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Source: QuickyBaby

Update 1.13 in World of Tanks has changed the loader skill intuition from being useless to being almost essential and here’s why!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and available as a free download.


  1. Lol

  2. Hi, hey first comment 🙂


  4. Michael Treppelin

    Isn’t it great? They’ve ruined the game even more lol!

  5. New video let’s go.

  6. Ah so sad I delete my world of tanks because my laptop is broken😞

  7. Please make a vid on how I can get my leftover premium time refunded. I’m done with the game with this new update.

  8. Everyone:This is one of the best games ever
    Me: Why does for example American tank and Chinese tank team up and fight Chinese vs Chinese and American vs American i dont get it

    • It doesn’t make sense in a war setting, does it? I prefer to imagine a kind of “war sport” theme to all of the battles in WoT. Works a bit better. Like a certain tank anime. 😉

  9. Second 0:26 tanks with really good HE rounds HAHA no tanks have good or evan medium He rounds any more du to the He “rebalancing”

  10. I have intuition on two crews, and I can confirm it was useless so far. I went for this perk when I did not know what skills to go for…

  11. this man talks more in a 14minute video than i do the whole year

  12. John Smith, But Orion is Anti-Gay and Transphobic

    Wot on mobile is great

  13. Then why my amx 13 105 needs 13 sec to reload new clip from intuition?

  14. Hi Quickybaby. Its youtube chat and we are very much welcomed with all your kindness since the day one.

  15. I hope wg add some dynamic maps where the bushes hills buildings are spawned randomly around the map 🙂 , do you think this will work?

    • I’d be pretty worried about the balancing aspects if this happens……I mean just one or two strategically placed bushes could give one side a massive advantage….

    • The question for that shouldn’t be if it would work, but if it would be fun.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa they asked if it would work not would it fun. But to answer your question, no it wouldn’t, some games you would love it because RNG gives you amazing bushes and trees, other games your ready to uninstall because the enemy has ALL the bushes and trees.

      If WG tried to stop this from happening then it wouldn’t be random and the whole point of the mechanic is lost.

    • If it was really thought out and maybe there was 10 presets of 4 sectors each could work. But again it would take alot of thought.

    • Here I am hoping WG fix some “fake” bush on a lot of the map but the dev are busy adding more premium and changes no one ask for instead of fixing thing.

  16. They are ruing the game!

  17. This is just some ploy to use more Premium ammo

    Welp, can’t pen? Just wait 2,5 seconds to fire Gold instead

    • 1.13 was “The Gold Patch.” It’s the same thing with the HE changes. Can’t pen with standard? Don’t bother staying F2P or using balanced ammo, cuz HE won’t do jackshit. Switch to broken gold ammo instead and give WG even more money!

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I have problems about the update

    1. Arty shells hit above the skybox and not the tank for some reason

    2. I play 1 battle and for some reason I can’t move or type in my tank (very rarely)

    3. When I fire my gun the shot seems to hit the ground near me (I have a replay of my LHMTV tho I’m like what the fuck ?)

    4. Try to finish off low HP tank with HE but deals no damage (he was behind the building only his tracks are visible)

    5. It lags despite having a strong internet connection ….

    6. 5-7 Light tanks in 1 battle

    7. 3 Artas

    8. Having 4-6 stock tanks in 1 battle

    9. Battle ends under 5 minutes

    10. Chieftain and Obj 279 (e) is immortal having Spalliner equip

    11. Mines still allowed tier 8 and 10 to be in

    12. Maps are still unbalance (except Redshire)

  19. thank you very much, have tested the tier 6 su 100y over and over and it is 80% of the time down 1 or 2 tier’s and never see’s tier 4, is this the same for you?

  20. This makes the new arty shell types a bit better.
    They still are shit and either deal 1k Dmg or 10 Dmg in a direct hit, but at least it’s something I guess?

  21. Retropaintball clips

    That fv4005 really needs a smaller sight mounts, purple one

  22. For some reason my 50b takes 22 secs to switch shells, even though my intuition skill is at 80% with BIA and Vents. Is there something wrong?

  23. RIP – SPG’S… RIP – WoT… RIP – War Gaming . net… Downgrade 1.13 = Death of WoT! Hello War Thunder!!!!!!!

  24. should I be concerned if I have 5 christmas crew still waiting in my barracks to be asigned to a tank when crew 2.0 comes around?

  25. Yes Foch was a good example of how effective the skill could be but something like a super conq would have been a good example too with 3 viable shells. See grille double tap 3 and laugh.

  26. Game is all about aim bots and gold ammo now. I’m done with it.

  27. Jesus Antonio Ibarra Rojas

    LOL 7 minutes xd
    Great video

  28. QB channeling Chieftain “oh god, the tank is on fire!”

  29. Retropaintball clips

    T57 hvy now went little bit more OP

  30. 5:34 QB pulled a Jingles here.

  31. this is what this perk should of been at the start. it gives the player the chance to use there game knowledge

  32. Great and informative video as always. Does it work for the Soviet Double Barrel tanks as it does on the auto loaders?

  33. Ιωάννης Τσάμπρας

    i always loved intuition on my ltg (huge HE rounds) so now its even better

  34. Loaders generally have the worst skills so this is a nice change. I’ll be trying it on most my 4 skill loaders.

  35. Hey Company Man, Get a New JOB!!!! Wot is Dying on the Vine. Your Sales Pitch dont Hold Water anymore!!!. Your Game has been turned into the World of Snipers. I For One will Never Spend any Money on this Game Ever Again. I would Suggest Everyone Else todo the Same!!! Why would Anyone spend the Money on the Crew Changes when Arty is Destroyed! Fkn WhaT A Waste . 30% of players Love Arty, They have Just lost all those Players. On the North America Servers that’s Over 10,000 Players when the Average Population on a Good day is 30,000. Can a Game Afford to Lose those players? No Game Can Unless they have over 100K in Regular Players, WoT in NA, haven’t had that many EVER!!!!. Its Sad to see a game Many of us Love, Implode like this.

  36. If I have a three round mag and fire two shots. Can I then switch ammo and get a full three round reload in less time? If so, seems like you can shorten your reload every time by switching ammo type once you’re down to one round.

  37. Welp, another patch that RIPs Armor. Can’t pen and have this skill? Wait a couple seconds and switch to gold rounds. Speed and camo once again are being reinforced as the best playing method. You can’t kill what you can’t see, unless you are a good player then bushes are shot magnets.

    If they nerf gold round damage I think that would balance gold rounds. Su-100y has a fun mechanic. Higher damage for reduced pen for its gold AP rounds.

    I appreciate they keep trying to make the game engaging and fun to play but come on bros. This game is 10 years old. Some quality of life improvements would be great.

  38. I have always used Intuition in all my loaders, after BIA and repairs (sometimes even before repairs)

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