New K-91-PT is SUPER… WEIRD?! | World of Tanks K-91-PT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks K-91-PT Review, New Tier 9 Destroyer. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 4 New Reward Tank K-91-PT Review.

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Today is the day when Battle Pass Season 4 goes together with all the rewards, including new reward tanks K-91-PT and Kunze Panzer.

What do you think!


  1. 🔴Dezclaimer: CC’s got those 2 tanks for 7 days as a rental vehicles to showcase them to the community. I still have to grind Battle Pass and points out of myself to get those tanks after that.
    But what do you think about it? It is very-very weird one to be honest with you…

    • Actually found out this is a weak tank no joke. Its only stronk point is the Gun mantlet at 300mm+ effective armor. Hull armor is comparable to a Tiger 1’s hull. *can be pened by all guns of its competitive tiers(8-10)

    • @Timothy Tan How did you get access so early?

    • Ammo capacity only 30 uff… no many blind shots I gues. Slow ammo on a turretless tank you need to pre-aim. This tank needs a high skill cap and seems very situational.

    • Thanks Dez I made sure to let people know in chat of Quicky’s review of Kunze Panzer that you have a review today on K-91-PT, didn’t think he would mind that 🤣

  2. 8:06 I came here for this kind of content

  3. still waiting for awful panther with leo turret as the newest premium tonk

  4. zach FUS RO тире


  5. Free to play players can buy improved pass if it’s gold. Tournaments are a free way to get tons of gold

    • But the improved pass is like 7.5k gold? Thats a lot to get on tournaments espacially if you dont have the best tanks per tier

  6. Dezgamez pls make video on WarThunder !

  7. free to play player, so better have to wait till next season battle pass 🤔

  8. You forgot about the fact that the k91pt’s mantle is also a weak spot

  9. Potatoe Tank

  10. 8.40 unique? WTF! Feels like i have this every second game😂

  11. Noice, this is still bodywarm.

  12. Christiaan Carstens

    Looking at this it might be fun, how did they get this right while doing all the drugs in the world.

  13. I love the communication system so much

  14. Does someone know if it is possible to buy all 3 stages for gold in a deal or only for real money of separate for 250p gold per stage

  15. PT stands for Part Time (job) which is what you’ll be stuck with after you spend all your time playing this and get fired from your full time job to get them damn thing

  16. i’m in love with this tank but i’m sad i not can get it premium for tokens does not make sense

  17. Hmm, this tank just turning around really quick, hmmmm
    Just like a Stug

  18. It has some Badger vibe, only bit pumped up with speed

  19. need buy battle pass to reward kunse and pt…not for free players…in al sesion max 9 medals playing free -.- nice wargayming,ruin the game again..

  20. Which tank of all the possible rewards is worth it to get? K-91PT, Obj 777 2, Kunze Panzer, Ae Phase 1 or the Char Futur 4 ?

  21. Good day all.

  22. Sad to see that the 2 new tanks are not getting such a hyped feedback. Was looking forward to them. Not that they are bad. But not that special either. So it seems like Char and AE Phase are still the better options…

  23. Hold on hold on, i dont understand what you said about those other vehicles… can get all of them from the battle pass?

  24. damn, the spin at 8:07 got me.

  25. Mihajlo Petrovski

    7:42 who were you expecting? stalin will help you?mate he died like 69 years ago (nice)

  26. Thanks Dez I made sure to let people know in chat of Quicky’s review of
    Kunze Panzer that you have a review today on K-91-PT, didn’t think he
    would mind that 🤣

  27. looks finger likin good

  28. the model of this thing looks just a bit off, like it’s an early 80s car racing game or a guy walking around wearing
    a neck brace

  29. You can earn 3 tokens from Battle Pass so prepare your wallet’s

  30. Just passing by👀

  31. 30 shells with a 6 second reload, nice.

  32. There is only 1 thing that confuses me about these tier 9 premiums, they have the status of premium tanks but they don’t get credit earning bonus like the regular tier 8 premiums? Is that right?

  33. hmm… everyone will add a video of Kunze today, so I’ll be smart and do K91 first, 1000iq move
    also, instant like for the dancing seal 😎🤙😎🤙😎🤙

  34. wtf is that suspension even.

  35. If theres going to be 3 seasons you just basically need to play like 3-4 hours every day throughout the year…

  36. Dez had 200iq posting this video because most of the yt released video on kunzpanzer but Dez released different video of k91pt

  37. 1 season, 3 episodes , 3standard tokens per episode

  38. Old Obj. 263 but on tier 9, mobility, DPM, casemate armour, weaker hull.

  39. So it is a tier 9 Jagdpanther II basically

  40. SU101 with extra steps

  41. improved battle pass is a boner killer

  42. Season 4 starts on 15. March and ends in 15. June, but you can use your colletcted token til 19. December. I think thas mean more chapters will come and the free to play players dont need to be worried, they can receive 27 tokens for free, thats enough for kunze pz plus one from last year or all 3 from last year. Even improved battle pass wont let you take all the tanks from the battle pass store. If you are a free to play player you will be able to get one of the new tanks, and those players who pay have chance to take both. It doesnt sound that horrible compare to that we will be able to collect only 9 tokens if we are free to play players.

  43. oh look the superstructure is strong enough to withstand every normal ammo and it is cheese when you fire gold. what a coincidence. oh mg port not modeled in what a surprise. absolute clown fiesta again.

  44. It looks interesting K-91 hull Bobject’s “turret”.

  45. Thanks for the video Dez I’ve been waiting for it. Not really hyped about k91pt😕. I’ll wait for your review with kunze panther

  46. I’m pleased with the reward tanks. They look new and interesting without being OP.

  47. when did this get announced ?

  48. My style tank love it and gg dez

  49. 1:07 to be fair, that was the same last year for anyone. As in if you wanted both new tanks it took all year as you had to wait for each FL and SH season to get the tokens for it vs the season pass.

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