NEW FULL MEDIUM TANK TREE | World of Tanks Poland Medium Tech Tree Review

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks New Polish Tech Tree Review. World of Tanks New Polish Medium Tanks Tech Tree. World of Tanks CS-63, 0 Polish Preview. World Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Today I bring you the freshest and the hottest news from Poland. WG announced that the next line is going to be from Poland, for Polish tech tree. Starting from tier 5 featuring many interesting tanks, finishing off with a 0 CS-63 with a brand new mechanic for the engine.

I am also able to take a look at first early specs about the CS-63.

Let me know what you think!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– No tanks, just equipment.


  1. Hope you had one fantastic weekend, but now it is time to kick it off with some hot and fresh news from Poland! 🙂
    Have a good one!

    • Christian Morgan

      Thanks Dez! I love the idea of the tier ten having a boosted engine is really cool as long as they reduce camo and make the accuracy bad, it will be fair

    • The start of modernized tank, good bye WWII tanks 😜

  2. No one:



  3. This Polish dude look fast as f, are WG planning to launch a obj 430u with B-C 25T mobility?!

  4. Benedic Justine Velasco

    BUGI is a duck, yes.

  5. WG WILL NERF THESE XDD wg logic u know

  6. USSR/China is that you ?

  7. DezNuts!

  8. comparing the gun with other 390 damage medium, it is rubbish gun even in standard mode. Only AMX30B has lower standard pen, only E50M has lower rate of fire, every other tank has better aim time and accuracy.
    Turret traverse is great (only Centurion AX has similar), hull traverse is a bit worse (only E50M has worse), hull armor better only than AMX 30B, Turret armor similar to Patton and Centurion AX, , view range lower than other meds, mobility in standard mode average, in drive mode great (basically like bc25t).
    I wouldn’t say that at the suggested state it is meta changing tank. It will find it’s niche, but quick relocate is not enough if you need time to switch the mode and when you finally arrive you are the worst among meds.

  9. If they decide not to give the engine boost they should up the normal horsepower along with the speed and horsepower per ton ratio. Something like 935 horsepower, 66 kilometers, and 23.5 Hp/T

  10. Никола Миклић

    What is it with pudel and tank rewards. Was there some event or smth bcs I didn’t play in quite some time.

  11. Daddy duck

  12. You know why there is a question mark at tier VIII, the inevitable premium tank.

  13. EBR will finally have a tanks that will cause him problems

  14. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Looks to me like cheap copies of chinese tanks which are cheap copies of russian tanks.
    I’d love to see a “fast travel mode” for those slow super-heavies that have fallen out of meta because of their lack of speed.

  15. this game has stopped evolving long ago.

  16. Wot players: nerf ebrs…
    WG: here is our brand new medium that can catch and ram ebrs to death

  17. Interesting how people are still finding a way to complain in the comments… almost as if it doesn’t matter what gets released

  18. Luca the chappie

    200k subs= face reveal

  19. I think the better tier VIII. is going to be premium 😀

  20. They have overdone it, as usual, with bullshit mechanics.

  21. Cs 52 will almost certainly become the t8 premium since it already has a hd
    model and wg usualy sells the new line premiums before the full line

  22. Im ok with prototype tanks, o even Blue print tanks but a tree made completly by WG kinda brakes the historical value this game used to have

  23. Oh, this looks exciting. Love the “turbo” mode and the fact stuff takes a hit while in this the EBRs should be. Just hope as you said, how will it affect the game with current tanks like Patton 48 as you mentioned

  24. will the acceleration mode be for all turbine engined tanks

  25. Why are they so bad at reading the meta direction they are setting.
    They overdid it with super armor and to “correct” that they are overcompensating by making speed the meta. Problem is it is already the meta, but they still pushing it ffs… they need to balance this stuff, not go all in in one direction up to the point it is unplayble and then look for ways to slightly correct…

    If u want a MED to have that speed, make it have armor way worse than the tvp and bc, make it not be able to snipe, make it have low alpha and dpm (not this 390 alpha shit), and ffs what is that 50 deg hull and turret traverse (it isnt a light, lower to under 40 the hull at least)

  26. If they have made a T54 WITH gun depression I am SOLD, I love my T54 but it’s a real fight with gun depression some times.

  27. Yey more fake tanks that noone ask about.

  28. I wonder what caliber X tier will get…will it be 105 or 120 or maybe 122mm ???

  29. possible counter to wheeled tanks?

  30. There is nothing wrong with the way you pronounce the word change.

  31. The CS 52 is going to be the new premium tank

  32. which tank will become premium??? whichever is better right?

  33. im already getting flamed by playing german tanks, seems it will get even worse lol

  34. were the last giveaway winners announced??

  35. This is the most interesting of this year in WoT. I’d be happier if they released this for their ten year anniversary and not that stupid grindy thing about the t30

  36. Will it be as horrible as the current Polish tree?

  37. CS-63 ramming built

  38. Imbalanced, rigged, pay to win, arena arcade tank game.

  39. More fake tanks .so many real tanks IRL to put into game but no only tanks that was only pipe dreams never tested or made . WG continues the BS of both WOT and WOWs at least they are consitent in their BS

  40. Hope these new polish mediums aren’t as painful a grind as the old ones

  41. Hmm.. Poland med tech tree?.. GG wg, but where the heck is HUNGARIAN TECH TREE!!!

  42. Sound interesting indeed, of course and like always it will change some “automated” behavior of the client base. This said imagine the CS-63
    with a good crew and the new equipment possibilities… lol
    Depending of how they will implement the various options you could look at a fair armored medium tier X flying trough the battlefield at close to 80 km/h and which has enough good turret and track traverse to circle the crap out of nearly anything available up to today, but not only, fly behind a rock stop 2 sec. and there you go 8 degrees of gun depression and good alpha damage, decent accuracy (buffed with crew skills and equipment) still fair mobility and pretty strong turret. This thing gonna hurt in the right hands…
    Nevertheless exciting news as long WG don’t decide to make out of this medium line just another fancy target practice line for the soviet tanks… Wait and see

  43. Scatterbrain Brain

    ebr will crush the whole line

  44. OneRandomOsuPlayer

    dfferent engine sound for the cs63 please? i mean it has a turbine engine and they sound quite a bit different. Also might as well call it the C 63 S like the mercedes for that speed 😮

  45. Honestly already their Post in wargaming launcher Looks like just a made up tank, at least the Tank Model Looks like it, and still the border even between the classes gets wiped even more and morw

  46. They should lower the speed a bit from 70 to like 65 or 63, and lower the acceleration just a little so it’s not like the first version of the EBR-s with the launch mode.. Other than that, seems OK to me.

  47. CS-63 AMG?

  48. oh nice, good that i picked the pudel

  49. *japanese tank destroyers*

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