New Ground Vehicles – Update 1.91 Dev Server – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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This is a with recordings and commentary from the game War Thunder which is a online cross-platform combat game.

Major Update 1.91 “Night Vision” – dev server changelog :;ct=1567273198

This is a from Update

This is a general overview of the new ground vehicles on the 1.91 Dev Server.

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  1. Welcome to War Thund**
    I MEAN
    Armored Warfare 2.0

  2. Type 75 is kinda OP now. Shells are exploding above the tank and completely destroy it with 90% chance

  3. They fucking NUKED german 6.7 jesus

  4. Pipo Gutiérrez García

    8:27 “65° elevation”
    *Laughs in german VFM*

  5. Some quick googling later. The Dauphin is in fact a panther G, but an early model, without the upgraded mantlet.
    Apparently the upgrades to the turret where incoporated gradually across the versions and turrets wthout the ‘chin guard’ seem to have been produced untill the end of the war.

    I think it will be fine at 5.7, a slightly better protected panther a, with slightly worse turret roation speed and slightly worse mobility and speed, due to throtteld engine.

  6. night vision uses IR light, they aren’t different. i think he means night vision and thermal.

  7. Lol this guy didnt get the memo that this game is filled with non anti tank vehicles. There’s literally several self propelled artillery pieces in game. Several self propelled howitzers and even a self propelled mortar is in game. Not to mention MLRS is in game with an aiming reticle it never had in real life. This guy still thinks War Thunder is based on reality.

  8. When does this update come out?

  9. You don’t need to range for the he vt to auto detonate above tanks

  10. The howitzer shoot under the tank

  11. Artillery in WT?


  12. No, no no no. Night vision needs to be removed from third person.

  13. Also, type 75 for the Memez. Unfortunately Gaijin still hasn’t fixed sight shaking on the stb-1….

  14. What a surprise. Generic night vision despite the massive difference in NV capabilities between the nation’s.

  15. 12:30 war thunder in a nutshell

  16. Remember when GF first was announced, and the fanboys were all like: “Warthunder will not have cancerous artillery mechanics”

    *a few years later* (not to mention point-rushing for skycancer)

  17. Imagine capping a point and you get hit by IDF from that Japanese artillery.

  18. Renaming War Thunder to Meme Thunder…

  19. Stuff like the panzer II has it


  20. Type 75 might be one of those HE lobbing tanks that’s not particularly great, but it’s dumb fun and I love it.

  21. The fuse works as intended.

  22. XGNsharpshot21 Random gaming channel

    So with the maus being removed will I have to research and buy the tank that takes its place or will I get it free?

    • XGNsharpshot21 Random gaming channel, the maus isn’t being completely removed rather it’s being hidden from research for new players. Also as long as you are researching it you’ll still be able to get it, and no you won’t get the vehicle replacing it for free

  23. The Ostwind II has 4 crew members in the turret 2 in the hull but it still has 5 crew members in total. hmm.

  24. What is replacing the panther 2?

  25. Soviet suffers

  26. R.I.P italian jet pilots not being able to compete with r-2 f100D and upcoming supersonic jets

  27. Hey EuropeanCanadian looking at your name i wanna ask what country did your grandparents or parents came from?


  29. m48s should be 7.3 :/

  30. The french used panther as part of their normal tanks. Its ridiculus we got all the extreme prototypes at 6.7 and they could not put panther to fill the gap in bR

  31. 1.91 The Copy/Paste .

  32. are those golden eagle is real? :/

  33. Why do you say that the dev server is subject to change when the entire game is subject to change whenever the fuck gaijin wants

  34. Autoloading KV-2 ~drools~

  35. Show us the battery discharge mechanics with engine turned off

  36. Why tf did they add an artillery piece? Unless theyre planning to have larger battles and have mobile arty pieces be used as actual targetable artillery strikes

  37. uhhhhhhh that light in the NVG is a beam light. I seen the greatest tank battles of the six day war, a Israeli tank commander was on watch with his NVG when he saw this beam of light from his NVG. He took his NVG off and back on, he realize a Syrian Tank was aiming at him……ok its was NVBs not NVGs

  38. God bless President Trump.

  39. but 90% of the players have these vehicles fully researched for years… really they arent removing shit

  40. This update seems like they just tried to throw in as much stuff nobody asked for . Wheres the Wiesel ?Why are they removing the Maus? Wheres the Britisch Panthers ?

  41. you can see through smoke with IR after it cools, this is because smoke gives off heat early on. well thats the logic atleast

  42. 8:46 You shut your mouth. Don’t ruin this for me.

  43. The Russians get no depression and the British get nothing….yep, pretty normal.

  44. p2w shit still after what 6 years ? ahhah. Iam happy that i quit this cancer game

  45. to be honest the coelain will become more useful since everyone will think it is a ostwind

  46. It does help hitting the pesty fuckers over hills and mounds.

  47. Alexander Lagerstedt

    I am really dissapionted about russian vehicles and planes in this dev server…

  48. 1:17 that screen is from 1.89 and not 1.91 (not saying you said it is from 1.91)

  49. I hoped for a Centauro 2…

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