New Japanese Destroyer Tech Tree Preview | World of Tanks, The Ho-Ri 3, 1, 2

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks First Japanese Tank Destroyer Tech Tree Preview. World of Tanks Japanese Tank Destroyers – Tier 10 Ho-Ri 3, Tier 9 Ho-Ri 1, Tier 8 Ho-Ri 2 and Premium Tank Destroyer Type 5 Ka-Ri. World of Tanks Supertest News, Update 1.20+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Ho-Ri 2
04:29 Ho-Ri 1
07:46 Ho-Ri 3
13:47 Premium Type 5 Ka-Ri
16:00 Conclusion

Today I am going to show you everything we know about upcoming brand new Japanese tank destroyers. I have details about tier 8, 9 and 10 tech tree tanks, plus let’s see how the tier 8 premium version looks like!

What do you think?


  1. So far we have information about 4 tanks, no info about where it branches off from and if there are more lower tier tanks coming or not.
    But what do you think about it? Looking forward to it?

  2. Seeing the ho ri 1 gun after playing WOT Blitz
    “Look how they massacred my boy”

  3. Looks more like Ho-rrible. If these tanks aren’t buffed anymore it will be mediocre at best, there are lines which offer more than these already in the game like obj 268 line…

  4. game is totally dying, i came back after 2 years and was horrified with the powercreep

  5. APHE moment
    More like APCHE (armor-piercing cappd high explosive)
    First one is likely solid shot (or simply ballistic-capped AP)

  6. no interest in invented tanks – nope

  7. Leave it to WG to once again mix up the numbering of tanks for a tech tree.
    1 (Tier IX) obviously goes after 2 (Tier VIII) and 3 (Tier X) comes after 1 (Tier IX), yeah, totally…
    It’s worse when you realize someone consciously approved of this. Might need a mental checkup.

  8. I’m not going to be happy if I did all that grinding in the Chi-To only to find out they’re not going to start with Tier 7 like they implied they would when they announced this line.

  9. I wonder when we are going to get all the Ho-ri-shit jokes.

  10. Finally they are bringing the Ho-Ri. Amazing tank in War Thunder

  11. Don’t really matter. Based on someone i know that use to work there they use software to control game though rng. I know lot of people have seen this in action.

  12. Yes and you can pen maus Frontal hull easily with premium AP

  13. Gonna be Ho-ri-ble or Ho-ri-ffic? But the premium one is how premium should be

  14. Side-armor though. HE auto-penned all day for sure.

  15. Looks like another japanese tank line that no one will play

  16. The problem with the type 5 was the flat armour so it will be the same with these, premium loaded a soon as people see them

    • Except that u dont exactly need premium round except for the tier 10. I have take a look at the armor layout for the Ka-Ri, and if the same also apppy to the tech tree tanks then u really dont want to show even a bit of ur side.
      Not to mention they will most likely be very big and tall, so easy target for arty

  17. Check World Of Tanks Blitz for the Japanese TDs, I’m not saying they’ll be exact, but it’s a great hint of what they’ll be

  18. at 1:48 I apparently wasn’t the only one surprised by the JPZE100 creeping up beside our type 5 hero. That 60tp was one shot! As if that 1k shot wasn’t bad enough that fire just sweetened the deal. lol

  19. I was in a battle a while ago where there was a Japanese td on the enemy team. It was the premium one.

  20. Scott Sluggos Rule!

    Running booster add with your stream is sad

  21. Funny how different they made the Jp td’s in Oc compared to Blitz

  22. Just like to say that I got an ad on this video for world of tanks rigging
    If you get that ad, please report it

  23. So the first two can be overmatched by 152mm upwards, and the final tank can be overmatched by 105mm upwards LOL These are NOT sidescraping assault tanks, so mainly midrange support.

    I just hope those shoulders in Hori 2 and 1 are as sturdy as the frontal armor, otherwise they’ll be treated like Tiger(P) or Ferdy trash armor.

    • If the enemy already got the angle to shoot at those shoulders, they can just aim at the side of ur superstructure anyway so its doesnt matter how thick it is.

