New Highest AP Alpha in The Game! | World of Tanks FV4005 Gameplay on Sandbox Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Stage II Gameplay, Ammo Rework Sandbox Server. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II, Tier 10 Tier 10 . World of Tanks Best Battles, Best Replays.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am back on the Sandbox server for 2 reasons:

1) You wanted me to keep my eyes on it and let you know what happens over there ASAP.

2) You wanted to see FV4005 Stage II in action with new buffed AP rounds with 1,440 Alpha damage and 310mm of penetration.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. ⛔ I know this tank already has the highest AP Alpha damage, but now, after buffing it’s value on the SB server, it seems to be even more MAD despite all the Hit Points buffs as well. ? ⛔
    Enjoy your weekend, Beasts!
    Make it legendary! <3

    • This is underrated comment!

    • please do 15 vs 15 with Crusader slowest gun shell !!!!

    • Well my type 5 heavy is nerfed already below belife, so in the upcoming update I would need to end it <:D

    • How to rework gold and he damage?
      First off, leave the HP as it is in higher tiers, but give some to lower tiers to make one-shots rear and let beginners have bit longer games.
      Some key factors to consider: AP rounds do kinetic damage, they do not explode. HE rounds do damage by exploding when needed energy is released upon surface contact and we need to stress the matter, that specific needed force is required. HE can lose its penetration value as planned.
      1. standard rounds (different variations of AP) – do given nominal amount of damage upon penetration. Do the same amount of damage to external modules no matter if it penetrates the hull after that or not, guess, just as it is now.
      For internal modules and crew, damage should be bit less, because some of the kinetic energy is lost upon penetrating the armor.
      2. gold rounds (different variations of AP) – have the same nominal damage as the standard rounds, but actual damage dealt is calculated taking the effective armor penetrated into account (premium tanks are not changed, game mechanics is:).
      The thinner the armor, less damage will be dealt. Closer you get to your gold round penetration value, closer you will get to your nominal damage value.
      Let say, if you hit an effective armor that is 18% thinner than is your penetration value, it will start doing 100% of the nominal damage.
      Damage dealt to the crew, internal and/or external modules will always be the nominal damage value.
      Logic behind is, that higher penetration AP rounds are even thinner darts, so, if it penetrates thin armor, it would just fly through it and the kinetic damage is smaller than upon hitting a bit thicker armor,
      but if it hits something inside the hull full full damage is dealt to the module or crew, because it did not lose its momentum upon penetrating the armor.
      I know, it always does, but the game does not have to be 100% realistic, well, we are far from that any ways, so:)
      3. he rounds – will always have bigger nominal damage value than the standard and gold rounds, let say it stays the same as it is.
      The amount of damage dealt will be dependent on finding the weaker points in the armor within the explosion radius or cone or what ever, as it is (maybe bit broken) and as is planned by fixing this formula.
      But, the higher the caliber, the thicker must be the armor where the shell hits the tank for it to explode. So, if you hit a lightly armored tank with a high caliber he round, it would not explode, because the required energy to make the explosion happen is just not there.
      If that happens only kinetic damage is done and that will be 50% lower than the nominal damage value that HE round has upon exploding.
      If you hit external module, explosion always happens, but the 50% of the explosion energy is lost to damage the module, no matter how much hp that module has and only 50% on the energy is taking into account when calculating the damage dealt to the tank after that.

      That is not calculated through mechanics, it is just and blueprint of an idea.
      I hope, it makes sense:)

      aa, forgot to mention, that all tanks should be able to carry enough rounds to be able to actually choose, what to shoot at what.


  3. Thank goodness they nerfed Japanese noob tanks…

  4. So JgPz E 100 ap buff too?

  5. probably remove HE on the sandbox to force people to use AP to gather statistics for a proper research

  6. i dont like the changes just nerf the gold ammo ez

  7. Whole ammunition changes are worse than we have now.

  8. He change , whant to have fun ? Buy kv2 r , give wg money????

  9. DON’T YOU THERE TOUCH THE HESH !!!! I’ll uninstall wot when they do the HE-changes…

  10. They nerf the easy hit HE RNG and buffed the AP round. OK fair. At least player need to learn to aim with new 183 now.

  11. what about the campaign missions? they will change them as well ?

  12. How can I play send box ???

  13. Omg wargaming plz no

  14. You are ALL Stupid. Use your brain.
    *(Like this comment so people can see this and stop panicking)*
    The Sandbox is purely for testing.
    If you guys saw eekeeboo’s stream (The person who works at Wargming)

    The purpose of doing this is to get proper information, several different information.
    The Sandbox lets WG do this. They will find a middle Ground doing these tests.
    EVERYTHING you saw so far in Sandbox will never go to live directly as it is.
    They will find a middle ground, stop having a seizure and relax.

  15. “That was an improvement, but it’s not hard to improve on garbage. Try it again.”

  16. Dez? What is wrong with you man?show us how the he is working… Not the APs

  17. The kv1 literally has more DPM than the type 5 heavy and that is with a 75% crew…. remember that the kv1 is a tier 5 heavy tank.

