NEW KV-2 1940 – AKA MAUS TANK KILLER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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NEW -2 1940 – AKA KILLER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. First like!!

  2. Hello 34 seconds ago

  3. Derp derp derp derp

  4. Cool video

  5. Harrison Reynolds

    Hello love you phly

  6. 5th like haha

  7. Phly and war thunder. Nothing is better :)

  8. Hello? Uploaded 1 minute ago. :D

  9. 1 shot~!

  10. Hey Phly nice to see new vid <3

  11. Yay literally the first one here LOL

  12. wow rip that maus

  13. M34TSL1NKY D0NG3R


  14. Omg 🙂 amazing !

  15. how this possible :D

  16. yas, more videos!

  17. 18:30

  18. Poor guy didint play the Event


  20. Louis Glendining

    The M60. Get that Hype for the M48. Play it with the AD2 as well please :P

  21. Natanael de Visser

    I Love penetrating a maus

  22. around early :D

  23. I’m geting sick of evrything new being primium

  24. round cats XDXD

  25. Nice

  26. Phly why u gotta be so op in derpthunder

  27. first dislike

    nah. just kidding

  28. watermelon sized cats were talkin about xDxDXDXDX:D

  29. PHLY DAILY!!!… Wassup

  30. nice vid

  31. Play the horribly underpowered captured beast: the German Kv-1B

  32. Play world of tanks aswell ??

  33. Being here early and seeing all of the people saying “first like” or I’m
    the first one here -_- damn some of you people are lame.

  34. TheColombian Spartan

    i’m so sad now! Maus is my fav tank!

  35. fora dilma!!!!!!!

  36. Great game bro nice(;

  37. Like pra comprar alimento!

  38. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! 😉

    Attempt: sorri, lost count tavarisch

  39. Hey Phly, thanks for continuing to entertain me while I drop a load after
    school everyday. Yours sincerely, Sam.

  40. FUCK YES





  41. The kv-2 is really the Derp King now


  43. hey phly do the is-4. like here if you other viewers agree

  44. joseph swartzbaugh

    Stuka vs AA, please:)

  45. is 4 m

  46. You know it’s a great vid when Phly busts a nut in the intro

  47. SIlentXHunter gaming

    For the queen spitfire fmk24 and the charioteer

  48. What button do you press to bring the binoculars up

  49. SPARTAN Ravindra-919


  50. aries paddayuman

    ever wonder why the kv-2 have a ton of penetration?? because its gun is a
    Naval Gun

  51. i just saw the titel… shiiit

  52. Play the Maus and a Pz II

  53. challenge: Take any sherman, go play and pretend you is a A.I., when
    enemies are distracted, KILL THEM ALLLLLL

  54. Tommi Ridanpää

    Is it a coincidence that the length of the video is 19:40?

  55. That T-32 shot was one of the best if not the best shot i have ever seen
    especially in realistic lol but KV-2 OP 1940 yesterday em and my friends
    went 1939 vs 1940 and kv2s vs everything. Yuo guys should totally do that
    in a stream “cough” friday

  56. Can you do the IS-4 phly ;)

  57. Yeah is4m ;)

  58. challenge: Take any sherman, go play and pretend you is a A.I., when
    enemies are distracted, KILL THEM ALLLLLL

  59. You asked Phly, play the IS-4M

  60. phlydaily take out the IS-4m and the Pe-8 with the big bomb you don’t want
    to get sent to the goulag do you you soviet scum!

  61. My friend and I tested something out. We tested that if you could torp a
    tank, and it worked!
    You need to drop the torpedo into the water, then the torpedo has to hit
    the ground where a tank is standing on. Then he’ll probably explode,
    sometimes it’s a bit strange because sometimes nothing happens.
    But here is your challenge:

    -kill a tank with a torpedo
    -take out the FV4004 Conway and the Firebrand TF Mk IV or the british PBY
    -have fun

  62. Is4m and yer2

  63. Hey phly could you take out the jagdpanzer 4-5 with the he162. My reasoning
    behind this is to give you the hardest time possible. Consider it a
    challenge from me! :))

  64. best first 2 seconds to a video ever. “Oh…Fuck Ass…” Upvoted sir!

