New HE Shell Rework is a BUFF and a NERF… | World of Tanks Sandbox 2021

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Source: DezGamez

HE Shells 2.0. New HE Ammo Testing on The Sandbox Test Server. World of Tanks Sandbox Test Server 2021.

First Sandbox test server is here with changes to the high-explosive ammo to see if these have been or buffed.

What do you think?


  1. As this is ONLY Sandbox, everything is still subject to “chains”! LET’S KEEP THAT IN MIND, IT DOESN’T MEAN IT MAKES IT INTO GAME!
    But what do you think about this so far?! Have you tested it out yourself as well?

    • As I said the other day, this will only make Object 279 and T95 / FV4201 Chieftain to be even more OP tanks. It is not true that when you play with HE ammunition you just do a right and left mouse click. Try shooting at E3, T95 and similar tanks and very often you will get a ricochet. If you hit any gun mantle from a heavy tank, you will always have some small damage. Last night I was shooting a vk 45.02 B which was at 198hp with HE grenades in Tortoise, and it took me 6 grenades to take off 196hp, to keep 2 hp and I eventually had to load gold ammunition to kill it. Only OP (Unicorn) players complain about HE grenades, when they drive the above two tanks. The specificity of HE ammunition is the splash. You have to be careful not to shoot through the fence, the walls to actually do damage. By removing the splash damage with HE ammunition, this game really loses all meaning.

    • Ok, but shouldn’t they then buff the accuracy of the derp guns? The reason why FV has such bad gun handling is because you dont really need to directly hit weakspots, but the tank in general. Penetrating a FV HESH shot was like a massive high roll from range.

    • i honestly like the changes to he shells. now they are actually good against lightly armored tagets (especialy the EBR series) cuz they can pen tracks/wheels and still pen hull to do good damage.

    • Andrew Schoenfeldt

      @lolo wdaw not so. I splash damage in the FV4005 currently

    • @Andrew Schoenfeldt me too, and it doesn’t make its 600 splash anymore

    • Type 5 Heavy is absolutely useless. Even spamming premium and well aimed shots, you only get around 200 dmg every 15 seconds

  2. I like these changes and to all that are oh but chieftain gets even more op, just because a few tanks benefit from this change shouldnt mean that its a shit change, the tanks should be balanced by their statistics not by wether or not HE does a bit more dmg or not

  3. Illbegoodinthefuture

    Its definitely a buff for the Cent 7/1 (and for the Charioteer as it uses the same gun) just as you mentioned Dez. However its a huge nerf for some tanks. Mainly for the Type 4 and 5. Even if those tanks were not sh@tty enough. 😀 All in all it would affect high tiers more. I tried the SU 152 and it worked like it hasn’t been changed at all. 🙂

  4. adCaptandum Vulgus

    the t35-85m just got deadlier them, nasty HE there

  5. This is not gonna work at all.
    The whole point of HE is splash damage. It worked against heavies in Hull down. That’s basically the only way to fight them. So now it cant do any damage unless It penetrates? HR doesn’t have much penetration at all. But now it penetrates but does no damage? Not sure if this makes any sense at all unless I’m not understanding it correctly

  6. Imagine calling a shell “High Explosive” and none of the shells actually cause an explosion.

  7. Hey Dez: 2 comments 1/ I am not sure I play WOT to think more 2/ not being a pro player it took me more than 1 year to grind through to get both ebr and 60tp: just get there and now they are not fun anymore

  8. They should rework spall liner to protect the tank also from arty splashes, not only direct hits, cause ARTY ALMOST NEVER HITS YOU DIRECTLY

  9. Grzegorz Brzęczyszykiewicz

    first 10 secs lol

  10. It mean you have to use gold ammo for cause some damage who has good armored tank. What about fv4005, fv215 183 ? What about m4a1 pz4 ?
    All meds and heavy ones buffed automatically. Ebr 105 with he useless now . T49 ? I dont like it and I dont want it . Add new maps or come back the old ones . Dont change about ammunition. Be fair on matchmaking . Use personal score to match other player. Dont add bot in my battle . Give something to play as tiger 10 battle. 8k damage cause -36k credit without use gold . What are you thinking about it .? For more credit why we must play as premium tanks? You care only gold only money WG . It is not free online game . Pay 2 Win !

