NEW GHILLIE TANKS! (War Thunder Update)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Customization Update News!
Tanks, armor and camo customization in WT.

Thanks for watching!


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay always wanted ghillie for my tank XD

  2. under 100 views!

  3. Chayne Tyler Luczon

    When they showed this I though it was out already.

  4. Finally! They announced it like a few months ago :D

  5. Tank tracks for life

  6. Not the first comment but first to say first! Hey, Baron o7

  7. Does that mean we can have Fury tank with all the logs and helmets?

  8. This reminds me of the mission all ghilled up from modern warfare but

  9. unfair plane, this tank kemp a bush! 3:40 oh ok its not kemping

  10. Baron Baron how do you get your Baron baron!

  11. POW POW

  12. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    I’ll put some on my class mate tank destroyers

  13. Good day to have a T-34-85 :D

  14. Thats what the Germans did was ghillie their tanks. Like in band of
    brothers they were out numbered so they sat and waited which was very
    effective :D

  15. Wat is dis

  16. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Anyone else have…would it be a nerd-gasm? Yeah a nerd-gasm

  17. Came back from school to see another video done by one of my favorite
    youtubers. too bad he is not playing with Phly, another one of my fav
    youtubers for some reason they are hiding from us

  18. aint gonna be able to see shit in sim battles now

  19. hey baron what do you think putting infantry on the tank? like the russians

  20. All I can think about is Kelly’s Heroes lol

  21. Im stoked for the bushes >:D

  22. encourage sniping?
    omg it’s such a bad thing right
    lets all rush in the middle of the cap, die and call it russian bias, way

  23. the tiger “h” was actually the Panzer 4 ausf H

  24. Please play the Pt 1000 Ratte vs the Pt1500 :D

  25. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    and H8Ks!!!!!! ^^

  26. Gaijin, ruining a (once) great game one step at a time.

  27. some surious stuff m9

  28. One nail in the coffin at a time Gajin….

  29. emmmm, Baron….. April fools is close

  30. Another cash grab system just wow…..

  31. the foliage should only be applied to tank destroyers

  32. Justin de Lavison

    Baron, ended, some tanks did “run around covered in tank tracks
    everywhere”. Crews would try anything (concrete, ffs) to protect
    themselves. Patton hated to because, he said, it slowed tanks down. Re the
    bush camouflage: the Germans, especially, where good at this, and often
    moved with some leafy camo in situ so that if the Jabos came, and they
    always did, they stood a chance of hiding…

  33. They should’ve added the camouflage feature towards the end of the year and
    said the tanks were participating in no shave november

  34. RB is gonna be a nightmare… And sim… I shudder at the thought of sim
    battles with ghillie tanks everywhere…

  35. Robert matzenauer

    baron baron how do you get so many golden eagles? XD

  36. yas now i can put tracks on tiger 2 h turret face. fu is2 pen me now

  37. I was tanking about this to my friends =D

  38. Unfair plane, he kemp bush

  39. Imperatore Naselli

    is this already in game?

  40. There are photos from ww2 of shermans being literally covered in tank
    tracks for extra armour (I actually mean completely covered in tracks) and
    the Germans in the late stages of the war definitely used a lot of bushes
    and branches to camouflage their tanks.

  41. Damn do you remember when WT first came out on CBT,This was a thing too?I
    feel so old now…

  42. so they are making t34s more op great love it

  43. Minimalistic camouflage nets would be cool but not a whole forest on the
    front of your tank..
    The tank tracks are a little too much in my opinion the front ones and the
    turret ones would add that little more realistic to it but the sides man…

  44. making an already shit game even shitter, good job gaijin

  45. It would be so cool if they add the wooden added armor for the sherman

  46. Baron historically both were used pretty widely …looks like you will need
    to up and alter your game

  47. I think only lights and badly armoured mediums should get the tracks, to
    make it easier for rhem

  48. Marc Schnierstein

    On my TigerH1 it is not working i can’t find it pls help:/

  49. Jagtpanzer 4 + bushes = invisible.

    And everybody always talks about WT being realistic, this will be a big
    step in that direction since in reality, cammo like leafnets or spare
    tracks were applied in almost every situation were it was possible.

  50. Gaijin should do it, the historical accurate way..

  51. You’d be surprised baron how far tank crews would go stop a panzer Faust
    rocket some of the even put concrete on the tank in hopes of stopping the

  52. If you have to pay for it, it is bullshit, if you can unlock it, no problem
    to me

  53. Heeeey. They had this in the BETA. Amazing how they keep implementing new

  54. I can’t wait for this!!!

  55. Joshua Ray (Captain Sunday)

    inb4; only available in premium.


  57. You got to think adout it baron adding a bush to your tank is historically
    correct tanks back then had no gun stabilises sow one thing to bo was was
    to strap a bush to the tank sow that it could lie in wait for the enemy. to
    me I cont wait for this to come to war thunder

  58. Every time he swallows into the mike I cringe so bad

  59. Fuck tank tracks, I want view ports mounted on my tank.

  60. Hope you don’t buy this with eagles, that would make it pay2win. As in the
    real meaning of the word. Stuff that can only be bought and give you a edge
    over other players. Come to think of it, are not some skins already that,
    like winter camo?. That can’t be bought with silver and makes you harder to
    spot then someone without it.

  61. i just play war thunder about 15 minutes ago and there is new update?

  62. i wont be able to see a thing now because i can’t turn down my graphics on

  63. toughs tank traks on the side just look silly

  64. I thought though that in some cases tank tracks used as armour sometimes
    made over all amour quality worse as it could normalise an incoming shell

  65. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  66. don’t mind me just a moving bush with a big gun

  67. I Love The BUSH!

  68. Baron, Baron… dont you know there was an incident where general Patton
    raged at a sherman crew for putting to much tracks on the tank front, like
    the WHoLE font was tracks… it was a thing with american tanks a lot and
    panthers too,and God does it look sexy on the panther!

  69. gonna put logs on my sherman and go 1v1 tiger (fury reference)

  70. Dam son time to spam track on my t 44 and is 2 mod 1944

  71. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    I am a happy panda. I spend 95% of my time in-game sniping, so…

  72. Imagine all the players setting their graphics to minimum because f bushes
    and trees

  73. As long as they are free I’m happy

  74. He! thats pretty good


  76. When will this update come? I think these customizations should only be for
    tank destroyers

  77. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    I like it. It’s a lot more realistic.

  78. camo nets and bushes for SPG and SPAA. and tracks maby for heavy and

  79. Q legal! pera..sou o unico br q curte WT ?!

  80. ,,U cant see me!” -Adolf Cena 1942

  81. I like how he gets upset at bushes even though it was common IRL, same with
    the tank tracks and sandbags. People complain about the game getting less
    realistic, but when it gets more realistic we complain just the same.

  82. Not many people know what they think about the Bushes, but the Clintons are
    not much better.

  83. Still gunna be Russian bias

  84. I can’t wait to drive a bush.

    inb4 bushthunder

  85. Why I think that gonna be mostly available for golden eagles? Some good
    eagles farm tool for Gaijin.

  86. baron baron please do sim battle please please please

  87. I’m against the bushes thing. Everything else makes sense. But these bushes
    all over the tanks is just stupid.

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