  65. Play IS-4 :D

  66. OK Phly so……. IS-4M HYPE!!!!

  67. Hay phly what happened to the ability to turn your boomer wen being in
    gunner mode i can’t do it anymore?

  68. I have a challenge for you phly: Try and kill as many tanks in a battle.
    However, the tanks have to be killed by premature detonation (i.e. by
    hitting the ground in front of the tank) Good Luck!!

  69. No more last man standing in the game, last update taked it off

  70. Man that sucks

  71. The BMDestroyer

    Because you want to play it so much take out the is-4 ;)

  72. How can we drop bomb in plane ? I mean what button isn’t?

  73. Space

  74. ✌GrubyPatriota™ dawniej Achtung! ZSRR

    Thank your, Substiles saves my life!

  75. Comet Productions

    who the fuck gave a damn bout pollution in wars?

  76. Do IS-4 vidio

  77. warzone379 משיח‎

    is 4 plz

  78. Phly, they removed last stand so yaaay (I guess)

  79. I love how the last man standing can reload a 152 while shooting a machine
    gun and turning the turret all in the same time.

  80. Play IS-4M *cough – cough* (even though i hate Russian tanks :p)

  81. I wonder if they will ever add the IS-2 with a KV-2 turret, I think it’s a
    post-war modification but there are videos of such thing in running

  82. IS-4M with only HE

  83. Louis Glendining

    Cromwell MkV. easily one of my favourite tanks to play

  84. Слава КВ-2

  85. Don’t you guys love those ZSU tank destroyers at the beginning?

  86. Official Anonymous


  87. Do you and baron co-ordinate your video release time?

  88. go IS-4!!!!!! IS-4 HYYYPPEE!

  89. Hey PHLY play the IS4 Man!!!! you said you didnt think you have, DO IT!
    JUST DO IT! love the vids Bro!

  90. ok here is a combo for you phly the IS-4M and the PE-8

  91. The3rdLeg Gaming

    I love how the video length is 19:40, Phly you sly dog

  92. Fly out on a P63A-10 and a M18 GMC: SHOW THE POWER OF THE AMERICANS

  93. realy!!! angeld tiger has better armor then the penetration of the kv-2 pls
    dont say that again

  94. ProblemOfficer3000

    Why play tank when you can play ZSU and do much better :^))

  95. Take out the T-95 Doom Turtle with bushes to hide the very vulnerable

  96. Nobody plays the IS-4M anymore I remember the days when nothing could kill

  97. Jon Stepanenkov

    I like how Russia gets good stuff and other countries dont

  98. RUSSIAN BOAT COMBO CHALLENGE! Pair up the PT-76 with the MBR-2 w/ bombs in
    Tank RB! Must get 2+ ground kills with the MBR-2

  99. 5:10 “Welcome to fucking Poland. I have no idea what is going on right

  100. Just…. op

  101. Chili Caernarvon time next Phly, I need tips and tricks, cuz its so hard
    with just apds.

  102. You can’t buy the kv20 1940 anymore.

  103. Charles O'Halloran

    I don’t think you can call any Kv-2 ‘streamlined’ and ‘aerodynamic’. ?

  104. Andrew Castellano

    Video is 19:40 long lol…..

  105. Ardachoke Onenwalker

    Music is 10/10

  106. Commissar PhlyDaily, congratulations on your recent victories against the
    Facist imperialists. The KV2 preformed well, yes? Command is sending you a
    IS-2, named after our great Marshal Stalin and a IL-2M. Good luck
    Commissar. UUURRRAAA!!!!!

