New IS-4 Better Than IS-7? | World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay

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IS-4 (-4) Buffs / Rework / Rebalance. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. Map Pearl and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020. World of Tanks Buffed IS-4 Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Test Review.

Update 1.10 Patch Notes:

IS-4 is definitely a special tank in World of Tanks, started off as a tier 9 tank leading into IS-7 to receiving its own tech tree leading into it. IS-4 has been fallen deeper and deeper, away from the META, but with update 1.10 WG decided to buff it, boost the stats on IS-4, hoping it will become a lot better. Let’s take a look how good or bad of a job they did!

What do you think?


  1. 6:54 “This vehicle is not meant to be played as a sniper anyway.”
    13:22 *out snipes Grille 15*
    because russia…

  2. i have absolutely no clue why the D25T 122mm gun is being swapped for a marginally improved version… the new version is still completely useless and you dont have to grind for the IS4s top gun in order to get it cos the ST-I already unlocks the top gun for IS4… only purpose i see for ppl to use the stock IS4 D25T is for….. well actually i dont see a prupose… ITS POINTLESS

    • Well the real is-4 only used that gun irl, it’s just for the historical sake

    • @Luke Skywalker the historical accuracy meme died years ago, the stock gun serves no purpose and its just pointless. The tier 7 Setter light tank is just a pre-production scorpion cvrt and scimitar cvrt, the scorpion had a 90mm cockerill for export and the scimitar had the 30mm rarden, but neither of those guns are available for the Setter… meanwhile the IS4 gets the M62 122mm which it never received. The 30mm rarden could be great fun for a tier 7 light tank and still competitive when balanced right, yet giving a tank like the IS4 a completely useless gun that you wont ever need to use to grind with just makes it totally irrelevant, regardless of the moronic historical accuracy argument

    • Almost every tank in the game has the historical gun, doesn’t mean it’s a usefull gun, like the arl v39, It has one of the worst guns in the game for stock, Ferdinand with the 8,8cm…
      Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you should use It, it’s there just to force you to buy the other gun, so you have to buy the tank and waste more 300k Just to play with that, it’s a pointless gun for the gameplay, but they had to buff It because they buffed It in the kv-4 and st-I.
      Almost every tank, at least the older ones have the historical configuration.
      Arl v39 has the historical gun as stock, you don’t need to grind using that gun but It’s there, it’s how wg used to be.

  3. panther 8.8 buff ffs

  4. Patrick Høstgaard

    FINALLY 😀 😀 My first T10 hvy!

  5. Whilst i enjoy your builds and i do appreciate the level play field of the test server, unfortunately, the sheer amount of unbelievable animals that pollutes that server makes it a painful experience to try anything out there. It feels like these “people” are banging their head against their desk repeatedly for the full 30 seconds warm up.

  6. Are there any plans for tier 11, If so has there been any time table mentioned ?

  7. the tank needs to keep the .36 and have more than 35 rounds. i ran out of ammo 3/8 times doing 4.2k average damage on the test server

  8. The reason the IS-4 has that stock gun is because it historically had that gun

  9. John Magne Stubsveen

    The Turbocharger is the best thing that could happen to the IS-4 since that tank is so underpowered it’s ridiculous. Totally gave up on it after that one game where I got pushed off the side of a cliff and into the water on the Cliff map by a light tank.

  10. I still think is 7 still a more reliable tank. The needed to give more dpm to actually be worth the tradeoff.

  11. wow yes wg, make it op af. Thats what we need. More tanks that you cant pen with regular ap/ammo on most tier 9. Such a good balancing. Make that heat spam worse.

  12. yes!!!!!
    bout time!!!!
    Tank you!!!

  13. this new equipment mechanic is going to be utter bullshit when it goes live. it may be the final straw for me. time to switch over to war thunder.

  14. It hurts me to say it. But IS-4 is still not worth your credits and time. I tested it. Gun is not much better… Armor is still bad. U sidescrape, every one pens your front hull check. U keep forward every one pens u’re upper and lower plate. It’s just bad.

