New German LT with -17 Depression | WoT Birthday | 56TP and More in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

New Tier 10 German Tank LKpz.70 K and New Polish Heavy 56TP. World of Birthday Event and Rewards (Free premium ) – WoT 12th Birthday. World of Tanks Update 1.20.1+ Patch News.

Information from:
– WG

-Background battle played by: destro19 [MAHOU]

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:23 WoT Birthday
03:20 Lkpz 70 K Preview
07:40 56TP Preview
10:45 Mountain Pass Changes
15:40 Giveaway winners

Another new tank is coming from Germany – Lkpz 70 k, new tier 10 light tank with -17 degrees of gun depression. Also, let's talk about another new tank 56TP, World of Tanks 12th birthday and changes to the mountain pass map.

What do you think?


  1. wargaming just flat out SUCKS now…

  2. I just stopped playing multi-player games a month. Only play stuff like Elden Ring with my friend. Never going back

  3. Day 2 of asking dez to play war thunder.

  4. anybody questioning in which direction the german light travels forward cause looking at the model the crew is sat in the back of the hull facing backwards

  5. it shouldent be a premium tank

  6. I for one really enjoy mountain pass the way it is, taking those advantageous positions and using them against the enemy team. Seems like strategy 101, but then again I’m not an ultra unicum tier 10 player.

  7. Calling it, new German light is going to be in an auction / assembly thing

    • owlvision videography

      Thats what I am also saying since I first heared of it. It would also make sense since we already had a heavy and a med, so a light or td should be next

  8. that tank is better at hull down then m103 and e5 hahahhahahaha

  9. GG WG, they made a bad map for light tanks now even worse!

  10. I wonder why WG not even pay attention on Erlenberg, that map is boring asf.. waiting HT to settle down while others full of hide and seek

  11. Congrats to all the winners. 🙂

  12. stop shilling WoT garbage you and I both know they will just find a way to fuck up anything that is decent. And if it’s good and not a reward tank don’t get me started. Don’t waste your time on this game people this game is getting worse every year. Shame on anyone who tries to get people to play this garbage.

  13. Wot Addict Global

    Great… now they are killing even the last bits of climbing in Mountain pass… omg WG!!!

  14. What day this be happening?

  15. Mountain pass was not boring… it was a disater to all tanks including arty… Some old maps should return if not any other reason, then just for a fun.

  16. Ahmet Ethem Özdemir

    LKpz.70 K have a 3 mode not 2 , many people miss it.

  17. Great stuff, Dez. Always enjoy your map and tank breakdowns!!

  18. i have so been waiting for mountain pass changes…. then so need to put in the rams that well make for som more fun

  19. Luís Augusto Panadés

    No more trees on the maps: so good by non armored vehicles. Another dick into the ass of Grille 15

  20. Tired of the over saturation of new tanks in the game. They get played a dozen times then shelved. It’s really not good for anybody.

  21. i want the new german tank

  22. Very very lame stuff for a big birthday party!

  23. Only thing I don’t like about mountain pass is the south east corner changes. I think that will make the fight significantly worse because now it will be a hull down/bush campfest with no mans land in between. Yeah, the old version was imbalanced but now it will be unplayable.
    That being said, the rest of the changes looked very good. I’m only upset about the south west corner and think that it needs a bit more work.

  24. WG: So we’ll release a light tank with 10+7deg depression…
    Player: Pfft, a light tank? It won’t go hull down with a paper turret.
    WG: … and it won’t have a manned turret so you can only see the gun literally!

  25. coolbreeze12013 z

    Great content as usual Dez, that new German tank looks interesting hopefully it wont be a lemon lol thanks to my fav CC 🙂

  26. wattana khumphuyod

    Lkpz 70 k look like more camping and repositioning Udes that can’t brawl at all.

  27. Wow. So surprised that anyone is still playing this game

  28. i fucking knew it. -17 gun depression is just the start. at any point a hulldown atrocity of -30 gun depresison will come and that will be a final nain int he cofifn.

  29. Dont really care about map changes as such …just sick of wg taking away maps…most changes only benefit HTs and Meds….

  30. WG birthday
    so they make B-Day just for themselves really not much benefit for players


  32. Mountain pass changes are always welcome, but I don’t think these will improve the gameplay. It’s still going to be 3 corridors with 1 cross corridor. The first corner change shows the current WG philosophy: make ground flat with very small elevated bush areas to make it obvious where exactly enemy will be camping. At least it has more than one bush…

  33. Wow they did some changes to one of the most annoying maps, good for you! Now WG what about removing half of the maps and designing some bigger newer ones that are at least moderately balanced, work with the current meta and don’t have just one or two corridors each for every type of vehicle?

  34. Hurray for updates on Mountain pass

  35. Log in to get the 12 year presents, get one token, go to token shop and there is nothing for less than 3 tokens… Gg WG

  36. So did they just delete the bridge ramps? Or did it just now show over there

  37. Yo guys, check out TS-60 on tanksgg…it’s like when Panzer7 f***’s Tortoise

  38. yet once again nothing about the broken MM or rigged games or anything to make the game more enjoyable or fun… (live a new PVE Historical battles gameplay) …. sure, gg indeed.

  39. It only took WalletGaming like 10yra to make anyone meaningful major changes to that map lol

  40. new changes to mountain pass is good but the nothwest spawn is getting shafted on the southwest corner, everywhere else im liking.

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