  107. Play Comet!

  108. Play the Su-76 and the Pe-3/E. Good hunting tovarish

  109. Plz play IS 4M and IL 28

  110. yes is-4m

  111. is4m and pe-8 with the 5k bomb :D

  112. the shor from the T32 looked like a flying turd flying towards you lol

  113. good video with this little kv 2 🙂 THANKS

  114. from Russia with love! Zut-37 and IL2

  115. IS-4M. The tank of socialism and communism

  116. No, Phly! Don’t do this to me. I just deleted this piece of shit we are
    calling “War Thunder”.
    And after this video I want to play again. God dammit!

  117. ww2 chronicles was easy to do :3

  118. Play the big guns combo: Nashorn and Me 410 B-2/U4

  119. Play the IS-4!

  120. KV-2 OP bias confirmed in few seconds

  121. Phly… just load HE in the KV-2 if you want to kill any German tank up
    front. The HE-shell will explode on the turret -> the shrapnel will
    penetrate 90 degrees downwards and hit the ammo rack. Works with the Maus/E
    100 and basically any tank where the HE can go shrapnel downwards (even
    some Russian tanks).

  122. IS-4M and please keep up your good working!

  123. it ain’t mad max, it’s fat max in wt

  124. Just noticed this vid was 19:40 mins long. this was totally planned

  125. IS-4 <3

  126. Hahaha da tovarish Kv2 shells are blessed by stalin him self .Russian non
    penetrating APHE shrapnels can detonate Maus fuel tank but T34 taking
    direct 128mm hit on the side will survive # Gaijin logic

  127. IS-4M

  128. yes is 4 m I vote up

  129. what is the intro music called.

  130. mohamed emine bach baouab

    best intro music ever wooow!

  131. Raimundo Castro

    16:25…russian BIAS kill

  132. Why have you never done a vid of the IS4M? Best all round armor in the

  133. 12:55 deserves an oscar

  134. ScipionLaurentiend

    epic shot phly ;)

  135. Please do the IS-4M

  136. HelloRandomPeople

    I can’t take this russian bias.

  137. Washington artillery

    play the is-4

  138. Phly’ reaction to killing the maus was almost as good as his reaction to
    the Battlefield 1 trailer.

  139. The HE fuse is called Fuse Depth, in terms of how far it travels until it

  140. Victorbernalusa Ramos

    groovy intro music

  141. excuse me but what is leo?

  142. IS4 and PO2 .Use PO2 kill something anything it’s ok(plane,tank,anything)

  143. Since I haven’t seen a combined arms video in the passed few days… Why
    don’t we bring the almighty, M2A2 and P-26 combo? (P-26 must have bombs)
    Have fun ;)

  144. I love my kv-2 1940, it was hard work getting it but well wroth the grind

  145. I can’t stand the way he says leopard

  146. Here’s a challenge for you.
    Get a aircraft kill with the .50 cals on the M6A1 in AB or RB battles.

  147. 0:01 – 0:10 = SUPER RUSSIAN BIAS. Maus didn’t stand a chance against
    premium stallinium XD

  148. Battlefield 1 hype

  149. Kv2ception

  150. Arturs Grunvalds

    +PhlyDaily you are the best ever !!!

  151. Can somebody help me? I can’t find ANY of the new KV-2s in the russian OR
    german premium sections….

  152. Yeah use the 4M

  153. You think that was cool? Land a Swordfish an a LCU. PRO TIP: You need to
    time the stall perfectly, if you cant do that land on a one beached and not

  154. TankDempsey 6121

    The Time of the video was 19:40 like the tank XD

  155. IS4 or ill kill u

  156. I want some bagel bites ;(

  157. play IS-4

  158. JS-2 1944/ IS-2 1944 & Il-2 of equal BR for Cheeki Breeki Russian Bias Pair

  159. Play the Panther F pleease! 7 second reload!

  160. why are the adds that popup randomly half way through at twice the volume
    of the rest of the video?

