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A whole new Tech Tree of Italian Tank Destroyers are coming to World of Tanks featuring AUTOLOADERS: here's all we know!



  1. First

  2. Tachibana Hanbei


  3. Hii please notice meee

  4. So do they launch a t8 premium for every branch of tech tree? Also I love the content. Pls heart this.

  5. Imagine if wg releases italian tds in summer and for cz tds for winter

  6. mmmmmmm
    what is war gaming up to making a prem Check td now the Italy tds

  7. SmedleyDouwright

    All “paper” tanks?

  8. I dont think they will work as WG expect them to work

  9. Michael Michael

    QB – Still a lousy tank. Terrible penetration. What does it matter, if you cannot pen. Awful tank, simply awful tank.

  10. soo many tds are being made, also as an Italian I’m offended that they didn’t add in the Semovente 90/53

  11. elpiero_007_ liberty

    finally new italian tanks

  12. I agree with the addition of blueprint tanks as long as they relate to real physics. Unfortunately, this boundery has already been penetrated in several instances, like clown car dynamics, obj268v4 speed, HE shells flying through objects etc.

  13. I want the Testground-Map.

  14. so another permium autoloading TD that makes the AMX AC 48 obsolete…. gg. and this also brings me back to the japanese TD’s what about the Ho-Ri? and some Cz TD’s that are kinda like the TVP-100?

  15. I like the idea of these tanks, they gain high dpm but due to the nature of auto loaders have a period of downtime

  16. HyperionGamer100

    I’m still waiting for the damn Japanese TDs

  17. Émile Beaumont

    Personally I decided to stop playing WOT until they add a Canadian Tech tree

  18. the tier 8 looks a little bit like an Excalibur

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