  11. Excluding being able to penetrate stuff now and no splash damage, it basically works how I thought it worked now lol. I never knew it picked the weakest point in a sphere to calculate damage (though in retrospect I guess that makes sense considering how much damage splash damage causes). I always thought it calculated damage at the point of impact so I always aimed my HE at weakspots, places where I know it will penetrate, or at whatever place has the thinnest armor that’s currently visible to me (like the top of the turret of hull down tanks) and have had no issues dealing good damage with HE. Thanks to my poor understanding of current HE mechanics, this rework really doesn’t change anything for me, except now I can shoot through those pesky objects lol.

  12. Forces players to think more? Rather forces many to change HE for Premium ammo so WG wins every game. And if HE on Arty has no splash it is the end for Arty.

  13. I am not a good player and not wanting to pay for gold rounds, but my first Tier X was Type5 Heavy, before it’s gun got nerf – now I can’t do more dmg than playing Tier 5 tanks.
    60TP is my second and only Tier 10 tank and yes I must use HE, so I don’t spend real money on gold rounds to dmg anyone frontally.
    Remove RnG and I will start sniping for these weak points with AP.
    It looks as another monetizing change in this game.

  14. Very good change imo, all the people who complain are just mad because they can’t just rely on RNG to carry their shell and make damage for no reason

  15. idk what kind of english you’re talk but it scratch my eyers.

  16. It’s so easy to tell which players know how the game works and which don’t by whether they cry about these changes or just grin because they know that HE will be super op if used correctly now.

    All I’m saying is to go watch that clip of the Foch 155 penetrating the 50Bs front and you’ll see that derp guns for players that deserve to do well with them are actually incredibly strong and dangerous now

  17. On sandbox, with T95 the FV’s can’t even manage to dmg me with HESH. I can say which tank wins the most with this change.

  18. for me the worst part of current HE is that you don’t get any credit for blocked damage. if you are trying to get blocked damage for a mission you basic can’t get get it unless the enemies are idiots that don’t know HE exists. atleast give partial damage blocked credit when your armor significantly reduces HE damage.

  19. my early thought one it.
    HE is removed and armor is buffed + HP is nerfed
    gold ammo vs normal ammo ->as in-> higher penetration vs higher alpha, gold ammo penetration is reduced and HP stay the same

    if changed, we would have only normal ammo with 1~3 different variations of alpha/penetration parameters
    1st normal ammo with low penetration and high alpha damage
    2nd normal ammo with average penetration and average alpha damage
    3rd normal ammo with high penetration and average alpha damage … but cost much more then the other 2 variations
    And some tanks would only have 1 or 2 out of the 3

    HE is HE because it has splash damage
    but if it get predetonated if hiting a wall etc, then it would be a HEAT instead of an AP
    but what if it retain it’s splash feature inside of tanks it penetrate. then the HE would be an APHE, that would be a new type of ammo for the game

  20. While I agree that we can’t see the future, we can make educated guesses based on previous experience. To that end I direct your attention to the Type 5 heavy. It was a popular tank (since it could actually stand up to the Russian hull-down monsters), It did this by having a quite decent HE-gun and good armor. HE-damage was nerfed on this tank quite severely, nothing changed with the armor. Now you almost never see a Type 5 on the field. Conclusion? Nerfing the HE made the tank far less effective and as a result much less popular. Make of that what you want

    As for the point made regarding the “consistency” of the damage rolls. I feel I should point out that the “spread” in the “old” rolls are just under 15%, and the “spread” in the “new” rolls is 11%, so not exactly worlds apart, they mostly seem more consistent because the values themselves are so much lower. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d rather do 608 damage (lowest of the old) than 336 damage (highest of the new).

