NEW Gepard DESTROYS Planes & Tanks – War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka

  2. does the enemy pop up icon depends on the fact that is on dev-server or
    it’s how actually radar works? O.o ( does it spawn ground unit too??)

  3. What is this map ?

  4. can you please play some heroes and generals?

  5. Barón! Quiero tacos! Viva México! :v

  6. the lead circle in an spas is correct. you don’t have to lead at all like
    you would if you were in the air shooting other planes.

  7. The lead indicator is there for a reason. You put your small circle on it
    and shoot. You don’t have to lead the lead indicator.

  8. 1 der 7. 1987 Borken.

  9. So ehh… Wheres the BV?

  10. You guys are stupid!! I guess if you cheat you defend the game!!! If I see
    this shit happening again I’ll just team kill and cause shit! Piss enough
    people off they will change the game!! Fuck you and fuck gsijin! Time to
    hack em!

  11. Anyone else notice baron had 666 ammo after shotting shoji ?

  12. Just played a couple of rounds on WT and as soon as i activate a boost it
    would seam both my ammo and tank armor were nerfed. I couldn’t even pen a
    cube of butter at point blank range if i wanted to no matter what ammo i
    used. but that’s OK i guess i’m just a bad player or maybe its my computer
    or maybe the stars weren’t aliened.

  13. be nice if you would learn how to pronounce the things you play raketen =
    “rah-kay-ten” panzer

  14. gepard = “geh-pard” leopard is a “LEO-pard” not a lepard

  15. baron how do play on dev servers?

  16. I thought it was BF1 for the first 2 seconds.

  17. WHERE’S THE BV 238!!!!

  18. “one more and then the blumenvase”

    blohm & voss not flowerpot >:(

    jk I love your pronunciations xD

  19. the M163 comes with patch 1.63….. coincidence? i dont think so

  20. Baron, that pershing wanted you to kill him.

  21. This things a frickin’ terminator

  22. why does the dev server not give you instant acces to all vehichles man wtf

  23. From my experience with the reticle in AAA vehicles you have to aim a bit
    behind it.

  24. EG-tHIs world needs adjustment

    Why WT is slowly turning into Armored Warfare ?

  25. Man it is so fuckin’ wrong to add this kind of modern vehicles to a game
    with battle rating problems such as War Thunder. I can only wait to get
    shot down in my P-47D by a Gepard or a Shilka. They should create a new
    tech tree for modern vehicles (including the Cold War jets) so we can play,
    because it is absolutely impossible to unlock high tier shit on this game,
    even with premium account (and most people can’t afford to buy premium
    account because it’s expensive af). I’ve been trying to unlock the M47
    Patton II for several months, I just gave up, it’s not worth it.

  26. kyl mei

  27. dat comment at the end though … “You’re not worthy” lol

  28. Notice me Senpai xD

  29. play the VADS please !!!

  30. why gepard has the same sound than falcon 30mm cannons?

  31. 8.8 cm “flak” Vs. BV238 in a custom battle

  32. Leo

  33. Baron is so much better than Phly to watch. Bless ya bro!

  34. drive the shika pls


  36. Learnman War thunder

    Baron how do you get on the dev servers?

  37. barron you actually fired two missiles at 6:50 that bug used to work with
    tank shells as well

  38. Sometimes i think baron is bad or really stupid….

  39. i think i need to upgrade my il10 to a il28 before the main patch comes in

  40. Baron how to play the tank I know how to fly planes but how?

  41. wow, cant wait to get one of those..

  42. Next shilka or gulag

  43. play the new german flak truck

  44. Ladies & gentlemans boys & girls for information , , , Rjadpz 2 HOT its –
    Jaguar I . . . ur Welcome

  45. is that a new map?

  46. wow that radar is so damn distracting and annoying

  47. how much the bw 238 costs

  48. dude turn down your mic,we know you like your own voice
    but dam,is slick still copying everything you do,baron you need to tell him
    to go back to school man,hes given up his future to play warthunder

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