^^| New german heavy tanks + buffs! Patch 9.17.1 (World of Tanks.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. a slow tank is a dead tank

  2. what song is circon using in the beginning :thinking:

  3. Positioning is very important so I definitely get why speed is an issue but
    I think that now that these tanks have been buffed and the lines changed
    around they may on certain maps actually have a place in competitive.
    Definitely gonna enjoy seeing how the meta changes.

  4. Guusieboi de Mafketel

    Is it known when the live server 9.17.2 is out?

  5. roemer schoenmakers

    Wargaming just whants us to fire gold and gold only!

  6. Nobody talks about E50M ever…

  7. They need to give the Maus a 80 Kmph top speed and a 40 p/w so it stops
    wasting space in my garage, though with the buffs it has I will play it
    more now when I keep losing like before, but it’s a better tank to lose in,
    I’m ready to be purple with a shit win rate boiiiis

  8. Really like the new mix of new informative vids with the old epic/hilarious
    vids you are known for well played sir well played.

  9. WOOT! My Maus got a buff! Took them long enough!

  10. thats stupid why nerf the vk B? It wasnt broke. its just annoying now every
    fuking germany heavy has to sidescrape to work. yawn

  11. It has 400 meter view range because the hubble space telescope is mounted
    in the top of the turret

  12. Well I’m glad I wasn’t waiting on the Tiger II to get buffed or anything.

  13. Circon you forget about the E100 pen buff

  14. im working on the M103 atm and i can wait to farm exp on them.

  15. did my eyes just decive me or did the VK-B get better turret frontarmour
    from 252 to 265

  16. I looked at the American td buffs, imagine a T-28 Prototype going 28 kph if
    you will!!

  17. Now they need buff the IS-7 becouse it really cant compete with this new
    tanks. Only thing IS-7 have is the turret.

  18. So now maus CAN NOT pen other maus in 1v1 without APCR :D

  19. i think the problem with the maus buffs is that its playstyle is going to
    be either you absolutly destroy everybody or you dont even reach the
    enemies. it gonna be fun on city maps or tiny maps and frustrating on big
    open maps

  20. #MakeTiger2GreatAgain

  21. Circon, the Maus frontal armor did not become 250mm as you said. It’s still
    200mm, only the hull slants (the edges betweeen side and front) were buffed
    to 250mm

  22. All the reds will now be playing the superheavys and there will be almost
    nothing you can do about them without gold. Sure, they need the gun buffs,
    but making them almost impenetrable frontally by standard ammo is stupid.
    Giving the Maus 260 cheeks means that even the TDs will have to get lucky
    to hit that spot and pen, and that’s while UNANGLED. Before if I knew about
    the corner weakspot, and I was in an accurate tank (like my Conqueror) I
    could pen them at close range, even if the enemy was sidescraping. Now they
    buffed it and the only way I could pen it is with gold. In short: They made
    a lot of noobfriendly tanks and if you want to have any chance agains them,
    you will have to fire dem golddz.
    Combine that with the new premiums and you will see that they are moving in
    the P2W direction.

  23. Would you say doing HT-12 for the Obj, 226 is now harder in the VK B after
    the nerf?

  24. Seems to me with the changes they’re proposing to AP etc WG is even more
    blatantly saying “use premium ammo or go home”, which of course means “pay
    us money to afford it to be competitive”.
    On the Asia sewer before I quit you had people firing sprem ammo at tier 1,
    I kid you not. I imagine it’ll just get worse, making the game even more
    like tank-shaped CoD.
    Boring as fk compared with the fun times just before tier 10 TDs and
    premium rounds for cr.

  25. wasnt e100 supposed to get pen buff

  26. remove autoloaders and gold ammo. All you see. Will drive the Japanese
    heavys to annoy these people..

  27. the armor buff on the Maus is a nice meme: press 2 and pretend no buff ever

  28. fighting against that tier 8 in a tier 7 heavy? load gold instantly – is
    that a thing now? like the black prince, dafuq am I gonna do

    i just don’t understand the balancing WG does, making tanks that are almost
    invincible frontally against tanks that are just one tier lower, and even
    with gold ammo it’s still just a 50/50 chance damaging it because of RNG in
    penetration values, and it gets better – you trade one shot of 150 damage
    (in a BP) and they just shxt on you for 490 which is even more than the
    russian 390, and they are just 1 tier higher

  29. NOBODY noticed that Maus 200 to 250 is nothing to do with Front Plate,
    upper or lower, it is ONLY the Tiny edge on the left and right side of UFP,
    one tiny stripe.

  30. FCM getting powercreeped once again

  31. I have killed E100s in the E75 / VK4502B in a face hug by shooting them in
    the turret ring. The Mauschen seems to suffer the same weak spot. Just
    judging from the video.

  32. Cool video, keep it up! Couple of minor things, mostly due to
    inaccurate/unclear patch notes:

    – Maus frontal glacis buffs from 200 to 250 never made it into the patch.
    – Maus lower side armor buff are the parts behind the tracks, this fixes
    the dumb situation where you could wreck a maus through the track at pretty
    high angles due to the nature of 80mm being easily penetrated.
    – The VK4502B also got a frontal turret buff from 252 to 265, which is not
    mentioned in the preliminary patch notes.
    – VK4502B had its machine gun port removed from the collision, thus no
    longer forming a weak spot in the upper glacis.

  33. should have buffed armore more instead of gun

  34. Goed bezig Circ, dit zijn juist de dingen die ik wil weten, voordat ik
    begin aan een grind voor een bepaalde tank of zelfs een tank-lijn.

  35. what is happening to the E5s hatch cuz i cant find any stats

  36. so happy about the e100 buff

  37. i think the main problem with the vka was bad gun and shit mobility, i
    always liked the armor on that tank and making it more of a medium heavy
    would have been better IMO

  38. You forgot to mention E-75 and the Tigers turret buff 😀 the tiger turret
    now can hold better against 122’s 175 pen gun and E-75 got it’s soft stats
    and aim time buffed

  39. biggest buff to maus would be if team would let u tank for them before
    situation is 1-15 :D

  40. Maus buff is sick. I love it. :D

  41. They didnt nerf the VK A viewrange, it’s 390 🙂 Also vk b got turret front
    buff from 252 to 265, other than these, pretty solid vid

  42. Rant Circon, rant away!

  43. vk 100.01 (P) concerning, pennig it with a tier VIII is gonna be 50/50
    unless you forked out 40ish euros for patriot or liberty which will shit on
    this like they shit on other tier VIII.

  44. hwo about the E100? did it get some buffs?

  45. Nothing for the E100?

  46. Did you forget the E-100 gun buff or did I miss it?

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