  15. I’ve just bought IS7… bad timing I guess

  16. If they just didnt make so much op tanks they could just leave is4 e5 and e100 where they were, not power creeped, but now all tier x tanks are becoming stronger and the issue is that tier 8 have to face them bcuz of the pathetic matchmaking.

  17. Still mad about the prog nerf

  18. Nice camo

  19. somebody chose to play with a barrel that you wont even use at tier 10 b/c you unlock it at tier 9. idiots

  20. I’m more looking forward to the E100.

  21. Russian bias
    Great…more armor meta to “encourage” players to fire more gold…

  22. In World Of Tanks Blitz we got the same kind of buff 8 months ago and at the beginning it was meh … but we realized quickly that the buff made it op, so I’m sorry for all of you, dear pc players

  23. I’d still feel more comfortable driving the IS7, its just an all rounder. IS4 is somewhat better now but frontal hull still gets obliterated by heat.

    • IS4 armor isn’t the front, its the fact you have 160mm of side armor. You can over angle the hell out of it and bait most of the gold to bounce it

  24. It was good, but now it is better! 😀 Finally my most favourite tank that fits my playstyle.

  25. The accuracy nerf makes sense. We don’t want more blurring of the lines between heavy tanks and medium tanks!

  26. D-25T is the historically accurate gun for IS-4 this might be why it was the stock gun for IS-4

  27. The stock gun exists because that was the IS-4’s historical gun, what it actually had. Why was that even a question lmao

  28. IS-4 now not only it will be beautiful but also good, a tank to research and enjoy.

  29. I couldn’t find the menu to change your modules (gun, tracks, turret .etc.). Was it removed ? Currently, I have to go to tech tree each time I want to mount a different module

  30. Still IS-7 is suitable in my play style ❤️

  31. accuracy nerf is a BIG fuckup on is4, chieftain is not meant to play as sniper either yet it is accurate and his apcr will go trough angled is4 like butter. while is4 will not be able to hit shit on hulldown chieftain…

  32. Barnabás Várvölgyi

    Is-4 is the best heavy in the mobile version of the game. It is at the adge of being op. But in the pc version… i still think it’s meh.. 🤷‍♂️ maybe its just me

  33. IS4 getting buffs…

    AMX CDC – cries in the corner-I am a joke to you?

  34. bjorn van der hoop

    Dudeeee Dez I already freaking told you ahaha when we played Arma you where laughing at me when I said I was grinding is4 with my st-1. Now it’s finally redeemed ahahah. Greeting your friend dutch

  35. Well, looks like it will be better than is7

  36. I’m grinding this line currently, just bought ST-I. Guess who will be the commander? Hint: He also uses his own camo on the tank!


    I mean the almost any tanks weakness which doesn’t have Composite is HEATFS


    wait the IS-4 can’t pen 235mm of armor with any of it’s rounds IRL

    only a max of 239mm flat whenever someone doesn’t angle


    wait what in the chad living fuck am i seeing here?!?

    IS-4 WITH cHEAT?

  40. I found the best aim time in the game EBR 105 its 0.91 with equipment 1.0

  41. Christopher Labedzski

    Nice buffs to the is4,,, however even with these buff it’s still not a good tank, as still the game meta revolves around armour with big damage guns,,, therfore my is4 will still stay in my garage, until the meta changes

  42. Very nice 👍

  43. They are overbuffing the IS4. It will be a hull down snapping monster.

  44. Do the T110E5

  45. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    New Consumables menu in choose 1 kicked out => in choose again,,, Kicked OUT ==> In ammo choice ,,, kicked out…. A day ago this was 3 clicks ! ! !

  46. So when are you going to do a video about how the new equipment breaks the game even more?
    Oh, what?
    Thought so.
    Who would bite their feeding hand right…

  47. It didn’t need a nerf on dispersion.

  48. Maybe it is better, but dont forget, the IS7 have +50% mother russia, it always wins🤣

  49. on asia server the update is alredy 1.10…and without the heat spam of the test server the E100 is almost broken, it seems almost soviet

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