  161. Davidzimo Larsson

    how do you use a binocular??

  162. kv2 rng stronggg tankkk

  163. Simon Patenaude (hade184)

    I don’t know how to feel about the spoilers in the intro you do.. I would
    rather see something that will never be in the video, otherwise, it’s a bit
    anoying seeing the same part twice.. 

  164. Just watched the Intro, KV-2 OP

  165. Phly can you play the Is4m next and bring glory to Stalin?

  166. Nikodem Ulczyński

    I love Y intro

  167. 9:56 cCc_TURK_cCc Türkler heryerde :D

  168. The kv2 gets WAY too height tiering

  169. Comrade, go play IS-4M. Is good tank

  170. Why don’t you use the motherland’s tanks? Are you a traitor! Make Stalin
    happy again!
    Play the new STRONK IS 4 and take out the invincible IL 28!!! If you don’t
    want Stalin to be proud of you… THEN GO TO GULAG!!

  171. Bob The Strippa

    Can ya plez do the IS-4M

  172. you know what would be a good idea that is totally my own and no one
    else’s. If you play the IS-4M

  173. Phly, that damn windmill again. LOL I enjoy your videos, there very
    entertaining and fun to watch.

  174. Take out the IS 4M and the IL 28 then…

  175. play the yamato World of Warships

  176. namelesspistachio

    Is-4 would be cool

  177. please do a vid of the IS4 i have it on WoT i wanna see how it does on this

  178. The tank hull’s are exaxtly the same size kv2-1939/40

  179. Trey The Communist

    IS4M with Tu2 comrade. Make sure to fuel both with diesel that has been
    fused with vodka for extra engine power. Good luck.

  180. can sum1 help, I been looking for the new kvs and they dont seem to be in
    store or on the tech trees! im on ps4 and happy to pay! WHERE ARE MY

  181. kritpat wimuktayon

    KV-2 OP

  182. At tbe beginning of the video it was full on clutch

  183. Challenge: Land a 111H-16 and use the 20mm cnn and kill at less 2 tanks.

  184. Nicholas Sutter


  185. IS 4 or stalin sends u to gulag

  186. Show the is4m please



  189. PhlyDaily why don’t you play World of Warships anymore? Those videos were
    awesome! You need to try out some new Russian cruisers.

  190. That 32 deserves a snipers medal of glory.

  191. is 4 m

  192. When comparing vehicle sizes, I always use the concrete slabs on the

  193. Music used in intro???

  194. Manuel Arocho Jr

    16:14 over penetration doesn’t exist in the game, that’s why he died, plus
    your using Ru—-

  195. Jacob Belcavitch

    Saw you yesterday on one of the winter maps. You were killed early game :/

  196. Ussr stromk))))

  197. Lol wtf I was eating bagel bites when he asked “do you want some bagel

  198. next yak17 and is-4m
    because you want to

  199. BrunoAguileraMedia

    Man Phly your reactions are terrifying funny…:

    “Ooooh fuck ass” “oooooh shit” “ohhhh I did it!!!”

  200. Elias'sP47D-25 Flyin'Mayhem

    Russian Space Exploration combo, take out the IS4M and The Il 28. Beat
    those Americans into space!!! (Find Laika) Good luck comrade.

  201. BlueRosse Gaming

    AI dont youse machinguns:))

  202. Stalintanium tonk Is to good

    Is 4 cuz you said so

  203. ZSU-57-2

  204. Do M41A1 Bulldog and the and the SB2C-4 Helldiver

  205. I have this thing, it’s so fun, lol.

  206. The Time will come when gaijin will ad Grille 15 and E100 Jagdpanzer E-50
    Fastest Panther since Sanic and then Germany will get his power wich they
    deserved no Low Tier KV-2 will penetrante a High Tier german Tank

  207. Challenge (attempt 2): all realistic gameplay. RB and you can’t use your
    3rd person view. Only drivers view, binos, and gunner zoom. Choose what
    ever tank you want. I want you to get an ace game for me. Have fun

