New Full HE 155 Feels STUPID! 🔥 World of Tanks AMX Foch 155 Full HE Gameplay Update 1.13

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World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch With New HE Shells – Patch 1.13 – New Equipment Gameplay. World of Tanks Foch 155 New HE Gameplay.
00:00 Introduction
02:50 Announcement
04:42 First Battle
08:55 Second Battle
12:30 Third Battle
17:30 Conclusion
18:30 Announcement Details

Today I am going to show you what you have been asking for… How is full HE Foch 155 performing on the test server with new HE-Shells. Many of the shots are definitely going to surprise you alot!

Enjoy the show!


  1. What do I feel about it??? I think whoever still plays this pos game is an idiot.

  2. Damián Casabuena

    Well, I think this is a huge buff for the heavys, I mean finally I will be able to play with my 277 or my E100 without be punished by E3 or trashbarn players by 500hp every time I show my turret so yeah, I kinda like, btw is a huge buff for my lovely leopard 1 and his 105mm of penetration with HE ahahah

    Nick: Brittai
    Server: NA

  3. Didn’t need the HE change. Need to remove wheelies, or make them a mode. Caskie1_Actual NA

  4. I thing hh changes will be less of a problem as it seems now… We will propably get used to it pretty fast.
    IGN: AdmiralPride
    Server: Eu

  5. username: athrey
    server: eu
    There are more important things to rework .. like gold ammo ..

  6. IGN: q30169
    Server: Asia
    HE will make you think about what you will shoot now, but will lead to more Premium spam

  7. i think HE changes basically encourage gold spam and disguised it as He rework

    Username: edevjoe
    Server: EU

  8. Username: PGyuri_HUN
    Server: EU
    If HE rework is such a priority for WG, why it is not possible to combine old system with this new one? Smaller blast radius combined with the new changes.
    No blast radius of HE shells when hiting the ground is simply stupid. HE stands for high EXPLOSIVE… where is the explosion then????

  9. Tankkillerkevin:EU
    These new HE Shells be hitting weird. It can be very good. But also terrible. Just manage to hit targets the right way and it pays off. But is not aimed correctly. Its worse

  10. Im worried the HE changes are gonna make some hulldown tanks much stronger
    IGN: SaltyTanker [EU]

  11. Username: scunc
    Server: EU
    the HE changes still have me confused lol

  12. This is all an effort to force players into spamming premium shells. A side benefit is the reduction(elimination) of SPG play because why play a T92 that only manages 220 alpha?

  13. IGN: Cosmic_Mushroom
    Server: Asia
    i hate this HE nerf. will just encourage more gold spam

  14. Part of me understands HE changes, but as free to play player I don’t like it tbh
    MisterX_99 EU

  15. I missed this td in bm in front of my nose. Asia server out in 12s

  16. Didn’t test new HE, but watching this video, I realized that it will be more RNG based, and since WG is using RNG 2 punish players, I don’t like it.
    User: nigy
    Server: EU

  17. Well, we aren’t going to have to worry about a fence post blocking HE shells any more and frankly I think that’s a great benefit for tanks that rely on HE…
    User: oinked
    Server: EU

  18. I don’t remember if you already mentioned it, but what about HE changes vs EBRs? Do the wheels still act as an impenetrable shield? What about gun mantlets?
    Other than that.. why do they touch HE at all? Was it a thing that needed fixing/rebalancing at all?
    PrinsOf, EU

  19. Server EU
    Name Sweevo666
    He nerf should be interesting to se the least but the commander view and the arty position is a good move

  20. Did i just see a cs-63 with 3d style?

  21. HE changes were not really needed, and unfortunately encourages more gold spamming overall, in my opinion. It would be nice to have guaranteed damage to reset caps for example. However, I do like the change that it can now pass through objects.
    Username: Scukerzz
    Server: EU

  22. Username: aLLaN8602
    Server: EU
    HE changes: I have mixed feelings on the changes. I think some tanks could get OP and some would become super weak, when sending or receiving HE shells, but lets wait and see, time will tell.

