New IS-2 Screened, a Zombie Apocalypse Tank? | World of Tanks IS-2 Screened Preview

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World of Tanks IS-2 Screened (-2Э) Preview. World of Tanks IS-2 Screened, New Tier 7 Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I bring you my first new episode in this decade, in 2020… And guess what? It is about another upcoming tier 7 tank in this game from Russia, USSR.

This one is going to be a bit special tho, for the start how it looks like and how it is called, The IS-2 Screened.

What do you think about it?


  1. LOL solar panels on a tank 🙂

  2. 10:45 instantly picked up my mobile lol

  3. If u buy, you’re supporting wg to ruin HE shells

  4. Please more russian fake premium tanks.We are all need more russian bias!

  5. Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO

    I can still hit it with my arty, a screen may at best protect the crew but thats it.

  6. Why not just make a equipment called long range Arty armor that provides little,some, moderate damage reduction from incoming Arty? And give it a fixed stun reduction for each type of tank ._. but the trade off is you can’t use spall liner with it.

  7. how do tanks like the m60 cost about £40 on console and then not get a credit or xp bonus im losing about 40k a game as is expensive to run that tank

  8. ERA is coming to WoT and Tier Xl tanks

  9. It’s a skin for an is2. Wtf WG. We dont need 3 useless IS2s

  10. That is an odd way to buff the E-100

  11. E 100 could really use such a shield kit for its Turret

  12. WG: next up, IS-2 XXX with porn stars attached, one to every side, naked, as a distraction and for entertainment purposes when victory dance is called for, which with RussianNG should be most every battle

    Dez: Beautiful people ???

  13. I knew it I absolutely knew it wouldn’t take them long to bring in a heat spamming proof tank that so happens to be Russian I’ve been saying to my clan mates they’ll do it soon definitely

  14. “Super persching” *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  15. So when we get to play with the new double barrel tank line? Next year?

  16. The decade only ends after December 31st of the current year of 2020. There’s no year 0. We count years from year 1 to 10 to determine a decade and 1 to 100 to determine a century. Sorry, but no new decade for us.

  17. Is2,is2berlin,is2m,is2 screened, is2 double-barrel, is2 armageddon

  18. Heyyy dez, have you heard anything more about the Aufklärungspanzer panther as tier 8 premium scout.

    The video about the tank from around 2 years ago.

    I am still waiting for the tank to come back, I was hoping you know something more about the tank by now?

  19. All that extra armor and its still tier 7.

  20. Stay awesome Dez!

  21. Will someone, someday, come up and say “hey WG, this is a bad thing, dont make it* and hit them in the face? And why that I mean their content creators they love so much, instead of reading up it’s stats and talking about thoughts? Will anyone ever, have the balls? Because this is just a “we don’t have any more ideas but we are gonna still make it RUSSIAN, because every other nation is okay with vehicles, but Russia needs more”

  22. That was a historical vehicle from the battle of Berlin.

  23. “Look, we wont fix premium rounds or broke russian tanks but

    We will add two premium IS-2s”

  24. WG stop with the shit new tanks and give us what we want more map an better match maker .ps take some map from the console or just give us the console world of tank on pc that be better.

  25. A premium heavy tank that isn’t tier 8? woah

  26. And how the fuck the driver can see with that armor plate???


  28. Among all these IS-2 variants going around i think the is-2m is the best among them. Even though i personally don’t have it i truly think it os because of the extras that it gets even as a premium

  29. yes,another tier7 useless shit,just like we don`t have enough…like IS,IS-2(China),IS-2(russian premium),IS-2M and KV-122,all of them are almost the same shit…c`mon bro..they should work on something new to the game instead of giving us shits premiums,they should bring the “Test Drive” to the game,like testing any vehicle on a map,so players can chose the tech tree they want.That`d be something new and awesome introduced into the game

  30. Team devellopement go work hard in 2020 stop asshole tank…
    We need real tank on the game or new nation tank. Wargaming please made real tank…..

  31. It looks like a real Friday job. Slow handclap for whoever put their name go it.

  32. warthunder UseR 2689

    At least it can block FV304’s HE spam!

  33. Oh thank God! I was getting worried since we haven’t seen a new IS-2 premium tank!

  34. Доржоо Баяраа

    Didnt buff is 4 and e100 but buffing prem tank to get new prem tank

  35. Most of the community has wanted premium ammo and arty reworked for the last 5 or more years and all WG do is make more damn premium tanks.

  36. And another tank that’s exactly the same as the production line but with some chain link panels on it, useless really,
    It’s the start for the end with war gaming re-skins of tanks that are already in the game but with a premium price tag of what i think is going to be about 40€ or whatever currency your country is in,
    So if WG doesn’t find some country with original tanks then there just going to have a decline in its player base, unless they do modern day tanks
    Tier XI, Maybe XII but that’s just WG there’s plenty of tanks in the cold war, heck i think there might be tier XIII and XIV because of how many designs the Russians had same with every major tank developing countries,
    Look this comment is too long and im just rambling at this point but you have to slightly agree here when i say: there missing out here on a good opportunity here,
    Peace out.

  37. Give it 250 alpha or something jeez… there’s already too many IS clones

  38. For historical accuracy they should look more like German bed springs

  39. this is just WG seeing if people would spend money on a tank that is already 2-3 of them in the game but just has screen to protect you from arty. Don’t buy this

  40. So, no IS-2-II?

  41. You got in a atier V game in a IS 2? man every time I played it I got into tier 9 games…

  42. WG: we need a new premium tank for the new year
    Also WG: We don’t have any tanks to add atm
    Serb: Idiots. Just add some spaced armour on the premium IS-2 and call it the IS-2 Screened.

  43. Премиум?

  44. We need more panther premiums

  45. The most radicular stupid thing that I have seen since that bulldozer bucket tank. I don’t know how they can come up with this garbage after they talked about getting HE ammo, this tank might be for suckers an April’s fools joke

  46. Bard Kuźnia Dram

    Copy and paste tank with awful looking solar panels. 🙁

  47. So next tier 8 premium is the IS-3 Screened…

  48. Gosh who wrote the marketing material for WG? They are just badly written…. contradicted themselves on “dynamic” in one paragraph…

  49. Why do you compare to is and not is2? Is2 is as good as is, just a little different, but in the statistics it makes a difference in this comparison. Is2 shielded has more power to weight AND thicker armor

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