New Heavy-Medium Tank Hybrid On The Supertest | World of Tanks Concept 1B Tank Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Concept 1B, Tier 9 American Special Reward Heavy Tank. World of Update 1.7.2+ Patch News. World of Tanks Team Clash Event, Team Dez!

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Today I have a little surprise episode for you, with a topic that surprised me – The Concept 1B entered onto the supertest… Vehicle which I have never heard anything about is on the supertest.
Is it going to be a reward tank? Premium tank? Mission reward? Will see… Let’s take our first look into it.

On the top of that, I am quickly going to about Team Clash event and about special boosters, when I am usually going to activate them and so on! 🙂



  1. Once again, thank you for such a surprising amount of support in the Team Clash event. You blew me AWAY! ❤?❤
    Keep it up, keep enjoying, keep crushing!

  2. Anyone else losing 70% of battles in dez team?

  3. Sadly this event is not on the NA server.

  4. I choosed your team. But this event is another big shit made by WG. Sry Dez.

  5. That tank looks awesome!!! :D:D:D:D

  6. I still dont got all the rules of the running event. When do I get the commander?

    A. If I reach personal level 10
    B. If my team reaches level 10

    Information available ingame as well as on the web seem to imply that it is B.

  7. How many battles do you need to get to level 10?

  8. Even if people don’t see this channel they gonna pick Dez’s skin, it’s honestly the coolest one

  9. It looks like the little brother of the FV215b

  10. I has a low profile and it’s quite cool looking. But it’s american, so it will be shit xD

  11. Heavy-medium hybrid? sounds like modern MBT’s….. tier 11 teasers?

    Sorry i just like tinfoil hat conspiracies.

  12. I got my DezCamo. Gotta say it is actually the best looking one.

  13. The commander and the gunner must sit in a tandem fashion within the turret, but there’s no room for anything else. Where’s the ammo supposed to be kept in that thing? Certainly not within reach of the gunner/loader. Doesn’t look like a good way for Wargamming to go, as the inclusion of invented tanks will lead to some crazy stuff coming along.

  14. Team Dez all the way!

    That tank reminds me of the Challenger 1 Falcon ( Jordanian Challenger 1 MBT). I hope they put this beauty in the game for bonds or something like that and not a crazy grind challenge.

    That rear hatch I believe is for the ammunition rack to give the crew more protection.

  15. Sorry Dez I can’t see how you will win the team battles. I keep trying but in many battles now I have only found 3-4 players better than me and I see myself as simply average. I just can’t see that many good players have joined your team. Sorry I really am.

  16. Engine deck seems also elevated, so I don’t think it has much depression in the back.

  17. I agree the tank looks kinda cool. It seems like itll have similar weakness as m103, where the turret sides are super weak and super easy to hit. Its a fair weakness, great against one target but cant handle multiple at different angles well.

  18. One tank doesn’t make a tree, so I’m gonna cal it: this is a premium. They MIGHT put it in game via tank marathon. Seems likely.

  19. So? Did Skill see your face ? ???

  20. I say I will be on your team

  21. Dez my team clash isn’t working. It says it’s unavailable due to technical difficulties

  22. EndyEnderman2/HunterKing343

    Is it just me or does it look like a mini mutated-ish Conqueror?

  23. Did there is someone from Moldova here?)

  24. I just ruined my account for the team.
    There is a saying amongst german janitors:
    Alles für den Dackel, alles für den club; Unser Leben für den Hund!!
    Love the Leader, bleed before He does! Honeur & Patrie!!

  25. Too many tanks that too few people can ever get…people complain about premiums but at least anyone can get those. These reward tanks require a good clan and a ton of time in game…dont see the outrage about these types of vehicles which give great players additional advantages.

  26. As a Skills player, I’m stoned that we already reached lvl 10 while I’m lvl 4

  27. I wished they would address the M103 and E5 before putting in other power creep tanks…

  28. Manuel Armando Contreras Flores

    This is an American tank, I am pretty sure that the turret roof will be over matchable by 122+ guns.

  29. This Tank reminds me of the FV215B very good gun and Looks Very intresting

  30. TheMightyCongueror

    The turret looks like an Americanized version of the Conqueror’s.

  31. Frontally viewed the hull looks like Progetto 65

  32. Also, do you guys think this is gonna be in Frontline 2020?

  33. They are now moving into total bollocks designs

  34. Is the contest only for EU?

  35. Fixed turret. Fancy td

  36. To get it in one day doesnt that mean they bought it..

  37. 8:13 “T H I N N” ? the opposite of “T H I C C” ? lol

  38. so they made an fv215b with a higher top speed must be running out of things to cash out on

  39. Luís Augusto Panadés

    You deserves get in this position, you deserve this legacy.
    Continue the nice and honest work.

  40. Looks like the t29 and the super conqueror had a baby.

  41. Looks like a Mutated 60-A2 Turret, I expect it will be underwhelming in the field

  42. Gaming experience in this mode is so fucking bad! I cant believe WG is forcing players to play this just to get his favorite character(which is btw awesome). I sign up for Dez and i cant play this mode anymore! When u have to play with players that dont even have tier X tanks, so much those rental WZs and Jg, FV tankers… Many never ever played tier X, and they are so clueless how to play! Is it maybe that i dont play for Skill where u seem to find most of unicums i dont know.. I just hate it, it is like that i have to force myself and waste my time in this mode to get that reward commander while having zero fun!! And all Skill fan base is so hyped super happy but they dont see bigger picture! We none skill fans are also WOT community!

  43. Hey look everyone a new Russian tank. Yay. What? It’s not a Russian tank?

  44. I hope this leads to the tier 10 XM-803

  45. 7:10 “With a standard APCR round you can expect to get through 258 mm of enemy armor”.. yeah until RNG screws you over…

  46. Hogy. Lehet bekerűlni a Super tesztre

  47. Actually, not ‘thin’ (thin is generally refers to a large surface with little depth – like fabric or American armor). The turret would be ‘narrow’ – not much wider than the breech. Face hugging with this thing will be trollish. Turn your turret slight, tho, and you’ll get slapped.

  48. With all these upcoming tier 9s i wonder if theyre going to be clan war rewards? Hope not

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