  21. So that means no more shooting the ground and doing damage to?

  22. I don’t know what to think. Changing things no one asked for. But some of the changes look great, like HE shells that can go through walls ect, while other aspects look bad, like no splash anymore, so no splashing under tanks, or onto weak roof armour, and not to mention that means hulldown monsters will be taking much less damage with no real way to deal with them any more. They could use the opportunity to separate and make each distinct HE and hesh, maybe hesh has more pen but can’t go through walls ect, but he has less pen but can go through walls. I also hope they balance HE shells better, some things now make no sense, for example kv5 and Somua both have 300 alpha guns with AP. But when using HE with those tanks the Somua does 400, to the kv5’s 360, despite the kv5 having the larger caliber of 107mm compared to Somua 100mm.

  23. this is a money gouge, people were using HE to bypass the need for a premium account and wargaming can’t have people “being slightly successful without profit”

  24. portmusic from wows??

  25. I disaggree with you Dez… No clever splash under the tank for thin belly armour, can not hide behind destuctrables from heat spammers… it is not a more complex gameplay, it is not forces players to think about what type ammo to use. It is a “dont use cheap HE, USE GOLD ALL TIME” change.

  26. This is stupid, just making tracks even more OP, making Chieftain more OP, making 279E more OP.

    Let me introduce you to the E100. You splash a HE shell into the base of the Turret you do big damage for cheap. This is a major nerf designed to increase the use of PREMIUM ammo. This is fully profit motivated and not about balancing the gameplay at all. No one complains about HE spam unless they have to get a blocking mission. WG could just remove the blocking missions from the game, or use potential damage – actual damage to work out blocked damage for HE. Instead they destroy the only thing that balances OP tanks.

  27. from what I see in the comment most people say it’s bcus of 60tps he spam ? good thing I’m not playing tier 10 cuz it’s expensive =)

  28. Andrew Schoenfeldt

    These changes look terrible

  29. I don’t like this at all. It makes the broken super heavies even more broken.

  30. Remove arty please,
    sincerely, everyone.

  31. Horrible idea to not have why splash damage. That’s not how HE really works and it also make broken super heavies way more broken.

  32. But what will change for arty?

  33. Wonderful, a buff for 279 and for chieftain, just what this game needed

  34. Well I don’t know who the fuc# shots HE against a maus, except natural derp guns. There’s a more effective aka pay to win, thing called premium ammo. You need to aim to the same point as HE but it works better. And WG doesn’t even care about that.

  35. This game has become a pay to win game. You don’t even have to use your brain with Premium Ammunition. Only pay 2 win premiums will be allowed to be effective. No armor, no skill, only premium ammo.

  36. “Forces the player to think more” is a nerf to 95% of the player base.

  37. HE focused tanks that put everything into the gun should have massive buffs to the gun stats if this update goes through. FV4005 and FV218b 183 are going to be very shit now.

  38. my sandbox server not working how do I fix it?

  39. Hey Dez! What about module/crew damages? That is another big feature of the current big HE shells, that they kicks out bunch of module and (if you are lucky only) half of the crew. It seems there are changes on this as well.

  40. So far my experience on the sandbox with HE rounds have not been really good. Heavy tanks are almost always facing one another face to face, heading. Its rare occassion to be in close quarters ( where heavies generally are found), and get the side of your opponents HT. Low damage and slow reload time is NOT a good combination IMHO. Tanks that have poor pen on shells outside of HE need to be buffed in order to compete. When im getting hit in the face for 500 plus, yet I’m only doing 150 damage, that isn’t a fair exchange, especially when the option to switch shells really isn’t there because your gun can’t/ won’t pen with the ac round or whatever is the other choice of shell use. Bad situation in those circumstances when you can’t damage the opponent effectively when the opponents frontal armor is facing your tank, and this includes lower plate. Throw in the awful accuracy most of these guns have and it equals a garbage tank that might as well just be removed from the game. This is a shame considering that were talking a type 5 heavy which we had to grind for all the way to tier 10. Light tanks unless it’s an EBR, have already been made obsolete and a waste of our time or a waste of all of the time that we spent grinding these tier 10 light tanks because the EBR out spots them and chases them down. Now they’re coming out with this which is also going to make several tanks Obsolete and useless. All of the Japanese heavy tanks, the Mauerbrecher , and the KV2, to name three off the top of my head. Not to mention the FV4005 and the FB215 TD’s. I think they need to delve deeper into these changes and overall effects that will occur because of the changes.

