NEW FV. 4004 Conway 120mm, Ki-83 (War Thunder 1.57)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    YES,japon gets a plane :]

  2. Baron I think war thunder should release another franchise. Cold
    Warthunder, this game is all about jets from the 1950’s to the 1980’s

  3. the British KV-2

  4. So what do you think of the new additions? Ki-83, FV.4004 and the new snow

    And where’s my Char B1?

  5. i hope there is gonna be russian planes coming up too with the update 1.57

  6. OMG the FV 4004 i have been waiting for so long

  7. a New map ? Nice !

  8. I’m still waiting for Japanese tanks

  9. looks like a british KV 2 with long gun

  10. war thunder is getting better when a new patch releases

  11. The tower of Churchill lol

  12. hey baron do you think they will ever add the chieftain

  13. Your ignorance makes me cringe

    What are your political viewsm

  14. They should put smoke nades for the tanks

  15. Titán Bravo (Wartitan)


  16. Fv4005 is the same apart from it has a 183mm cannon!!!!

  17. could someone tell me the songs name?

  18. is the tank request series still on?

  19. This SPG will be add in main tree. as the best TD

  20. FV. 4004 Conway, just some additional cannon fodder for my mighty T-10M to
    one shot!

  21. 1:06 what good are side view mirrors on a tank..?

  22. The tower of ENGLAND

  23. Still waiting for the next german plane ^^

  24. 20 minutes late ;-;
    Keep it up baron!

  25. Loks like Kv-2 derp tonk :^)

  26. +BaronVonGamez how is the Name of the Song, running in the background?
    Would be Very gladfull if you or anybody could tell me the Name. 🙂 oh, and
    i knows that it’s Not darude – sandstorm:p

  27. What no 183mm lol

  28. background music?

  29. Baron it is a British tank there won’t be any HEAT because Britain

  30. He is not a Premium he is a Normal Tank Hunter

  31. I want the FV4005, it’s gonna Fuck everyone XD

  32. HESH in WT damage simulations ?
    1 hit kill as long you hit anywhere where crew is.

  33. How did you become popular because I’ve got a youtube channel but I get a
    lot of views

  34. child of KV2 ?

  35. i hope they will add at least one american tank

  36. what song?

  37. The Sherman jumbo plz. Kill the Tigers for America!!

  38. Feel that British derp.

  39. I think its funny ppl watch these vids, find stuff out, then leave a
    dislike cuz their haters! thats wot I reckon, thanks for the vids baron! :)

  40. Liam the dark angel.

    FV 4004 is good but…
    FV 4005 with its 183mm gun… Tower of Churchill!

  41. So what you’re saying is the KV-2 and the Centurion had sex and made this?

  42. hey WT WHERES THE TOG 2 ?!?

  43. WT, SU-14-2 please?

  44. We need centurion mk1. Churchill mk1. centurion Fv3802 and fv3805.
    centurion AVRE 165. tog 1. tog 2. vickers mk1 and medium mk3. chieftain.
    get on it WT!

  45. ahhhhhh… so u stopped with the click baiting title… well i think it’s
    too late

  46. Nice, a British copy of KV2 !

  47. Prototipe japanese planes in game but NO prototipe german tanks in game…
    So good Gaijin.

  48. КВ-2 на пятом ранге

  49. Japanese tanks will not happen, none of them were even up to the Sherman’s

  50. looks like chieftain to be added next ?

  51. It’s going to be main tree. They announced it with the English tank tree
    just it didn’t arrive on release. It’ll come after the tortoise

  52. Ki83 = Nippon Mosquito

  53. What I would love to see is the FV4005 :D

  54. Background song name pls? (i know it’s not darude – sandstorm)

  55. I hope you guys are still doing Men at War Mondays! That’s my favorite
    thing you and slick do

  56. Baron has been getting some solid mileage out of that song :P

  57. What is the song called???

  58. Sucks their not using its 183mms barrel 

  59. when is patch 1.57 coming out?

  60. And now the FV4005 with the 183mm gun :)

  61. There was a Wolfenstein ET map that looked just like 7:21 just brilliant.

  62. The Conway will not get heat as it has a rifled gun

  63. a British KV-2. Awesome.

  64. British derp tank?

  65. What we need is a new tier V german tank this update. Every country except
    Germany has two post-war tanks (not counting jpz. 4-5). The Maus is
    ineffective, and war thunder needs another German tier V! Like if you

  66. can’t wait to see people call the Ki-83 OP.

  67. We’re is man of war

  68. Another useless twin engine heavy seal to be clubbed by high tier single
    engine fighters, Oh boy oh boy.

  69. +BaronVonGamez Fun fact about the victory parade. When the IS-3’s were
    shown. apparently Patton said to the French and British representatives
    something like “don’t worry, we’re still with you” as the IS-3 was massive
    in comparison to everything the allies had at the time and due to the
    rising tensions between East and West, another war could immediately

  70. Baron, what song do you use in the background of this and many other of
    your videos?

  71. Also, not having HEAT is going to be a killer for “later” 120MM gun armed
    british tanks, biggest weakness of British post war tanks IMO is no HEAT.

  72. if this tank only built 1 and war thunder added this tank, why can’t war
    thunder add is-7 or kv-4. Ohh I know, war thunder wants to make russian
    faction as weak as possible. + the German would get E-100 tank while the
    Russian….. T-44 100? war thunder hate russia confirm?

