NEW JET BOOSTER Heavy Tech Tree is Here | World of Tanks Patch 1.19.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

1.19.1 Test Server – Jet Booster Heavy Tree – Tier 10 BZ-75, Tier 9 BZ-68, BZ-166, Tier 7 BZ-58. World of Tanks Jet Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree Preview.

00:00 Introduction
01:05 BZ-58
05:25 BZ-166
09:17 BZ-68
15:45 BZ-75
25:00 Conclusion

Today, Update 1.19.1 test server went live and the waited Chinesejet booster heavy tank tech tree line is here! Stay tuned for the gameplay!

What do you think?


  1. So, these things are coming in update 1.19.1… What do you think?
    Definitely stay tuned for some gameplay as well with every single tank!
    Here are the chapters for the tanks:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:05 BZ-58
    05:25 BZ-166
    09:17 BZ-68
    15:45 BZ-75
    25:00 Conclusion

  2. k, one more month to wait , new track will upline before Jan 21st.

  3. I’m legitimately interested in this new line as they seem to introduce a new way of enjoying heavy tanks unlike any of the past tech tree updates like the awful and OP italian TD line

  4. I am SO GLAD they scrapped the derps entirely from the tech tree versions. This looks much more fun to play as and against, a chinese spin on the polish tanks in terms of alpha but only mediocre pen and gun handling on paper

  5. Why the premium tier 8 BZ-176 have 900 damage tho it should be balance to 600 max. Even the tier 10 does’t have that much damage.

  6. imagine if bz-176 got a normal gun. id love not being hit for 800 by a tank that has one of the best amour layouts at t8 that can arrive in position as fast as many mediums

  7. I like how these days they release a t8 prem for a tree that is better than the tx of that tree.

  8. Seeing T10 Leclerc from French, Abrams from the USA and Leopard 2A5 joinrd the chat..
    Im not against, they are super cool, but a T11 is definitely needed for these mbts..

  9. I wonder if many rounds will bounce of the tier 10s turret into the hull.

  10. in close combat AT and super heavies have little chance of beating them. Go turbo=gg

  11. This tank will be in clan wars, being alternative to the old type 5, or balancing the 279s

  12. Can’t wait to stop playing this shitty game. The BZ line will be the last nail in the coffin.

  13. I can’t beleive we soon meet a full tech tree of those OP horrors. The premium is a real pain and game braker.

  14. thank the Lord, none of these have the retarded derp guns & don’t look too op statwise.. looks like wg still have some respect for the game..

  15. I hate all these new tanks!!!!!! Toxic AF cancer bs

  16. These are some hot tanks

  17. The tier X BZ-75 with the 180 mm big gun is a future black market item. Remember

  18. Lol tier VIII premium tank has bigger alpha than tier X

  19. Nice of WG to name a tank line after the game rigging booster companies employed in ruining the game… many games have these people ruined. Were they part of the lobby group getting arty nerfed so they could farm each other easier. NEVER MIND NEW TANKS STOP THE BOOSTING COMPANIES AND CHEATERS WG……..

  20. WG have basically admitted that the derp gun is broken… No surprise that the tech tree won’t have them… Games at the moment are even more of a shit show. Ps… Good time to play tier 9 lights as the noobs running around in the char mele truly are a negative to their team… Average life of a mele dri er 1minute…and that’s being generous.

  21. Edvardas Malašauskas

    Shame they removed those derp guns. I mean game are broken for decades so don’t see a point to sacrifice possibility to derp people with tier x heavy tank and have fun.

  22. So Tier 8 BZ is basically BZ 176 with big cupola worse view range and same in most other aspects

  23. Well I kind of dont want to play the tech tree line anymore. I expected some fun usable derp guns…

  24. Very happy they removed the durpguns, ruin the game.!!!!!!

  25. Looks like BZ-58 will replace old T29

  26. Looks like the most bullshit line they’ve released since the EBR

  27. Time to find another game to play. Definitely not spending another penny on this pay to win rubbish. Literally every premium tank is now a useless garage holder and all other tech trees are a waste of time and effort. Pathetic money grab.

  28. Kind of wish WG would do 3 game modes, old tanks, modern and futuristic – like really futuristic tanks. The mix of old and modern is starting to make playing old tanks not much fun against modern tanks with jets.

  29. Garbage Game from payed Streamers…Money is everything he Dez

  30. Take the VII tier, and compare it to tanks like Tiger, Tiger P, Black Prince, or KV-3. It really should be at least 1 tier higher, its absolutely incomparable.

  31. I haven’t watched yet but based on the BZ-176 I’ll say this is going to be a shit show, we don’t need or want these tanks in the game

  32. Dunno, its time to talk about tier 11 and tier 12………

  33. Ok, so now my ancient E-100 faces 20 years old MBTs… Perfect…
    I should add some joke about Wargaming and their anal alpinism into Chinese commie rectum, but I think that everyone already got that…

  34. nahh bro nobody is going to play with them without der guns right guys???

  35. Glad I switched to warthunder

  36. Watched the tier 8 so far and yep absolute shitshow…..300 turret armour at tier fuckin 8! ……WG are having a laugh

  37. I’m glad they’ve removed the deep guns, the 176 is OP enough…..but I still think these look a bit broken as well….time will tell

  38. honestly the branch is interesting. already only BZ 176 with that toxic HE that hurts you. I hope the branch itself would be reasonable. but hey we’ll see

  39. When do we get hover tanks from Command & Conquer lol!

  40. Sadly only 4 men crew at T10. I was thinking to put my Halloween crew into this tank

  41. This game keeps getting more and more ridiculous…

  42. Is this sandbox or public test?

  43. I mean when these vehicles enter the live server the other chinese heavies will instantly become obsolete. Even at this time not many people play them and you wouldn’t want to play a WZ when you can play a BZ…

  44. Hey Dez can you make a video testing the BZ ramming ability? Maybe compare it to traditional rammers like E50 or KV5

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