New Insane Russian Bias in War Thunder 🇷🇺😳

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Source: TheMilitaryTok


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  1. Nobody:

    German mains thinking Pz. Kpfw. IV, Panzerkampfwagen V Panther, Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E, Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, Panzerkampfwagen VII Tiger Ausf. H performance be like:


  3. This is the most russian tank ive ever seen.. *ironic.*

  4. @deejayjellybean5974

    aww no 9/11 for flying abilitys

  5. @erwinnkromopawiro9029

    Kv 2

  6. How do u modify the tank to do this?

  7. @dahliasusilawaty-kr9hv

    Imagine big shell that can “fly”😂

  8. The Germans are taking over what do you use THIS MF

  9. Not”🇷🇺”

  10. @Securitypesonal67087

    You have forgotten one thing (wich probably only I care about) the looks 6.7

  11. Who give this tank a combination of steroids + vodka 💀💀

  12. “flying ability✈️🏢” 💀💀💀

  13. @Expunged_nutshell

    That ain’t a russian bias thats a hacked bias

  14. Stalin doceni

  15. Yes/10 is da best

  16. Ussr top secret attachments

  17. Бедный экипаж😢

  18. Как игра назв

  19. Is what I call this beauty

  20. @trevorstanhope1043

    This is what non soviet players think the soviets are like

  21. Why not tripoloski? 😡

  22. Bro, imagine seeing a KV-2 firing those missiles 💀

  23. Ratel 90 be like:

  24. German tank enjoyer is the guy who tries to lead the team to victory

  25. @losif_Vissarionovich_Stalin.

    *give more bias to soldier*

  26. Sao viên đạn to vậy 💀💀💀

  27. @Random-Fantom360

    Bro had too much vodka

  28. I might get that as a first car

  29. @stanisawkupczyk4131

    I think it s worst soviet tank

  30. @AyyanAhmad-qy8nw

    This is called KV-2 in *OHIO* LOL

  31. @TheOfficialKV-2Enjoyer

    Yes! Infinite bias!

  32. We gonna talk about the choice of emojis used in the “flying ability” section? 😰

  33. terminator BMP better

  34. Russian bias:

    I dont need steroids


  35. GuP heavy tanks be like:

  36. @kristiancebak5603

    Now we just have to find the prototype

  37. Yo how much Damagedoes this do? *y e s*

  38. @branco_xantico3218

    I dont know why but i dont think thats real 😃

  39. This is how average idiots on the internet describe the t-34

  40. It’s name is KV-2

  41. @prckovitamincic6862

    Moscow drifting not tokyo drifting*👍💀

  42. What the fuck is this?

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