  41. Moving to another game. WG doesnt care about balance, every decision is about how they can milk your wallet. Who asked for this HE Bullshit? MM and “Gold” rounds are fine….

  42. Plz make a video with the Type 5 heavy with these HE changes…… I guess the tank will be garbage. Will WG pay back the money and time that i waisted for that japanese heavy if it’ll be completly useless?
    And plz make a test video in the sandbox server to see how (or how not) these HE shels will damage Chiftan and Obj. 279 (e). Now for free to play player at least you can damage them with HE. If these new HE shels go live you only will be penetrating with gold.:(

  43. This is WGing ducking the issue, if you want to take vehicles out of the game. Just take them out of the game and compensate players. Nerfing or stealth nerfing vehicles is not fair to the players who have ground the tanks

  44. And you thought HE spam was bad before….. Also… penetrating armor depending on location.. arty just got a buff.

  45. Bogateanu Andrei Silviu

    People will still load the gold more often than he…

  46. HE rounds have been shit since last nerf. Dez this sounds like the Russia bias getting bigger. E100 v IS7 armour angling E100 to try and bounce hits IS7 no angling bounce….lol people will just play tanks without HE rounds or hesh…….what effect on arty?

  47. I have some thoughts about theese overall changes too. (HE, arty, and crew 2.0) Idk how WG will try to combine theese alltogether, but i think it can be done in the right way, where every tank types get some benefits from it.

    HE rework: In my opinion, the game needs some changes about HE, because it’s quite cancerous now. When you try to play properly with your (for example) Obj. 705A, try to sidesrcape with it, and when the enemy player with high caliber gun get bored with non-pens, load HE, and slowly demolish your Hp bar with NON-PEN HE shells, and on the top of that, he can manage to damage your internal modules and crew members during the process as well. My point in this case is the fact, that you can do this with NON-PENETRATING shots. I think, we don’t need the HE shell to convert it into some kind of low penetrating HEAT shell either. (Currently if i not mistaken, they want the HE to manage to “penetrate” you even if it doesn’t capable of doing it at the very spot where the shell lands so, and doing internal damage as it is right now.)
    Imo, they need to somehow combine the two mechanics toghether. (the old one and the reworked concept) That way if your HE don’t penetrate the armor, needs to find the right place where it can manage to pen, BUT doing it with a percentage of the average HE dmg of your gun (around 20%), and must COMPLETELY uncapable of doing internal damage at the same time. This way you can do only minor, but constant damage against well defended targets with the capablility of knock out external modules only. (tracks, gun(s), view ports)
    However the concept of shooting through walls is very good idea as well. But again, if you shoot through walls, you should do only critical (external module) damage, If you CAN NOT penetrate the armor behind it.

    Crew: If WG want to convert all the crew members into one member, (commander) then they should completely get rid of crew damage mechanics. For example, in World of Warships you have only Captain on your ship that is immortal. I think at that point being able to kill the “crew” is completely nonsense, if we have just a commander on vehicle. Therefore HE, HESH, AP, APCR, HEAT shells should do internal module damage only if it penetrates. If it’s not, then it should do only minor damage, and and external module damages.

    Arty: Same thing with the HE here: if you DON’T penetrate with your damaging HE (not the stun one) you should do only minor damage AND splash damage to nearby targets with possible external module crits. It has to be the feature of artillery to capable of either damage multiple targets or stun them, but not both. If, you DO manage to penetrate the armor with HE, you should be capable of damage internal modules, and do average HE damage.
    With your STUN HE, you should have lot bigger effect radius than the damaging one, but only capable of stun targets within it. (It’s debatable wether it should damage EXTERNAL modules in the radius as well or not.)
    But if you want to do damage against single target, you should choose some kind of AP shell that can bounce, penetrate, do internal AND external module damage with “ok” average damage. (For example with BC arty around 400, Obj arta around 550, CGC around 650, and T92 around 750 average dmg.)

    AP shells shlould be your optional shell type, the HE variants needs to be your main damaging or supporting ones.

    Further limitations per battle with artillery are debatable as well with theese changes imo.

  48. how did they even flip the maus on flat ground like that???

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