NEW Katyusha Rocket vs TOP TIER!! (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: Slick


•Thank you all for watching!


  1. Bruis Craig Bradford

    Good game slick, I will stick with my BM-8-24 … For me I will still have the same luck and be fodder lol.

  2. Slick thank you so much. I’ve been trying to do this challenge for forever and I finally did it! I aced the damn BM-8-24 and I got the Katusha. Thanks for your video I achieved it while watching it!

  3. Baer Pisarowitz

    slick don’t make this a War Thunder only channel. i also want to see you play World Of Tanks! 2 great games in mn opinion.
    Cheers from the Netherlands!

  4. Use katyusha in SIM when ever its available, please make a video on it.

  5. The Waifucopter

    Getting this shit was easy. All you have to do if you own the BM-8-24 is win a game and you have it.

  6. I got my Katyusha in the first day and third battle in RB

  7. Guys, just to let you know that the BM-13N has Hydropneumatic suspension to make it easier to shoot directly ahead

  8. Daniel Watson it was also in Mike Goes Boom’s video, but the problem is the katyushas on poland don’t have the metal plates.

  9. How were you able to move your turret when your gunner was down at 4:32?

  10. Literally got the katyusha on my first try. IDK what happened but I got 2 kills and 4 assists on AB

  11. SO MOIST

  12. slick, olay with the pt-76 in top simulator battle

  13. Reuben Worseldine

    I just got mine!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee

  14. Orange would disaprove

  15. Worst gun depression in the game with 8+ gun depression.

  16. I was in a game with Slick playing the Katyusha, I don’t think he did well though as I didn’t see him get any kills. I have it recorded but I need to add commentary to it.  I was a Leopard. It’s fun to see the other side to people’s vids but he didn’t upload the map in this compilation. I think the tank is junk because I took it out with a firefly’s 6mm air ammo. So… it’s pretty dang weak.

  17. why the amx 30b and not the bat chat m8?

  18. 4:27 .is it me , russian bias , or bugg but did that tank turn its fucking turret when the gunner was dead????

  19. Guus van Sprang

    Katyusha op needs nerf

  20. I got the katyusha in the second battle in the event.

  21. Moose_in_a_noose

    slick I’d like to make a suggestion to your videos, if I may

    I’ve noticed that non of the major YouTubers that record this game talk about the vehicles armour profiles and weapons anymore.
    And while yes, there are older videos that do this, for newer vehicles (like this one) we are left without the knowledge of what the rockets are capable of, that the vehicles armour and X-ray profiles are and the vehicles stat card.

    I believe that if you were to talk about the main vehicles in your videos, you would be not only helping the players but also creating content that is no longer seen

  22. 2:30 wow what an ass. TK’ing you cuz you’re in the katyusha? Not even that hard to get if you try.

  23. Fearless MakTavish

    Unlike you, it took me 2 battles to get the katyusha, except i didnt get it instantly because of the bug but i still got it 😀

  24. Student

    Perhaps you’ve already done this before, but could you give some tips on American 6.0 and higher? Nice video’s btw! keep it up mate!

  25. Sateenkaarikasvo

    I can’t stand playing WoT myself but it’s fun watching Slick play it.

  26. You killed a Leo…wow. NEWS FLASH!!!!

  27. Benjamin Chapple

    That team kill thing happens to me far too often.. ;-;

  28. Hellkitchenficiation

    That is why you told us to kill that T-54 lol.

  29. Maki Nishikiyes

    this truck have hydraulic suspension :u

  30. want to see you play arcade slick

  31. PvtReaper89 lost son of Fenris

    congrats on the on the vehicle slick

  32. hahaha woohooo, im in the video get rekt by crazy kule m8 and then i get rekt in return, but such is life…

  33. Ok if u do the rocket science event and you own the little rocket tank all you have to do is win the battle kills don’t matter, I got 1 kill and 2 caps and got it on the first battle, second the Katus. Has the hydraulic suspension so you can lower or raise the front of the tank… just a heads up to everyone

  34. Dennis Sørensen

    T62 Gunner dead. turret still rotate.. russian BIAS shit.. wtf

  35. That skill best player in ze world

  36. when you waste your life getting the katusha and you realize that your life is over

  37. Tracytron 54321

    2:30 what was that guys fucking name?………. he NEEDS to be put on my blacklist……

  38. Russian bias @ 3.7 br
    When US can penetrate something they get higher BR to make sure they struggle to pen. no matter of mobility or armor

  39. Austin Rodbourn

    Only just started watching but love the katusha vidio

  40. Hope you reported the guy who pushed you into enemy fire.

  41. Ahahaha, that own goal right at the start.

  42. Same thing happened to me slick I shot a tree as well and blew up

  43. Nice MiG-17 frags dude :о

  44. Ive been seeing a lot of tk with the BM and the katyusha, why are so many people in war thunder such dickbags?

  45. matthewS Kurumi

    wth, how did u get over 100fps in hangar?!

  46. A Typical Youtuber

    All the YouTube’s nearly dying getting their katyusha, and here I am having gotten it on my 3rd try in realistic.

  47. Liked the mig skin

  48. Every time Slick gets a kill I do 10 push ups. My arms are dying. Fuck you. But this is good for my fitness. Thank you.

  49. TheMantuxasLTUGAMMER

    I spended like 10k gold on backups better buy premium tank

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