line. It’s a very interesting gameplay that’ll change from the standard autoloader gameplay of many french Tanks although If they get the Chance to be a tech tree line, i think the projet-4-1 will be in a different line than the bat-chat 12t mle 54 because the projet-4-1 Looks more like a sniper light

  33. Username: Gedoc
    Server: EU
    I’d like to see them in the tech tree and maybe in my garage sometime…

  34. Username : BattleshipCH
    Region : EU
    What do I want : I am french. I want a medium french line that is not 70% light tanks to get a medium that is played like a light (batchat) or to get a medium made out of paper with a tumor on his turret(30B). I want a good french medium line.

  35. Username: WhiteFire
    Server: NA
    I think the Batchat will be prem, Projet is reward tank for something. I hope they get nerfs before being added.

  36. Username: K0SKENK0RVA
    Server: EU
    Most likely bat chatillon will be a premium tank, but I would like to see a new tech tree.

  37. Username: adicaeuGC
    Server: EU
    I would like to see them in the standard trees

  38. so, i think , the tier 8 one will be a premium tank and the tier 9 will be a reward tank ?
    username: roheyimaPRO
    Server: EU

  39. …..3.5 s aiming time, 0.34 at 100m and 18 s reload time plus 2 s for each shell and like chery on the cake only 2 shell per clip…. OMG garbage, complete garbage. They make a joke or what???

  40. At first i thought they are going to put those tanks in tech tree for AMX30B, cuz you need to play with completely different tanks all the way to tier IX… But you never know what are they going for, maybe even more CASH MAKING tanks 😀
    Nickname: DAKI_KILLER
    Server: EU

  41. User: FinalHyperion
    Server: NA
    If the bat 12t mle54 had good gun handling it might be OP…
    720 Times two
    you can kill every single tier 8 besides the heavies in two clips.

  42. Username: andrewream
    Server: NA
    Answer: Definitely in a tech tree and not as a prem- too many premiums rn.

  43. goRUN_93
    Techtree i hope so

  44. Username: BeyondDAMAGE
    Server: EU
    They will probably be premium tanks , like hell they gonna make a new tech tree when they can make money lol

  45. Diddiculus
    We do have a autoloader medium line, We have a non autoloader medium line. Same story with light tanks. same with heavys.
    i say do both as reward tank we have alot of premium of all kinds.

    and by the way +DezGamez the wheeled premium have a 2 shot autoloader 😛
    Keep up the goos work !

  46. I think they will add 2 new vehicles after Bat Chat 12t, and the tier 8 one will be premium

    Username: BarikeLa
    Server: Eu
    Happy holidays!?

  47. Proiect 4-1 tank just like the Begleit panzer 57 from war thunder and BC 12T MLE.54 just like AMX 10 RC from war thunder

  48. Robert von Schumann

    Username: ObivanKenobi
    Server: EU
    I would like to see them in the standard trees

  49. I think they gonna give bc 12t a break and separate 2 lines of tanks bcuz you have to grind the hell itself on that tank. Anetheron92 EU server

  50. put them in the standard trees.
    user name: sfinxu_2005
    server: EU

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