New JET BOOSTER Tanks with 1,100 ALPHA Coming, BZ-176 | World of Tanks Update 1.19+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks BZ-176, New Heavy Tank with Jet Booster. World of Tanks New Chinese Jet Booster heavy tank branch, with Tier 10 BZ-75. World of Tanks Update 1.19+ Patch News.

Today I can show you something I had idea they are even thinking about… BZ-176 and new Chinese tech tree coming into the game with a new Jet Booster feature, in the new Chinese heavy tank branch:
Tier VII: BZ-58
: BZ-166
TIer IX: BZ-68
Tier X: BZ-75

What do you think?


  1. What drugs are wg on? At this point just start adding modern tanks… Stop with these fantasy tanks

  2. This is becoming more and more just a bad joke. It is called NITRO in racing games. I always thought this is a tank game.

  3. they just couldnt wait for april 1

  4. Wot 2030 tier 10 everyone has jet boost chieftain with 400 gold pen and 6000dpm auto reloaded…

  5. All is left is to turn boosters 90 degrees, down in the ground, and we have jumping tanks.

  6. If they make this they should be a one time use in a match. Cost more credits after a match if you use it or get destroyed. Also it should be a big and dangerous weak point.

  7. They should introduce tanks which are walking on legs. Has anyone thought of this? Maybe with arms where the weapons are attached.

  8. This game is going to his own dead, is saying, pls I want no one’s play this game

  9. I hate this. Why do this? There is no way this is keeping players around. Can they make a tier 11 a thing. And shove all this bullshit there and lock them to only playing tier 11.

  10. ahahahaha OMG this cant not be true what is next tanks that float on the ground OMG maybe flying arty next WG will introduce ccccc this game is becoming awful and awful by the day what a circus show

  11. OMG WG is loosing its mind.

  12. More gold-spamming credit burners..GG WG……..GG…….You muppets

  13. Meanwhile type 5 crying with it’s 900 alpha dmg

  14. Soon spaceships in wot

  15. What the boody fuck is that omg

  16. I don’t know how you use that 114 without fully aiming. Mt shots even fully aimed don’t hit the target

  17. Yay now ppl can die in 20sec not 30

  18. WG= stupid is always possible! Bullshit! Over and out. Focus on the fucking Matchmaker

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Is this April Fool’s Day again? Holy cow WG.

  20. Im sorry what new chinese ht line?

  21. Do your can share a link about them?

  22. I find it more interesting this is on a Chinese tank.

  23. should make for some epic cliff jumps….

  24. i hope they never add it

  25. yay, optimized ramming vehicle 🙂

  26. that would be nice if it could be destroyed by hitting it

  27. WoT in 2011: A good tank game, where you need strategy, skills and/or teamwork to achieve victories.
    WoT in 2030: Fucking HTs with mobility of MTs, rocket launchers, jet boosters, lasers, 999 penetration on gold rounds, hull-down, gun depression angles and you can ‘heal’ your tank everytime I get a frag.
    What the fuck happened to the game? 🙁

  28. WG are nutters. What about tanks that floated/were designed to float? – eg, Excalibur. Why not that? *& how do you ‘recharge’ solid rocket boosters?

  29. I love it. Game is changing in many ways and I think this one is one of better ways. No one wants to play same tanks all the time (maybe few HC players) and new systems making game still interesting. I know there will be many crybabies, but better this than minotauro.

  30. That must be a joke , right ?!?!! Are they now become total crazy ??!???

  31. They said they never going to Make tier 11 modern tanks… No I understand why. They skip modern tanks completely and goes to spaceships

  32. We’re hitting new lows

  33. and now we gonna start playing need for speed
    save your money for Christmas boxes to get a nitro tank

  34. Its not a “jet” booster …… its a rocket booster Dez

  35. ok its time to finally delete this game off my harddrive

  36. What the f*** are they doing???

  37. It’s pretty weird that i get less surprised from april’s fools events, than normal updates. What tf is going on in the devs minds at wg?

  38. WG kidding me ? lol wtf is that ?

  39. Tanks – water tanks. Prize for those that know what I’m talking about.

  40. they have so alot of tanks for rebalancing why they make shit like this ? WoT in next year is DEAD

  41. I kinda hope they’re treated as spaced armors. Because if we talk some realistic sht, shooting it will either most likely ignite it or explode since it looks like SRBs and not jet boosters.

  42. Omg as if the game is not fast enough!!!

  43. Does that mean it blows up too when hit

  44. new ramm tank yaay

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