  208. ALR_Scorpion 20

    Do a video with tips and tricks phly.Like how to fly better,flank as a tank

  209. call 1-800 dickmax if you want to be fucked hard

  210. lmao maus is so broken hahaha, armor doesnt work…

  211. Shady Gamer gamer


  212. Wassup Phly, how is your day, i wish you many many happy days!

  213. Caleb Dunkerley

    That shot…wow

  214. no world of warships 🙁 if u do do the Texas class

  215. IS-4M!

  216. Well, killing the Maus with 152mm at that range and in that spot isn’t
    exactly surprising, is it? I mean, any shrapnel into that upper deck and
    it’s toast, so yeah…

  217. U ar an fagit

  218. Play the is 4m next or gulag!!

  219. phly my compooter is potato did the new update get released? im at 13 secs

  220. I need to know if the comet is a good british tea. Can we have some comet
    with sweet firebrand (2x250lb and 1×1000 gifts) for the next breakfast?

  221. someone has to make a orange kv2 skin then make cubert, then it will be

  222. Anthony Slusser

    IS 4!

  223. SLOTHSareMYthing

    Play IS-4 with IL-28? Haven’t played WarThunder in a while….not sure if
    it’s a Russian plane. Sorry.

  224. IS-4m PLSPLSPLS

  225. Gepard. Go gangster and drive by and spray people to death.

  226. SniffyJiffy Gaming

    Kv2 stronk bitch best thing ive heard all day :D

  227. Phly I love your vids man! Also why don’t you play with Baron and Slick?

  228. Baconnator_9000

    Am i the only one to shoot down a Fw 189 in war thunder i dont have a
    screen shot of it 🙁 but i do have a screenshot of the test flight

  229. I have free KV-2 and Iron Duke. Thank you WT.

  230. Please use the IS-4M and MiG-15bis

  231. Is-4m very big tank you play or gulag is on its way

  232. t10 m plz

  233. 19:40 trolloloolololololololool And a good MAUS is a DEAD MAUS

  234. IS-4 PLEASE

  235. Can you kill a jet with a T17E2???

  236. Pimpmaster Jenkins

    God, your intro always gets me hyped.

  237. The fuck is that noise 10:45?

  238. Is4 and the il28!

  239. Sincere Eastman

    Once in realistic battles with my KV2 mod1939 I killed two hellcats with
    one HE shell….a HE shell

  240. 16:16 I’m sorry but wtf was that? I don’t sign up the the “Russian bias”
    business but there is no reason why that should have been a one shot….
    The explosive filler in the road would have detonated on the outside of the
    Dicker Max and I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t have been enough explosive to
    kill the entire crew or set the ammo off….

  241. At first i was about to get pissed off because he 1 shot the maus but then
    i thought, hey its phly of course he 1 shot a maus

  242. SU-100Y and IL-10 (1946). Yes, tovarisch, we make beeg target, but we can
    keel enemy like they are leetle flies.

  243. Ho i can use the binocular?

  244. IS-4M it is then for your next one

  245. Go for the IS-4, it’s actually makes for some fun rounds.

  246. I love how Phly is playin the 1940 for most of the match and the vide ends
    at 19:40

  247. 16:00 “Don’t spot me AI, I’m gonna kick your ass if you do” LMAO xD

  248. ZombieKiller393 Gaming!

    did any one see how big that barrel on that panzer 4 was?? at 6:45

  249. is4m

    -RIP Hanz 1940

  251. fart on the way

    Oh dude you are running out of golden eagles

  252. this is a temporary account name

    so did you purposely make the video exactly 19:40 long, since you’re doing
    the 1940 kv-2 mod

  253. Kv2 1940 video is 19 minutes 40 seconds coincidence? I think not

  254. Hey Ply, just wanted to point out something you said that reminds me why
    you’re my favorite YouTuber in every way. At the end of the video you said
    “do me a favor and have a nice day”… You didn’t ask for a like and a
    subscribe. You didn’t ask for us to tell our friends about you. In fact,
    you asked us what we want to see in your videos and let us decide what you
    play as. I’m just a huge fan of your videos; the content and your
    personality. I sincerely thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work!


