New Heavy STRV K Seems Pretty Good | World of Tanks STRV K Supertest Preview

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World of Tanks STRV K Gameplay, New Tier 9 Swedish Tank on Supertest Server. World of Tanks New Tanks, Update 1.9+ Patch News.

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Let’s welcome this weekend with some hot and fresh from the supertest. started test brand new tier 9 Swedish tank on Supertest called “STRV K”. On paper at least, it seems to be really solid.

What do you think?


  1. Have a nice day and a weekend, Beasts! 🙂
    Much Love!
    ⛔ PS! Do not forget to use code “BESAFE2020” for 14 days of premium time from WoT because of the events going on in The World at the moment! ⛔

  2. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n


  3. I’ll say this much, it is a sexy tank

  4. So, it is basically like tier 10 patton

  5. Nice battle from last stream

  6. If they add that than they need to add tanks like T-55 with a hellcat turret! That was used in Balkan!

  7. Another Scifi tank from WG?

  8. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Just another tick to pop with my arty collection XD

  9. Just finished my 3 rd mark on Emil 1

  10. make u laugh get a hybrid tank that use the British 105mm before the British premium tank get the 105mm wp wargaming wp


  12. Thanks for yet another news video. I like the looks of this one. I hope it won’t be a reward tank. Like you, I just got my Kranvagen. It is a vast improvement over the Emil (I really hated that grind). I took advantage of the “rushing down the line” event and managed to grind out around 50k experience to finally move up.

  13. dez, just letting you know, i’m smarter than you 🙂

  14. How can i Join the super Test?

  15. I need this tank in my life.

  16. Well it was a week without a new premium

  17. Wiuld be nice if we could build our own tanks from several parts (hull, tuurets, tracks, gun etc) from every tanks we’d unlocked un the game…

  18. I don’t get why they introduce it as a tier 9 heavy and not as a tier 10 medium

  19. I’m smarter than you.

  20. leopard2keiler gg

    Yo wtf is that tank

  21. Why again a new tank. Rebalancing for E100, IS4… or new maps are more important.

  22. Shut up and take my money! I have the STRV 81 and now got to have this too!

  23. Rub it in why don’t you Dez – I got to the Emil II and they changed the TotT 😀

  24. next years RANKED battle tank reward?

  25. how to download supertest

  26. Jesus of Nazareth

    Put centurion turret on emill 2 chasis lol

  27. So it’s basically a Centurion 7/1, but because of the smol Swedish boi hull, i think it will be harder to hit, i like that, but it’s a heavy tank and that’s odd, i really don’t get the point of this tank.

  28. STRV K: What am i, some kind of monster?
    59 Patton: First time?

  29. that tank is 100% bull shit

  30. A Centurion based Swedish tech tree probably could be done, whether medium or heavy. Not sure it would be very interesting or worth the effort though. But if it could be developed without too much trouble, why not.

  31. I am really sick of new tanks.

  32. isn’t the premium pen low?

  33. Anti- russian tank Bias. I will call this tank

  34. They copy the french turret. Copy the Russian hull LOL!!

  35. fantasy’s tank. So when we finally get WT back?

  36. Swedish AEGuys in the swedish tank, it’s perfect

  37. Imma guesse the stats

    Turret and gun stats the same as the cent

    And hull stats of the kranvang

    Your welcome

  38. i wonder why WG dont release Japanese premium/reward tanks to train the tech tree tank crews instead of relying of HT no. 6 that only work for 1 loader…instead they release multiple premium/reward tanks for tech tree line that already have 1-2, maybe 3 tanks for that specific line…WG really didnt get their priorities straight

  39. Luisangel Martínez

    Halloween reward?🙄

  40. hey look a new vehicle! and it’s a premium tank

  41. World of tanks is just combining tanks nowadays just like the new french medium

  42. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give autoloader WG aaaaaaaaaaaaah

  43. I love my centurions so this looks epic lets hope its not so harsh on free to play! Tech tree Tank would be epic!

  44. Hey Dez i would like to ask you to check my channel i know this is stupid but i want to upload replays daily :O

  45. Looks pretty shit ngl. Shit prem pen, 390 alpha on tier 9….

  46. For some reason, WG thinks we need more tanks in this game and forget about the rest of the issues……KEEP IT UP WG

  47. now we need a tank that has STRV 81 hull and Kranvagn turret

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