  23. sername: Uldy18
    Server: “EU”

    with the new tracer on arty. at least some of them will need a small engine boost so they can move between shots

  24. Try maybe HE and spoiliner, that ahoul be fun, to shot HE into sombady who have spoiliner!

  25. I’m not a derp lover so i don’t care to much. But my mod1 will be more useful with new HE. I can penetrate bourasque more reliably to side. Now it is 50/50 to pen bourasque side with HE, skirts and tracks covers most of side and if he turn turret towards me. It is 720 for me a 120 of He splash from skirt to him.
    User: Paserak_
    Server: EU

  26. HE doesn’t need a rework, it is good as it is….this upcoming changes will just bring more imbalances. If WG really wants to nerf HE, they should have just reduced the damage of non-penetrating shots a little bit and not an entire rework of HE shell mechanics.
    IGN: Maui_the_demigod
    Server: SEA

  27. That changes for HE shells are great for armored ones
    User : MrAwaken
    Server : EU

  28. I think that changes for HE shells are quite good
    Username: ali3693
    Server: EU

  29. Darius Smulkstys

    Username :drunkTANKdriver
    Server EU
    It’s just a game ,every one complaining makes op armored tanks with new HE ,but everyone and playing them anyway plus everybody have access to them. It’s the same for everybody. And with lights and medium tanks you always need knowledge to play , you cant go straight with Lepard 1 and brawl with IS7 in 1.12 update and the same on update 1.13 .I not nice when somebody sitting safe distance and shooting HE and dealing 200-300 dmg no skills needed plus crew injurys and it’s very frustrating. Now with HE update all have to learn how to play .I thing its good for game .

  30. Why did WG even think that HE needed any changes. All too radical and mostly illogical changes. Burnt_Bum EU server

  31. Name: jakabdaniel7698
    Server: Eu
    I think these changes are okay, especially if they counts as not armor piercing in campaign, it’s very disapointing if I get hit by HE and no dmg.

  32. I think HE mechanic was fine as it was and that after the update, HE rounds will be used way less than before. Honestly, I would rather see WG do some rebalancing to old powercrept tech tree tanks (as there are a lot of those) to make them more competitive. But hey, that would benefit f2p players, so it probably will not be a priority (sadly). Actually, there are a whole lot more things wg could focus on, but it is logical that it can only to be done gradually.

    Burgermeister_21, EU Server

  33. You can abuse the new intuition thing by loading a different shell when you have only one left to get maximum dpm

  34. Dionea2002 from Eu server
    I think those HE changes are needed to balance out many things, happy to see them, but maybe there are some little changes needed again, much love from Italy <3

  35. Sinan Compagnoni

    I think this HE change is actually balanced.

    Name: RenamedUser_568494939
    Server: EU

  36. Thanks Dez,
    EU server

  37. Bavbar from EU Server:
    HE nerf is great, especially because it nerfs the EBR too.

  38. I think the HE changes were not really in need, except maybe for some small calibers. For the hull down monsters, it will be indeed a huge buff.

  39. Day 1 still waiting for meme review

  40. The HE changes are bad, too much RNG.

    IGN: docsf
    Server: EU

  41. i think the HE changes are good mostly. like you mentioned, tanks like Maus will benefit hugely, and currently those big slow tanks feel unplayable due to artillery.
    Tronlicious EU

  42. Username: S_mas
    This will become World of goldspamming heavy tanks…shame

  43. With the new multiplicator for objects and sideskirts this new HE becomes as unpredictable as the old one. But HE dmg to well armored tanks becomes less which makes heavy tanks a bit more playable.
    IGN: Sh00t3mUp
    Server: EU

  44. Wokkes from EU. I need to do some testing in the test server myself. I just hope they didn’t take away the ability to finish off low hp enemies with HE. It adds an extra layer of tactical thinking to some games, especially those thight games were you are running out of ammo.

  45. A definitely big plus is that it is finally killing the no brain left-click + right click full HE 60TPs and E100s etc. My only problem is that this new mechanic doesn’t affect the arty HE. That would be the best if it would affect it. Because they are sitting in the corner and dealing 500+ with non penetrating shots out of nowhere every 30 seconds, no skill, no brain, no keyboard needed. And 3 of them in a battle, and on most of the maps nowhere no hide, no way to avoid it. Ridiculous!
    Username: Supertanker_6
    Server: EU

  46. i think thie HE change will only buff those hull down monsters like the chieftain, IS-7, Obj. 277 etc….

    username: habeas
    Server: EU

  47. Paweł Szkudelski

    Imho it’s implementing unfinished product to the production…
    User: Elerdellin
    Server: EU

  48. HE changes are good overall, I just wish the would nerf the damage of gold rounds. Server:NA IGN: Dutaki

  49. The game needs to evolve, and these changes are just a result of that process. Only time will tell if the game will become.

  50. The HE-reworks you have to think what shells you are going to use on what tank, but also which other tanks you are going to play. This makes some other tanks less vulnerable, so in a way this is a buff as well.
    Username: Dave7791
    Server: EU

  51. Nikolaos Trivyzas

    I like the HE changes but hate the arty nerf 🙁
    User : Makarezos
    Server :EU

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