  255. You never posted gameplay about T92 or AD-2 skyraider.

  256. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    How was that Maus kill even possible with APHE? Why is this thing fighting
    a Maus in the first place?

  257. They should add APFSDS shot to KV-2 1940 to make it perfectly balanced

  258. Tovarisch, patience is running out just like space on gulag, take KV2 and
    Pe8 with 5000kg bomb

  259. Stalin’s Mini Fridge

  260. Alexander Kutasin

    Phly penetrate the German Reigh with powerful communism impress the mother

  261. Alexander Kutasin

    Use the stalin’s war horse the is 4

  262. IS-4M tovarish))))))

  263. Play the Conqueror British top tier tank

  264. IS-4M

  265. Weight 52 tonnes
    Length 6.95 m (22 ft 10 in)
    Width 3.32 m (10 ft 11 in)
    Height 3.25 m (10 ft 8 in)
    Crew 6
    Elevation about 37°
    Armour 60–110 mm (2.4–4.3 in)
    152 mm M-10T howitzer (20 rounds)
    2×DT machine guns (2,079 rounds)
    Engine 1 x V2-K-12 cylinder diesel

  266. Phly the Queen has Royally requested that you set out onto a journey into
    the Heart of Germany to kill their Fuhrer! She has given you a Lancaster B
    Mk III with one backup and the Sherman IC 2nd <> Armoured Division
    with one backup! FOR THE QUEEN!!!

  267. Does the Kv-2 1940aka maus killer have better reload time then the other

  268. joseph marriott

    KV-2 is bae!!!!!!

  269. T92 light tank

  270. phly take out the t-80 and il-28, I dare u, TRIPLE FUCKIN DAWG DARE
    YOU, stalin has no limits for his challenges

  271. yes is 4m

  272. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Chellenge: kil 3 ter 5 pleyers wit th m4a3 1.05 Decimeter gun try’s ti use

  273. Dillion Simmions

    kv2 kills maus… russian bias confirmed

  274. Is there a ISU 152 there

  275. Could you do a series where you walk through your thoughts and tactics
    during game play? Just an idea but it would be cool to see what strategy
    and theory is going through your head play by play. I know you kinda
    already do this as is, but maybe something that is really focused on where
    you go, what to stay away from, map kill zones and vantage points, tank

  276. Man that Maus must have been pissed…

  277. play the IS 4

  278. Strong for motherland

  279. Orlando Alvarado

    Use the T-34-100

  280. Matheson Fraser (Moosehunter158)

    It’s the kv 2 1940 and the video is 19:40 long

  281. you should go out with the m10 GMC

  282. vote for my baby the m10 gmc american version :)

  283. kv-2 op


  285. how i can use binocles?

  286. nuevo sub soy español pero me suscribo tal vez no entiendas este mensaje
    pero buen video y like ;)

  287. Nickolai Marchingo-Miller

    love all ur vids man keep it up. whats ur intro song i love it

  288. Zis30 with the pe-3/E spam your 57mm with your fast reload and fight in the
    skies for the MOTHERLAND

  289. “Do you want some bagel bites?”

  290. arjudin ligsanan

    catchy music dude, what is it?

  291. is it me or do people die when they still have 1 crew left in Rb tanks did
    they change last man standing?

  292. KV-2 1940 video is 19:40

  293. m48 patton and f-86 sabre

  294. they are not showing up on my war thunder for pc interesting…..

  295. lemonade ferrero

    finally, the good old intro is back

  296. IS 4M tank!

  297. Nathaniel Honeyman

    I luv ur intros

  298. +PhlyDaily Take out the M36 and AD-2 Skyraider. Tank busting combo
    extraordinaire. Heavy ordnance express delivery.

