New K-91-2 is K-91 With Turret in The Middle | World of Tanks K-91-2 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks K-91-2, New 9 Soviet Russian Medium Tank Early Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.9+ Patch News.

► Information from:

So, this time let’s take a look at what WG cooking up next. One of the next upci

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Wotb missle xm551 sheridan react?

  2. I was having a crappy day until I watched your vid Dez. 10/10 intro. Put a smile on my face. Thank Dez!

  3. not interested in WOT

  4. I hope K-91-2-3 with turret in front in hull will come too 😃👌

  5. 1:32 This is how WG make new tenks:)

  6. Just place it in the tech tree, and give the K-91 a hull buff for sure!.

  7. I’m just waiting for double-barreled autoreloading wheeled russian SPGs

  8. It’s in the mobile version it’s a very good tank tbh decent armor that can bounce and a good gun with a 3 shot auto loader with 310 or 350 dmg

  9. I swear I was almost ready to hear k-91 with it’s tier X dpm, pen, and 9 degrees of gun depression at tier 9

  10. Next up:
    WG: introducing the obj 705a v2 with a frontal turret but same armour and slightly lower DPM….as a tier IX reward tank

  11. Why put in the Italian autoreloading heavies when we can make another Russian heavy.

  12. On blitz the K91 was released as a t9 heavy tank and it has a good amount of armor, so I don’t think those numbers for the armor are inaccurate… it also has an autoloader. Lol

  13. Back in my days……….A Tiger 1 couldn’t be penetrated. And We Liked it!!! Damned kids and their vheeled wehicles. 🙂

  14. It is 1st April fool?

  15. What app do you use for that voice distortion?

  16. ܐܖܬܘܖܘ ܐܬܘܖܝܐ

    Its autoloader heavy in world of tank blitz and its primuim there

  17. Okay that is a pretty awesome intro. Like how wargaming would actually introduce a “new tank” and how the wheeled vehicles may get a sharper turn increase while reversing. Are they actually buffing the defender?

  18. Dear Wargaming, thanks so much for the new content, but may I just ask WHERE THE FUCK ARE NEW MAPS? OR OLD ONES BACK? Thank you for your kind attention.

  19. i think k-91 is going to t9 and k-91-2 is going to become t10

  20. Selmanzwak Blazevic

    I said it month ago , wg is slowly ruining only remaining playable tier

  21. Hahaha I can’t stop laugh thanx dez😂😂😂

  22. 1000th like, love you dez, no homo

  23. Go to 5:45 and you can see another secret tank in the garage, new tier 9 premium or reward Swedish medium

  24. just sold K-91 cuz of the stupid hull turning mechanic that automatically turns your turret in sniper mode…still not fixed in 2020

  25. Sooo ein FeuerballJunge

    So they call it K91-2, but where tf is the 2nd gun!?

  26. The K-91-2 with the turret in the middle was already in world of tanks blitz awhile ago so they just took it from there

  27. Se need tire 10 ore 8,no tire 9

  28. Hello. it is in tankgg. GL

  29. This tank was appeared in WoT Blitz that is same tank K-91 but on WoT PC was different tank of name known as K-91-2 aka middle turret on body.

  30. Just another tank I will never own………..

  31. So in the future we can expect a maus variant with the turret on the side of the hull, like the M3 lee. And it will be named as the Maus ausf L

  32. Just another tank from the troll manufacturing facility…a shame…

  33. Wg: fuck it lets put a k91 turret to the front and give it 400 mm of armour

  34. WG analysts: Hm, the people don’t seem to like the K-91. This needs to be fixed!
    WG staff: But we have thought of everything!
    WG snack cart work experience kid:

  35. What the…..

  36. Where’s the fkn problem?

  37. They are gonna use the new tank to over buff the k-91. Just wait. Next patch.

  38. Admiral RoadRunner


  39. This is what you get from a Russian made game.

  40. Well its 1st of April here in india so……

  41. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    You should check the Sheridan and T92E1 on Blitz, both have ATGM’s

  42. The K-91-2 looks like the K-91 in world of tanks blitz

  43. what you think about dat?

    What i think ? You need a raise! Love you Dez!

  44. Can WG make a hover tank?
    It would match some of the other tanks in the game.

  45. *WG:* We have spoil the tier 8 with premiums, what to do next?
    *Also WG:* Lets add more special tier 9 tonks to ruin that tier

  46. 7:55 240dmg is the lowest of this shell

  47. valentino WW2 GAMER

    K 91-2 = K 91 WoTb

  48. this is the wot blitz k91 and its a tier 9 heavy 3 round autoloader

  49. This is the proof of that WG is completely out of ideas – Test Office.

  50. Hey DEz i saw something from wot wtfebr e100 for 100$ on YouTube that’s true or just a joke?can you make a episode about that if it is true or make a 1 April fools episode and fool everyone that wtf e100 it’s coming back to the shop

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