  73. u no wat well be amazing if ganjji make a map of Paris. that wal be so cool
    add a like if u agree :)

  74. it is only me that think the FV tank look like KV-5 from the front ?

  75. Awwww I wanted the fv 215b to be added :(

  76. Why does he sound so bored? It sounds like he needs a nap.

  77. kv 4 gibi

  78. 120 mm !! this thing is a beast.

  79. It’s the Royal KV-2!

  80. What? Mozdok is one of the best maps after Gaijin edited it last time. 😀
    That is of course my opinion.

  81. british kv2

  82. Its a shame this game is not a WW2 only but also post war, whit machines
    that never saw combat, or were build or 1/2 etc. pieces.


  84. it says TIER V, so NO PREMIUM… they will never do over tier IV, except
    for event vehicles / planes

  85. Now all they need is the deathstar

  86. Invisible Kartoffel

    BR 5?!Rly?!Trat 120mil.gun will destroy everything

  87. Baron, I know you were excited to get a video up, but the FV-4004 Conway
    was only partly a prototype. They made one preproduction model, and had the
    ability to launch mass production at the flick f a switch if need be, but
    the need never arose as it turned out the Is-3 s and other heavies were a
    dying breed in Russia. So no, it was not a prototype of sorts, it was a
    better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it project, and
    to conserve resources, they would only activate it if the IS-3 an the other
    Soviet tanks lived up to the hype, Yeah I know this is a repetitive wall of
    text, but I am kind of half asleep right now so plz forgive mistakes in my

  88. its the British tower of Stalin

  89. Weeell maybe bf 110 series for next

  90. now thats a cool tank

  91. Sounds Campy

  92. I’m happy that Japan got a plane, but I have a distinct J7W feel to this.

    10/10 climb. 10/10 turn. 10/10 speed.

    Unless the P51H and P47N get added (or the F8F gets its actual FM), playing
    against the Japs is slowly becoming less and less fun, with the already
    capable N1K’s, KI-84’s, and J7’s.

  93. The London Tower?

  94. FV. 4004

  95. Taka “elpape44250” PS

    FINALLY! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  96. so the Germans are more and more fucked

  97. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    Now Tanks

  98. i play world of tanks and I’m interested in war thunder,is wt pay2win game?
    i mean can you make money without premium tanks at tier 4,5 or 3 or premium

  99. War thunder is good and all but all this premium tanks that you have to pay
    for and the tanks that you have to play to win.That is is kinda annoying
    why can’t they give you a free tank to try it out if you like it or not and
    then you play for it or pay in my opinion that’s batter then just adding
    tanks that you have to pay for.

  100. Baron this is my third time asking you what is the song

  101. Still waiting for an American tank.

  102. I’m excited for the Ki-83, it’s such a beautiful plane!

  103. Need the 4005 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  104. nice copy of the KV-2!

  105. I HATE Mozdok too man! Horrible map! :/

  106. this going to be for Tier 3’s because they sorely need something for 3’s
    that can Pen a russ tank :/

  107. british kv2

  108. Japanese F7f? Now I wait for thr events.

  109. When’s the update?

  110. I wanted the FV 4005 :(

  111. I just noticed I’m always fond of 30mm guns.. I love my MK 108s and 103s,
    can’t wait until I get access to hunter and J7W1.. This plane seems like
    I’d love it

  112. “I openly dislike Mosdok.”
    That’s gotta be on your next shirt, man.

  113. British bias confirmed?

  114. they never add anything japanese, and when they do is pure useless tier 2

  115. IS-3 vs British KV-2

  116. War Thunder is considering a Japanese Tank Tree xD

  117. Were is FV 215b 183?

  118. KV-2’s silly british brother

  119. sooo its a grown mans kv2. all im getting is that its a bigger higher tier

  120. baron for future reference, the british didn’t develop or USE heat rounds
    in any of their tanks

  121. Fucking Gajinn keeps ripping off of WoT.
    “These are historical tanks. It is not ripping off.”
    Fuck you, they are just taking the research of Wargaming then just putting
    in their game. It is a robbery of research.

  122. HGS “HazardousGamingSquad”

    Baron you sill boy, the Conway had a rifled gun, and you can’t fire heat
    out of a rifled gun.

  123. Would be nice if they’d lower the cost to repair Japanese planes. Feels
    inadequate not being able to play them just because they cost a fuck tonne.

  124. Lets get the FV.4005 Stage II with that 183mm gun. Would be a bigger troll
    then the KV-2 and ISU-152.

  125. When are they gonna add Bastogne as a map??!?

  126. *orgasm*

  127. *sees the bridge* MUST JUMP OFF IT!

  128. On WoT, the FV 4005 has fucking 14mm of turret armor, I feel like this
    isn’t true but I’m too lazy to search it up.

  129. So its a glass cannon ?

  130. if it’s tier 5 it’s not going to be a premium

  131. It’s a BRITISH KV-2

  132. The new DERP GUN

  133. +BaronVonGamez there was fighting in the so called foothills of the Alps in
    Southern Germany, and also in Austria and the Italian Alps / Dolomites. So
    this map could have been a real theater of war.

  134. donno wen the russians gonna get the yak 30

  135. what about an irish tech tree with cannons on wheels and paper planes

  136. again a slow clap for gaiijin modellers, they got the gun wrong, no bore
    evacuator on the FV.4004

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