New German HEAVY Project Kpz. 07P and +-75% RNG Arcade | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

New Tier 10 German Heavy Tank under Supertest – Project Kpz. 07P(E) First Look. Arcade Cabinet with +-75% Alpha Damage RNG.

Today let's take a look at one of the new tier 10 tank coming to the game in the future, Project Kpz. 07P(E). WG released first about it and this one is completely different compared to all the other German Super-Heavy tanks.

What do you think?


  1. STRV got shovel too

  2. lol german 122 tm

  3. Would be better kpz 70 like in wotb and wot console

  4. Please WG, please let make a 3rd Campaign. It’s been many years since I finnished the 279 so I have not had any missions to do since. Put this Leopard in Campaigne #3.

  5. Ennmis Production

    I thought the shovel would be usable. I forgot we’re not as advanced as WarThunder, sorry.

  6. Re: different crew composition than other German HTs. Yet another reason we need Crew 2.0.

  7. Wot Addict Global

    DezGames, I have a question for you: Which tank is the elephant mostly scared of? Do you know?

  8. *Being able to provide all my needs without the help of the Government is really a dream come through and I’m getting $50,000 returns from my 10k investment*

    • @Macedonia914 These bots seem to mistake the video as some german financial advice. You’d usually only see these types of bots on finance or stocks videos

  9. I tried this game mode and hated it, it reminds why 25% rng sucks. Maybe 15% might be right.

  10. DPM of the new german is horrid. Reload needs to be 10s instead of 12s

  11. So the new tank is basically a bigger leopard.

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    MBT-70 when?

  13. I wish it was a new tech tree with the Kpz 70. Would be cool to see a new German tier X or do something fresh and have it be the first tech tree that goes from something like tier 7 to tier 9 with no tier 8. The kpz is already a tier 9 premium tank in blitz or even break off the Leo pta for tier 9 and 10.

  14. why world of tanks not adding mark of excellence mod in this game 😀

  15. Excited to see a different kind of German heavy. Definitely.
    The German techtree was my first go-to, and still the most favorite tanks are in there

  16. This screams the next assembly tank

  17. the 103B also has a shovel btw :p

  18. just thought about this the other day, def need another German and British heavy line.

  19. Why would you play this instead of a Leo1? You give up gun handling, dpm and mobility and get in return some hitpoints and armor which seems to not bounce most shots at tier x. If WG nerfs the Leo next we know why.

  20. dezzzz comment

  21. This looks like a single shoot Rinoceronte, a support Heavy Tank

  22. I think it will be an assembly shop tank , because it doesn’t have the dpm so clan wars ppl won’t use it in CW

  23. Close to all players want to see that heavy german in a new german techtree branch. It will be another stupd auction tank.

  24. i guess they could not call it leopard 1.5 so theylet a Cat Run over the Keyboard for its Name

  25. I hope they bring back the Ice drifting mode in the Arcade cabinet

  26. the second vehicle with a shovel??? the british & american artillery vehicles take great offence to that statement

  27. I can see EdvinE20 already screaming SHOVELL

  28. This is MBT alr

  29. Next tier 9 premium! LOL

  30. They need to take that tank and make it a direct analogue of the Chieftain… same speed with better turret armor and that slow, anemic gun.

  31. This Arcade mode is like always. Totaly crap. Doesnt make fun to me.

  32. Good that they’re adding more to other tech trees than just Russia over and over and over again, but definitely sounds like it needs a bit more power. Sounds like an IS7 would beat it 100% of the time. Also, echoing concerns about them shuttering it behind clan wars/assembly shop over priced garbage events, etc.

  33. full ilegal mods sending for wargaming

  34. Next time LT with shovel??
    I hope WG add Churchill AVRE to game..iam sure it can be balanced,it have only 290Mm gun shooting 16Kg of love.

  35. Why would anyone want to play with plus arcade +/- 75% when the standard in game +/- 25% is such a shit show. Just shows they have no idea imo.

  36. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    New heavy it’s like a Leo with a bit of steroids and it looks ugly…. imagine when you’ll have that -75% RNG, it will be horror

  37. What mod did you use? That moe counter or something like that?

  38. Assembly shop incoming after the latest loot box event. And this tank will the reward we get after being milked.

  39. well, this is definitely not going to be a german chief or R, reload is awful and mobiliy too for that kind of armor values

  40. Man this this new German tank’s stats look like trash. It’s almost as if WG treats Germany and other axis nations (especially Japan) like utter trash overall. Oh wait…

  41. S H O V E L
    S H O V E L
    S H O V E L
    S H O V E L

  42. Trash mode good for credits

    the end.

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