New KV-2-III, First Triple-Barreled Tank | World of Tanks KV-2-III Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks -III, New Tier Soviet . World of Tanks Update 1.9+ Patch News.

► Information from: Anonymous source.

Seems like developers are busy on working more new tanks. This time I am going to talk about our first ever triple-barreled tank in this game… And of course it the legendary KV-2-III. With 3 152mm boomsticks on The Legends means, that even tier 10s should be scared!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. What if the real April fools joke is that this isn’t an April fools joke…

  2. I looked at the thumbnail for a solid 6 seconds before I decided it’s a joke. You got me.

  3. Victor Kislyi: “KV-2-III looks great, when are we releasing it?”
    Dev Team: “Victor it’s not, we’re not… It’s DezGam”
    Victor Kislyi: “Great great, get it out of sandbox and into the store next patch”
    Dev Team: “…ok.”

  4. Thats just over the top bro im sorry but if they make that then its way to much

  5. Gotta say it, you lost it at the Explosion showcase LMAO

  6. This will be the best tank eveeer hahaaa

  7. Davor Damjanović

    next 1.april fool whealed fv215b 183 with 2 guns xD

  8. Hope it got pref mm

  9. WG is pulling out all the crazy pet projects from their PCs.

  10. It’s April Fools yall! haha

  11. Александр Яковлев

    Dez-ты молодец!

  12. So they nerf the Type 5 Heavies HE DERP gun out of existence. (loved that thing) Now they are basically making it again just Russian.

  13. how to destroy world of tanks…

  14. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Rick Astley says hi


    WG: hmmm, KV2 no more 1 shot memes?? Gonna fix this mate… howabout TRIPLE BARELLS???

  16. happy april fools!!!


  18. Is this a joke?

  19. posted a bit late so does not count so HA U DIDN’T FOOL ME

  20. Nice meme had me going for about 15 seconds. Thumbs up for me

  21. Sora Ferchichi-Takeuchi

    i already feel dat WG will nerf it

  22. no not balanced. the KV2 already competes well at tier 8. this is a complete fucking disaster for the game.

  23. April fools! 3 barrel KV2-III, HAHA

  24. Justin justintheman

    April fools

  25. Cool but..why? XD

  26. Put some lasers on it, wings and a nuclear bomb! Also a picture of Putin made of stalinium! Yah! Also 1 shot for tier 10 non russian tanks

  27. TheMightyCongueror

    Is that the Alpha damage per gun!!! Because if it is, that’s nearly 3k damage total, and why the heck does this thing have better accuracy and aim time then the regular KV-2? Since when does having more guns equal better accuracy? Long reload, and gun switch times make it more balanced, but this thing is still ridiculous.

    • TheMightyCongueror

      Never mind, I knew the date, but I thought with double barreld tanks being a thing, plus Russian bias, that this could be real, a lot effort put in to this game.

  28. For a joke its scary how this could be possibly balanced, im all for it add it to the game wg

  29. Haha fuck 1 april…WG is capable to do that :))

  30. Regardless of April Fools I would not put it past WG to put it in game and sell it as a premium for $150.

  31. Robert Mroziewicz

    On Asian server they had wheeled waffel lol and some people actually paid for it lmao

  32. If it is supposed to come with a little twist, I would have expected the 3 barrels to be twisted at least a little…

  33. Wg next tank will be a flying KV 2 with 4 guns 😂👍👍

  34. 1st April….

  35. Emman Locaylocay

    **Looks at date uploaded**

    Me: i see what you did there :3

  36. April 1st…gj gg

  37. Ofcourse it had to be the KV-2.
    Nice aprils troll🙂

  38. This should’ve been the April fool’s gamemode

  39. Christopher Baker

    I’d buy one of course.

  40. (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich

    Actually give us this WG

  41. EPIC MRNUTT808 gt

    What if they make a fv215b 183 II

  42. I’ve not seen such dedication to an April Fools joke which may end up not being a joke. When, not if, it happens, it’s on you Dez 😛

  43. Nice april fools video but you fucked up the stats of the tank. If it has 910 alpha and 50 shells, why can it deal only 35200 damage. It should deal 50*910= 45500. But nice joke video

  44. Me: * Hears about triple barreled KV-2 *
    Me: * Uninstalls game to prevent nuclear explosion *

  45. Herman der German

    You forgot to mention that the triple barrels rotate like a minigun but not quite as fast

  46. The double barrel tanks in WoT are more than enough farce, they convinced me to find something better to do with my gaming time. The “Soviet” navy in WoWarships is even more farcical.

  47. Knowing WG, they might actually do it and release it as a tier 6 premium tank with premium MM

  48. But the real question is can I shoot double salvo if I have all three shots loaded

  49. Stalin would be proud of WG

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