  24. once again, the tech tree 8 is ass. the tier 9 and 10 don’t look bad tho

  25. Ho-ri Type 1 is a tier X in WoTB
    And Ho-ri Type 3 is the tier 9

    Ho-ri: 316 ap(standard) pen, 410 ap(premium) pen (even more so because of shell normalization)

    Idk why wotpc does this but they did the same with the Yoh

    In WoTB the M-VI-YoH is the tier X while the M-V-YoH is the tier IX

    In WoTPC the M-V-Yoh it the tier X while the M-IV-YoH is the tier IX

    I dont get it

  26. The FV has better AP pen, it’s AP pen is 310 which is still shit lol

  27. With that side armor these tanks gonna be the joke of the game!

  28. 50 side armor (at most) means it can overmatched by any 151+ calibre gun => side scrapping is off the table, not a so good brawler 🙄 Oh! And I already saw the tier 8 premium in a random game, it shaved almost all my hp in Achilles 🤣🤣 The premium looks like Jg Tg 8.8 visually 🙄

  29. First 60tp got outdated by bz, and now jadgepanza e100 too…

  30. Yeah japanese tank destroyers


  32. Blitz players: hehee we have this line for a year now :)))

    P.S. Lol your tier X Ho-ri is our tier IX… (same for the YoH line… your T10 is our T9 and your T9 is our T10 and we have a 2 shoot 1.7 secs autoloader gun with 450alpha) in blitz 450 si like 520 alpha in PC

  33. The STB-1 in the second replay was playing Farming Simulator, not WoT

  34. The Japanese TDs in terms of their Models are funnily switched from PC

    In Blitz

    The Ho-Ri II uses the same Model but it’s named the Ho-Ri Type 1 (the Model is Proposal II)

    Ho-Ri II is based on a Non Existent 3rd Proposal but is used on the Ho-Ri III which never existed

    Ho-Ri III is using the Ho-Ri Proposal I Model from Blitz with the Long Gun of the Mk III

  35. Dumped all my free xp on the Lion, Now I have to grind and play the tree?
    what a strange concept….

  36. Thanks for the video Dez. Its always cool that WG brings in new tech tree tanks but wish they would bring in new ways of leveling out the massive gap in player skill and unbalance in the MM. Especially on NA server seeing that its the smallest server. The gap between the try hard’s and weekend warriors are so big that the game has become impossible to play and have fun so why play it at all. But WG doesn’t specialize in doing what the player base wants there focus is making money out of us.


    Well the pen in wotblizt it has more and i would say its super crazy,the thing is the tier 10 and 9 was accually different tier in blizt.

  38. Lets Goo from wot blitz to wot PC 😆👍🏻👍🏻☺️

  39. KARI translate in Albanian language

  40. More and more hull down tanks in game. At some point game will become battle of immovable and impenetratable bunkers. No need to learn map, use keyboard. Just point and click on other bunker.

  41. what a joke just like the chinese hvys and yo tanks your just there 2 feed chief and 279e if got 115k games use 2 love it there litreally nothing in tek tree guys that can compete minotaro was a chance 2 slow gun shit is the chief slow is the gun shit u tell me i always remember thinking the rino would be a match 4 chief finally but guess what shit this game only feeds the 5 percenters fuk the rest and being russian u shore the not helping there war effort in ukraine remember russian are croupt as fuk i still play but who cares any more theres littreally no balance ha 1 last thing nef 2 progetto did the lion get a nerf i was at work at time how fair is this shit wg is just there 4 your MONEY open your eyes community close your walllets it so fun 2 play without prem time 4 last month (not) good luck tanker

  42. Might as well, while WOT shills for info stealing, china Tic Toc….

  43. That Ho Ri looks like tier 8 french arty lol 🤣

  44. The tier 10 îs Whore

  45. Will you show gameplay of these tanks from Blitz like you did with the M-V-Y tech tree?

  46. If is not 1shot 1kill it suck !

  47. Poor TD again waste of line to go down – but as collection must have poor play so never playing them like heavy line

  48. We dont need more and more High Demage Guns

  49. I will look forward to the nerf as soon as I grind tier 10…

  50. Record AP penetration? The FV-s have 310 AP pen, so not really a record.

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