  18. The game will die when they nerf HE …

  19. “artilery is unfair and broken”
    soo, 1k+ pw every 23 seconds from these tanks is fair, 310 pen, +/- 1400 pw

  20. WG just leave the HE alone please. HE is fine thanks. So many other broken things or useful features that could be added.

  21. __Not_One_ Step_Back__

    why do you have wows as your bgm when you are in the garage?

  22. Dez, any idea why WGing makes you grind thru the tanks, when they don’t on the Common Test server? Just wondering…..

  23. Grinded and got type 5 ht and there nerfing and buffing and then nerfing last hit is hurting he shells……

  24. Whats that mean for arty ? AP buff, HE will be obsolete. Or are they leaving the op lower teir arty and all alone. Unless i missed the info.

  25. парень- водка

    Hej how do I enter sandbox server? I want to try the kv85

  26. What is the point WG did the same thing. I mean they let the AP work like HESH in this video.

  27. i don’t like how you make videos,because 5 menit your videos always talking
    it wasting time

  28. Strv please

  29. I could face using AP in the 183 now if they piss on HESH however all they’ve done is kept the same status quo they’ve upped HP and upped AP damage the good thing is it will make damage missions all the more easier to complete

  30. This game need new type of ammonution… or this will brake the game down. Or absolutly new mechanichs of penetration. For exaple u can have better penetration chance into previos hit hole.

  31. “This rock over here is my best friend at the moment…” 😀 😀 😀

  32. MAD shit Dez… i might buy back my Convoy now… thanks, cheers from Serbia

  33. Why isnt there more resistance against these planned ammo changes? Besides making armour even more important, playing as low tier will definately become even more frustrating. Is this what players want? More low tier frustration?

  34. Very balanced new AP 1440 Awarange DMG:)

  35. This HP changes are bullshit. Why would you change HP on every single tank when all you need to do is lower alpha on premium ammo. I really don’t understand.
    What about statistic? Average damage with each tank, rating and everything else it comes with that shit update when it hits live server?
    They don’t care about any of ours opinions. They only care about supertest retards who give them “positive feedback” even though they don’t even know how to drive a tank. Game is not dying. It is dead.

    • Far from dying even.
      They just test stuff. That’s the point of supertest. People like Dez overhype it so much that people like you think this is something which is coming next patch.

    • @Stubbari in 99.9% of the time, things they “test” on supertest end up on the live server. I do not see reason why it wouldn’t come up with next few patches.

  36. 70% of Wot community: WG plz do something about the gold ammo spam, it’s ruining the fun

    WG: meh, here are some premium tanks

    The 1% unicorns: yo WG, those obj 279e & T95/FV4201 are nice. But people keep shooting HE at us cause they can’t do anything else.

    WG: say no more fam, we will adapt the game so you are invincible unless they start spamming gold ammo as well.

    70% of WoT community: uhm, that would just make it worse. Aren’t you listening to all players? Besides, most are playing this for fun & don’t have everything unlocked so we don’t have 50mil in credits.

    The 1% unicorns: Buy premium tanks & account then.

    WG: *smoking joints rolled with €100 euro bills* See, it’s a win win.

    • If you don’t know what you are talking about then maybe don’t comment?
      The HE change is a direct nerf to every armored tank and a buff to every non armored tank.

  37. I am so glad I stopped playing this game almost a year ago. It’s gotten worse than when I left it.

  38. All this effort to buffing the standard round.. while they could have just nerfed the dpm of premium rounds.
    Say for example increasing the reload time of premium shells

  39. Hey dez they said the bond shop is coming where it is ?:)))

  40. So…they couldn’t just reduce the amount of hesh you can take? Nah let’s just increase the alpha of AP that has 310mm of pen that can still make tankers cry. Nice…fuck this game

    • They increased all tanks’ alpha and hitpoints. This changes basically nothing. Don’t comment if you have no clue what you are talking about.

  41. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Anybody miss the BL-10? HERE YOU GO!…

  42. OK, now play Valentine AT haha

  43. This HE nerf most likely mess up niche tanks like t49 and KV2 for good. Nerf prem ammo dmg instead AND enable no/less gold ammo for clan wars for more competition.

  44. I think WoT is going to be WORST in the history… And what about Obj. 279 (e) and Chieftain in hull-down?! You can’t use HE now and only spam Gold ammo. Wait, they are allmost immune to every gold ammo…

  45. If all this crap enters into the game! and i carry on playing it? i’m gonna join the Flat Earth society, because i finally must of gone fuking mad.

  46. Does anyone who plays this game like the proposed changes to HE ?

  47. 300 Alpha DMG nerf, get 310 MM pen on STANDARD rounds, lolz

  48. Maus is two shot now… gg wg, you can not balance shit.

  49. They nerft the hesh rounds and than the damage of the ap the take it bigger what a idiot’s are these guys of wargaming

  50. If the Type 5 is sad, imagine how sad the Type 4 is now. Same shit guns, and no real armor to talk about, since everybody can pen you reliably (even T8s can). For a Tier IX tank, the Type 4 is a complete joke.

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