New Gameplay in Order of War Mode | World of Tanks Order of War, The Strategist

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Order of Game Gameplay, Special Game Mode. World of Tanks New Game Order of Mode Preview. World of Tanks Order of War The Strategist Gameplay and Tanker Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.11.1+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:37 Sandbox
02:25 How Order of works?
11:00 The Strategist Gameplay
19:50 The Tanker Gameplay
26:40 Conclusion

Waiting time is over and it is time to test out this new game called Order of War. It introduces brand new feature to the game, down view for the strategist who is controlling


  1. Quite excited about this game mode actually, specially the strategist gameplay… But how would you make The Tanker gameplay mode special and interesting? Any ideas?
    But I try to show you some more Strategiest action tomorrow, so stay tuned and just consider subscribing! 😉
    Video Chapters:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:37 Sandbox server
    02:25 How Order of War works?
    11:00 The Strategist Gameplay
    19:50 The Tanker Gameplay
    26:40 Conclusion

  2. WoT should have some offline functionality.

  3. Zhe rusty ol' tonk

    So thos mode is why wg “gave” us so much credits lately 😂

  4. I actually liked Steel Hunter mode more than normal WoT, so I wouldn’t give a shit if that actually was playable all the time with no regards to potential reward tanks.

  5. Please can I put some clothes on? I am getting the reputation of that weird dude down the street who is always naked.

  6. So we need Tier 10 vehicle to enter?

  7. Prem rounds only to pen the boxes? Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    I was already unamused by this NEW INCREDIBLE THING. Now I know for sure I will never ever try it. In the end, even trying skirmishes is a chore, waiting 3+minutes with 90k players online.

  8. Isn’t this just wot console’s commander mode but with extra steps?

  9. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    For my part, this mode is boring. 😒

  10. WG must add extra Tier 10 tanks for those who haven’t own Tier 10 tanks yet, I only have one though(the E-100)

  11. New game mode is that boring I am typing this while your vid is going. Nothing against your content…am going to go watch paint dry.

  12. Thắng Lê Đức

    i like this game mode
    so smart, i love it

  13. This looks amazing!

  14. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    It seems what this game mode is all about is premium round farming.

  15. i tuned out and stopped watching the moment you said only gold rounds- i mean – “PREMIUM rounds..” can go through those pillboxes.

  16. yet another greed driven mode by WOT……..getting to be almost as bad as crossout…….almost

  17. meh, i’ll pass on this credit waste

  18. Dez we should platoon 😀 I got access to it to 🙂

  19. Losing money as a strategist is only logical, since you spammed gold and prem consumables

  20. dez, when u play as tanker, sometimes after 3 to 4 minutes, there is this pop up at the bottom of the screen that prompts if you want to play as a strat. the button must be pushed as soon as it appears, once you do, its possible to play as strat multiple times in a row. else you play as a tanker as someone else probably beat you to it

  21. Who else think game is not that great looking anymore ? Graphics wise. It’s outdated. WG should push graphics further.

  22. you need gold to pen a pill box. well played wg iam out!!! @#$%

  23. PLEASE READ DEZ. So im guessing this is all testing for the HUGE changes wargaming said they will do to frontline as stated in their Q and A. So upset why cant they leave something good alone .

  24. A game mode where you basically must shoot premium rounds? Oh boy!!!

  25. WOT definitely needed another way to spend silver faster, being able to use gold ammo on seven vehicles simultaneously is next level WG.

  26. Only premium rounds you say? Well it won’t be clicked in the garage then.

  27. No need to show us what the game mode is all about. Was pretty clear after 1:10…

  28. Luis Ricardo Diaz Roque

    Man if this game mode makes it into the game I can see myself already grinding some tanks just to have them on my deck

  29. is test server available for public?

  30. strategist should be able to put boxes and artys to position before joining the que. map would be randomized first

  31. If i ever play commander I would always pick an arty and force it to drown at the beginning of the battle.

  32. I have played and when you get hit by the batteries it hurts

  33. Hey, just an Idea of a video.. Can you give ammo rack, and blow up a tank with no ammunition in it?🤔

  34. How do i download sandbox?

  35. That mode looks really interesting. Fresh, new mechanics and intriguing hope they make it.

  36. So basically a Christmas Box gold and credit sink.

  37. It’s looks like the game blitzkrieg the strategist mod

  38. DEZ, I have to say, PC upgrade was worth it. Your video is now also sharper. It is easier to look at.

  39. So what next? Sims for the commanders? Map editor from Minecraft?

    I just don’t see why you would want to play this as a tanker unless there are really good rewards.

  40. Is this on Common Test? or is it separate?

  41. So is this for an event that you have to play nonstop for 4 weeks to get some crazy reward or is it something that will stay permanently?

  42. Waste of time.

  43. So strategist has pretty much all the advantages? Choice of cover, vehicle positions far in advance of the enemy, and random offensive structures?!?! So you can make some ridiculous offensive strats!!!! :O

    I would cry if I won that battle and lost that much silver :'(

  44. Kinda meh for me…

  45. That fact you get no intelligence for playing as strategist is a problem.

  46. So basically you can do fuckall without skill rounds?
    Working as intended WG

  47. They are basically making command & conquer

  48. I think I’ll have to watch this crazy stuff again

  49. They should just select a random strategist if no one signs up within 30 seconds. Easy implemented and even if someone is unlucky and never gets it by chance they still can collect the intel to sign up as one.

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