New Inverse Autoreloader Object 590 is New Reward? | World of Tanks Object 590 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World Object 590, New Inverse AutoReloader Medium Tank. World Object 590, New Reward Tank? World of Tanks Update 1.14+ Patch News.

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– WG

Today I am going to talk about one new upcoming tank and where we can say that “Only in Mother Russia”. This is our second inverse or reverse autoreloading tank!

Let me know what you think about all that!


  1. Mother Russia knows how to do stuff in Reverse! 😀
    Anwyay, whacca think about this one? SMASH or PASS?
    Have a nice weekend everyone, much love!

    • If you’re relying on WG’s balancing team then we’re all FSCK’d.
      Looks OP – poor pen but everything else looks good. Throw on a turbo and you get. 57km/h and this tank will make it unless the hidden stats are un-soviet.
      This will be ranked reward – too good for battlepass.


  3. “perpicularities” nice xD

  4. This thing will be buffed through the roof because wg cannot have a russian tank, that is not op and is worse then other nations. it is already enouth, that the stb-1 is the best medium (atleast dpm), and is not russian.

    • idk, object 140 has pretty good dpm and so the T62A

    • @rexmexzilla Good point. And they both have good armor. But stb-1 has more gun depression. Actually, the russian meds might be stronger, because you don’t get to use most pf the dpm anyways. All of them are good tanks, but when it comes to draining hp, then the stb-1 has won. And the stb-1 might be better to use on more maps because of the depression

  5. The third ammo type should defenitely be stunning HE. Just for the “fun”.

  6. Bogdan Scripcariu

    Despite being a medium tank, 225 mm of pen at tier 9 truly stinks! But… for free to play players, it might be popular because it has a unique mechanic available only on the tier 8 premium HT.

  7. Instead of solving t5he freaking very urgent matters in this game they release premi7um and special tanks russian also.They are laffing to our faces so put more money in this game feed them properly it’s so sad>

  8. *Looks at thumbnail:
    *Laughs in IS-3A

  9. wtf is this useless tank lmao, no armor (little on tower), very bad firepower, bad gun handling wtf is good about this tank

  10. NOt enough soviet tanks, those are rookie numbers, GOTEM PUMP THOSE UP!!!

  11. Robert Dujlović

    Who could have guessed, another Object

  12. Tangled and Happiness

    Even more reasons to quit wot and not even bother to turn back.

  13. tier 8 tank rebranded as tier 9

  14. looks to be very garbage tank

  15. and here we go again WG

  16. Can you test if Progetto 65 still has the bug that when you reload full clip with intuition from basic to gold for example it reloads only one bullet from the clip

  17. They’re getting more and more desperate for quick revenue

  18. I once had a match with 6 object tanks……

  19. The more WOT news I read the less I am interestred in playing…

  20. Ralphy’s Replays

    Hey DezGamez, do a suffering video on a 152mm T49 but with 50% crew and no consumables and only HEAT shells.

  21. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Only in Soviet Russia …

  22. Mihajlo Petrovski


  23. You gotta be shitting me…

  24. The gun stats look horrid, although, if it has 0.1 turret traverse dispersion and not over 0.15 and 0.15 movement and turn dispersion, the gun stats will matter less… 1900~ base dpm with the best (first) shot and horrid penetration (slightly below average on gold too) also suggests it’s pretty bad. But the question is really, how good the mobility will be with the ground resistances, and if the armor is any good, beach their armor numbers don’t say anything at all. So far think it’s gonna be kinda meh, although I’m not playing the game after the stupid HE changes so who gives a damn.

  25. The gun need to be buffed, DPG need to be buffed (t54 or t55 hit 320 in 6 sec with 320 heat pen so they are going to destroy this tank because yeas u have an autoloader gun but 3.5 between shells makes this tank unplayable at close range ) and then the gun handling is so bad 0.43 combined with low pen makes this tank not usefull at medium/long range. BIG BIG PASS

  26. basically a worse is3a but on t9

  27. If this doesn’t get buffed no one will want it lol. Why play this over a T-54? They are going to need to buff aim time to like 2.1sec standard pen to like 235 prem to 310 reload time to like 7.5/8.5/10.5 otherwise no one will play it.

  28. I changed WoT to R6siege weeks ago. Sometimes Im thinking about playing wot again, then MM or players fuck me up and reminds me this game nerves me. No regrets. 😀

  29. Maybe from christmas boxes…

  30. Bruh I don’t play this game anymore, its all about unbalanced tanks that never existed even in the cold war era

    Now I only watch stuff like this to remind me why I don’t play it anymore, but still occasionally enjoy content 😀

  31. Yet again , something that the average player won’t be able to get …..?

  32. I predict this will be Christmas lootbox tank. Also, t62a should get inverse autoreloader to make it relevant again. At the moment obj 140 and 430 are just much superior.

  33. Looks like, as per actual stats, another IS-3A kind of tank. Not OP at all, pure brawler, Unicums will excell, others can eat kakwu…

  34. 299 premium pen…. Nobody is going to use standard rounds. This tank will be used by rich gold spammers to shoot exclusively gold, just like T-54. With pen that high they barely have to aim. The premium rounds are unbalanced and that alone breaks this tank.

  35. It looks like shit, I wouldn’t bother grinding for that, I was one of the first people on NA server to get the AE Phase one when it was a reward in frontline, grinded my ass off for it and got it the first day it was available, but at least that’s a balanced tank so it made it worth it on top of how it looked cool at the time.

    This Obj 590 looks like garbage though, to me every tank should have some really good feature about it unless its well rounded. But the armor looks bad, the gun is really bad, its not super fast. Overall I wouldn’t want the tank unless I was able to get it by just playing whenever, not worth a grind.

  36. Another russian premium tank, im not surprised anymore

  37. With this stats I can say only one thing…GARBAGE!!!

  38. This Russian Reloader sounds very much like a battle pass reward.

    I really hope they keep the HEAT with mediocre pen.


  40. Ah yeah another balanced ruski tank

  41. Michael Antonelli

    i don’t want them to be reducing crazy OP reward tanks, but this thing looks absolutely atrocious.

  42. It’s a T-54 hull with the turret off the 50TP prototype, but with the back modified to fit the mechanisms.

    Gonna be ridiculous.


    Hahahha peculiarities 🤣

  44. With the questionable gun handling…. this looks like a pass… for now.

  45. so basically a skoda?

  46. This is made so you need premium time to shoot Special Ammo, like Boris.

  47. Another click baiter,dez ,how many million times do we have to tell you to use a different cover for this rumor episodes.

  48. In its present form, this thing seems to be fairly balanced. For once, a balanced vehicle that isn’t brokenly overpowered and too good at everything. Especially since Tier 9 mediums don’t need the same penetration as Tier 10s anyway. 225mm or so is just fine for a Tier 9 medium.

  49. SO, you mean: ‘yet another soviet fantasy hull-down HEAT-shitting F*U bobject’

    Very creative indeed.

  50. I love the game, but I can’t make myself to login into it for few weeks already. The gameplay is pathetic… it turned into absolute garbage.

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