New German Chieftain Spotted? Kampfpanzer 07 P(E) | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 07 P(E) First Replay Gameplay, New 10 German under Supertest.

Thanks to my beautiful viewers who have sent in a lot of replays featuring the new supertest tank Kampfpanzer 07 P(E), we are able to take our first look at what this tank is all about and how it seems to play on the battlefield.

What do you think?


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the replays, Legends! 😉
    If you spot some other supertest tanks, feel free to send them to
    But, what do you think about this one? Looking forward to it?

  2. I don’t mind more “modern-ish” tanks as long as they’re available for all….somehow

  3. Evildarke Evildark

    Afther i see many.. 43-45% supertesters we cant expect to much from them it need a ^buff^ for sure weak

  4. Nice feeling to be in one of dez videos, dez thanks man you are the best ❤❤

  5. LMAOOO THE IMPENETRABLE KPZ 70 THAT HAUNTS MY FUCKING DREAMS AS A WOT TANK??? LETS GOOOO, luckily I don’t play anymore but I really should tbh steelhunter I think is pretty fun , I might download again for it.

  6. I think this will be the next auction/ black market tank that comes with a number, that or it will just be a new tank in a auction.

  7. Chromium Photography

    Looks very much like a MBT70 prototype. Check with the Chieftain.

    • kind of… I guess. The mantlet and front-half of the turret is definetly MBT/KPZ-70 while the the back half is reminicent of German Leo-1A3/4 (you know, the German version of the Lion) while the hull is more like a chunky Leo-1 (it’s to long for an MBT-70 hull).

      That said: WG, MBT-70 as tier 9 pls (remember: this thing has no armor what so ever)

  8. alejandrozapataq

    this tank must be epic, it has a shovel

  9. – Tank balance, remains unchanged.
    – Maps, still no real big map pack drop and all existing maps are horrible with some decent outlyers…
    – Concurrent modes next to randoms.. to few and far between.
    – Randoms MM, remains utter shitshow.
    – higher tiers: remains utter premium infested shitshow.
    But what DO they make new things off: tanks nobody asks for that can at best fit in with the broken tank lineup at best or be the next utterly broken PoS at worst.

  10. This smells as assambly shop



  12. Assante Nicewander

    “it needs to be better without stabilizer” this thought process of thinking is what develops the power creep instead of realizing you cant have it all and that’s the PURPOSE of equipment and addons to compensate and prevent being unbalanced.

  13. Kian Jacobsen🇩🇪

    I also saw it already, it looks damn sexy.

  14. My prediction is the tank gonna be meh because it has weak turret and cannot sidescrape

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Not near Chieftain.

  16. cool video! i also saw one of this tank but it got ammoracked after 2 mins xD. I have a question: My favourite tank is the Bourrasque. yes i am sorry for that. the thing is that i forgot the account data for my main account and cant recover it. i made another account and already played around 1500 games on it. my question is, when do u think is my next chance to get the bourrasque again? i sadly missed the sale in april…

  17. OKAYAMA_Dovaakin

    Kpz70s protype?🧐🧐🧐

  18. i spotted t10 new light on malinovka
    name is lkpz 70k

  19. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    Will probably end up for CW reward or a new event similar to Rank Battles

  20. it look like a prototype Leopard II

  21. Pretty sure this will be the next assembly shop tank. Around this time last year we had 780, and in February we had Lion. Maybe WG is aiming to get an assembly shop tank out every 6-7 months.

  22. it look cool

  23. Well, it’s not a Chieftain 😀 It doesn’t have such good armour but it has better gun

  24. Wargaming Destroyer

    i spotted it weeks ago, the players that testing these tanks are suck…

  25. andrejus sabrovas

    cheef 2 times smaller.this one like tipe 5 heavy

  26. Probably assembly shop, this summer it will be 1 year since the 780 and 6 months since the Lion. So WG might be doing assembly shops twice a year.

  27. Probably will be in the asembly shop.

  28. And I’m not allowed to send you (most) battles with this tank 😞

  29. Most low tier derp guns have 410 HE alpha damage

  30. Great…. they had to add the dozer blade

  31. So I guess the competition is the MBT-B or this KPZ 07P, well whatever the clan wars gets, atleast let the other tank be available to everyone.

    • Alexander Maurer

      I dont think that there will be a new cw tank too soon. The 116 just came in winter. I my opinion there will definitly be no new cw tank this summer but maybe the chief comes back, lets see.
      The kpz70 will probably come with this workshop event like the Lion and 780

  32. This tank will put E100 line obselete.

    • That’s as dumb as saying the chieftain has made every tank in world of tanks obsolete.
      Edit: I take it back, it’s much worse since the e100 isn’t anything like this tank.

  33. Mārtiņš Viļums

    looks like leopard 2 😀this cud be great for onlought reward tank.coz now is no reason to rank in onlought mode

  34. Can’t sidescrape any better than the fench tier 10 heavy.

    Unless they nerf the F* out of the chief and 279exploit this vehicle will still be pointless.

  35. world of MBTs

  36. Hope it’s not junk like the battle pass td… Which WG know is shit as if you try to sell it they only offer 2.3 million for… Dont buy it folks.

  37. Tier 10 shovel, but its ok. Not looking like a super op tank.

  38. black market is back !! XD

  39. should stop slapping chieftain onto tanks with clearly visible cupola’s.

  40. It always throws me for a few seconds when you’re watching the tank that didn’t send in the replay. Watching all the hits and bounces lol.
    I miss subject to chains….

  41. Second clip What is the E75 doing?

  42. the shovel.. you should be able to move it up and down please tell WG that it needs to be usable .. the shovel is supposed the be for a engineer tank and as such needs to be movable. u could just use the arrow keys or even x button. making it movable would help the lower plate on hills or even the turret as you crest a highpoint. (this is coming from a former us army engineer brigade mechanic.)

  43. I played against kampfpanzer 07 P(E) like 2 weeks ago and a week ago in my team was GSOR 1010, new ENG wheel light

  44. Next CW tank reward?

  45. If theres a “(e)” on it you know its gonna be juicy


  47. if this is going to be in assembly shop what do you think if its going to be worth it ?

  48. how can we get to own this vehicle?

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