  299. Dat stronk bush on top of the 1939

  300. Clash with a Noob

    how do you use the big scope he uses i’m a lvl8 so i don’t know much

  301. Phly uses the KV-2 1940 Version. Video is 19:40. Coincidence?

  302. They just remove last stand tonight!!!! It was much easier for the lower
    teir casual players to survive…

  303. Will you ever go back to World of Warships please? I miss that series so

  304. Can you please play the IS-4M please fly

  305. Ju87G2 with the PzIIIJ show them that German AP ammo works on both tanks
    and aircraft when in the G2 and the amazing gun of the PzIIIJ in action!

  306. Comet iron duke for the queen plz

  307. IS-4M please

  308. Last Stand has been removed as of today!

    Praise Gaijin!

  309. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    I wonder how much it would be to buy EVERY single premium, rare, and
    collectable plane and tank.

  310. “Is somebody fucking behind the goddamn Windmill again!?” Jesus, I couldn’t
    stop fucking laughing.

  311. OY phly! Please take out the t32! Pershing on steroids!!

  312. Jonas Van den Broeck

    in world of tanks, the bigger turret is an upgrade called the mt2 turret,
    the smaler one is the Stock turret, the mt1

  313. Cash grab.

    Gaijin are following in Wargaming’s footsteps.

  314. AsenosferdenGelen İllet

    kv 2 how to one shot kill to maus ?! wtf beijing

  315. I told you to use the KV-2

  316. Challenge:
    So here is the situation. You have your Tiger I E far from your operating
    base, supply lines are cut so you are low on fuel and ammo. You are allowed
    total 2 minutes of moving and have 8 rounds left in your racks. Make the
    best of it!
    (Supplies can vary depending on the map)

  317. Go IS 4M Comrade! For MOTHERLAND!

  318. i am late let me make joke

    M4 can 1 shot T34 85

  319. YAAAAAS PLAY THE IS-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. LOVE IT keep it work

  321. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Pollution! …who gives a nazi rats ass in 1940 when the world is at war!
    World war is VERY environmentally and people unfriendly! Love ur vids maan!

  322. that T32 was definitely a fucking hacker.

  323. please dont team up with draegast

  324. I like how you are playing the 1940 kv2 and your video is 19 minutes and 40
    seconds long

  325. Mirza Şahinkaya

    i got this tank from ww2 chronicles event, got 8 kills in first match

  326. Κωνσταντινος Ανεστοπουλος

    phly some king tiger 10,5 cm and some ho 229v3 for the reichstag please

  327. phlydailyfan yeah

    Hey Phly take out the is3 and the pe8 it’s time for Russian bias p.s
    everyone vote

  328. “Do you want some bagel bites” ???

  329. Ooh I’m in this game, sadly with 400 ping getting stuck on walls!

  330. Is 4m for the lelz

  331. Kopa Hitlerious

    oh the KV-2 spam… *sigh*

  332. ThunderMann DerWurger (Игорь Богин)

    What is tangow or tanko?!? (english isn’t native language for me)

  333. T32 hack… LOL. A RB with a shot like that…. seems VERY highly unlikely.
    If Phly is surprised, it’s usually for a reason.

    Maus shot was EPIC.

  334. Michael Lansdon

    i have idea b17 and p51

  335. play kv1 and il

  336. Use Cardboard Duke IV please :/

  337. Try out the Pz.Bfw.IV

  338. nope nope nope im not playing War Thunder in my Tiger II(H) AND I AM KILLED
    BY A BT-5 because he shot my tracks and the shel explodes and goes in my
    tank just because its hits the engine.HOW?!!!!!!!!!

  339. Phly you should change your name to phlymaybeonceweekly! still love the
    content but i want more planes!

  340. do KV-2 Zis 6 next pls

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