NEW Japanese Anti Air Tank – War Thunder 1.65

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Japan does have tanks?

  2. I know it is all Jap, but anyone else thinking Panzer I merged with a
    german 4x20mm turret (obviously with 2x20mm)?

  3. Japan had tanks lelelelelelelel

  4. Ha-To anyone? xD

  5. glorious japanese 0,3 mm steel

  6. I want to see dat type 5 chi ri

  7. как же ты громко орешь вначале чувак, тебе бы это слышать, кровь из ушей
    каждое видео

  8. 3:48 that was really stupid and yet i still chuckled

  9. Reminds me of the flakpanzer 1

  10. haven’t seen/heard about SPG aka tank destroyers…

  11. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    they mounted 25mm guns on their trucks, as SPAAA, and after the war the
    early JSDF had some M16 gun carriages, and M42 Duster, those can be in the
    Japanese SPAA branch
    the only thing we have to think of them needing next are tank destroyers,
    which would really include like the three variations of the Ho-Ni and the
    Type 60 in later tiers

  12. Whenever I hear about ‘self destructing HE shells’ I always have the silent
    hope that that means something along the lines of actual flak… like near
    misses explode in mid air, showering the pilot compartment and engine with
    high speed flak…

  13. Its called a tank because for japan thats practically a super tank

  14. Same armour as a Toyota corolla

  15. anybody excited for bomber cockpits?

  16. I really hope to see the Type 87 (basically a Geopard but for Japan)

  17. 2:50 most of the jap tanks were ligth and fast
    so iimagine like he “said” in the minute 2:50 japs will have slow tanks
    that means that we will have O-I. O NI. TYPE 4-5….. ( is just a

  18. How much will this update weigh?

  19. The_Legend_1337 37

    I think that the Japanese desperately need heavy tanks to say the least
    that’s all I’m gonna say btw thanks baron u inspired me to create my own
    channel and start filming YouTube videos on warthunder if u wanna sub me
    plz do thanks!

  20. Professor Anticlimactic

    I don’t know why but when I saw this, I instantly thought, “SHOOT TEH ROUND

  21. I find Imperial Japan’s technology and it’s evolution more interesting than
    Germany and Soviet to be honest, Hope for more.

  22. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Now we need more tropical tank maps.

  23. Baron Do You have rainbow six sige

  24. It’s so rusty looking… guess the Japanese have never heard of making
    their tanks look nice

  25. The Mighty GamerFTW

    i hope we see the O-I exp and the O-I

  26. Japanese tanks are going to be interesting

  27. Some of the best AA guns in WW2? Need citations for this…

  28. baron the reason these tanks had armour was actually to protect it from
    bomb shrapnel which would easily be stopped by a simple 10mm plate, these
    vehicles were not designed to be in any kind of gun fight. the armour was
    basically there for that only purpose because engineers at the time thought
    it would be easy for the vehicle to shoot down ground attack aircraft
    before they ever managed to get a chance to shoot at them. in reality any
    weapon loading ap bullets was going to pen this vehicle and this thing was
    designed to move with tank columns so odds are anything this thing runs
    into would have more than enough fire power to pen and destroy this vehicle
    so it would really just seem illogical to put any other type of armour on
    an AA except shrapnel protection since its armour is just not expected to
    hold up to anything the tank column may meet.

  29. If only we could use SLs to use those research points instead of GEs. If

  30. Warfare online, Baron!

  31. Superwholock Brony (ЗА РОДИНУ!)

    Would Japan get ATGMs? I haven’t heard of a Japanese ATGM

  32. That brown color scheme is gonna be a bitch to spot on certain maps.

  33. The O-I Super heavy has me excited.


  35. Baron you know they adding bomber cockpits right?

  36. i think its gonna be 2.0 br

  37. im seeing jap tanks as being great for rushing and flanking but like the
    american m18, they’re all going to be meat for aircraft, maybe, just maybe
    this thing will give them enough cover to survive

  38. type 60 sp td twin 106mm recoiless rifles

  39. Flakpanzer 1 on steroids.

  40. SPAAG So-Ki, hmm “So Cute” 😀 *runs away

  41. I don’t know that the Japanese 25mm AA gun could be called particularly
    good, much less one of the best light AA guns of the war.

  42. Baron this is the first time I have heard ANYONE and I mean ANYONE! make a
    joke about how most aircraft or anti aircraft of high tier have 4 20 mm
    cannons . Bravo baron bravo

  43. War thunder is dropping updates out the ass right now

  44. I think that the Type 93 Armored Car should be implemented I’m the SPAA
    line even though it isn’t an SPAA. Or maybe a BR 1.0-3 premium.

  45. i have a feeling that Japanese tanks are going to have a lot of prototype

  46. Almost all the Japanese tanks have this ugly steampunk look that’s somehow
    really beautiful… I definitely will play them.

  47. in men of war you shod do ww1 tanks againest ww2 tanks

  48. If I’m completely honest, I think War Thunder boats will unfortunately fall
    flat. It’s following the same trend that World of Warplanes did. Only in
    this case it’s the other way around, with War Thunder trying to make
    something a bit like World of Warships and dropping the ball, as opposed to
    World of Warplanes trying to make something like War Thunder and dropping
    the ball. Similarities to World of Warships are there, but not the ones
    that matter. Trying to keep the guns on target in WT boats is a ridiculous
    fiasco, your viewpoint of the boat is way too zoomed in and can’t be
    adjusted, and honestly – while I’m not a huge fan of using HP instead of
    honest to god damage modules – just trying to kill a single boat is like
    trying to use APCR to kill a T-35 that has no ammo to rack. 80% of the
    shots you take will hit nothing but hull armor and empty space. It’s a mess.

    Now, I can’t know if it will change drastically or not. This is a very new
    thing. However, from my understanding, and through updates I’ve seen
    throughout the process, War Thunder tank mechanics haven’t change much
    since they came out. There have been a few adjustments here and there, but
    nothing major. War Thunder boats will need a major overhaul if it wants to
    have a shot at success.

  49. It would be so much better if vehicles werent grouped into countries but
    into sides(Axis and Allies!!!)

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