New KV-4 KTTS + 450 ALPHA T54 Heavy Tank | World of Tanks 1.18+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks New Tanks on Supertest – KV-4 KTTS, Tank Destroyer T54 Heavy Tank, Tier 9 Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch News.

2 New Tanks coming to Supertest, most likely some kind of a premium or reward tanks. Tier 8 KV-4 KTTS, which has been in files for 4-6 years already and brand new T54 Heavy Tank, with 450 Alpha damage!

What do you think?


  1. New unreleased tanks…yay. how about actually releasing them for once? There are so many.

    • this is how it always is, there is always a lot of tanks in testing and they’ll get released eventually

    • @Anubhav Mondal which we do not need at all… what we need are competent WG employees that are willing to balance existing tanks…

    • @MJ lol as if that makes them more money than new tanks, tho ref they are doing a fair bit of balance changes rn

    • @Anubhav Mondal actually it would make them more money in long run because more players would be willing to stay and pay premium time and buy tanks. Now you have players that are occasionally buying anything.
      What does WG get when they release a new tank? Immediate quick money grab and many angry players.
      If you payed attention, you would have seen that every time WG needs money, they release a premium tank. That is such broken system…
      WG is not even trying to make the game better, they just release crap and take quick money.
      The only time WG does something is when the player base becomes very toxic and angry. Only then they are willing to to some “balancing” changes like we will see in next update.
      Nothing new really… WG management needed a complete change since 2018.

  2. Side scraping meta >>>>>> hull down meta

  3. As a KV-5 and KV-4 and KV-4 Kreslavskiy player, this is wonderful to me.

    • I didn’t realize at first that it was a TD. Thought it was just another KV-4 Alphabet that was reverse side-scraping.

  4. alejandrozapataq

    i remember ktts back from when we had only 5 nations in the game, if im not mistaken wg gave it to certain employees and game testers from the russian server, there was some gameplay on youtube from one of them

    • In EU you can buy it in bond shop for 15000 bonds. If i remeber since 2 years round about . but no one buy it becaus its trash 😀

    • @AnimalMother no you cannot, you must be thinking of the kv4 kreslavskiy(or however its spelt) also its ony 10k bonds

    • alejandrozapataq

      @Ville Suutari yeah i was going to say that, bond shop is the same for all servers except the chinese one so no, the only we have is mr krevslavskiy and as you say is 10k and it is fucking beautiful

  5. Chems highlighted how these tanks have better armour than obj 279e at tier 8….

  6. Just dab the 2 key. The biggest problem with WoT.

  7. It’s not a tumour

  8. TD seems toxic tank to deal with as well as to play with. T54 seems quite okay tank. Probably Renegade still better. However T54 might be ONLY heavy with great alpha while having good gun stats at the same time. Thats already quite good.

  9. Low standard pen on KTTS because this is KV4 107mm gun

  10. I was loving this game in 2013. I was liking the game in 2015. I’m hating the game in 2022. Why ? Simple : WG strategy. Creating tank that doesn’t exist, hull down monster and corridor maps. Nice, now you cannot be competitive without using Gold rounds. And what’s that thing with adding 4/5 premium tank at every patch. Come on guys… just balance your game and maybe some players wil get back.

    Every new tech-tree tanks are just stupidly OP compared to the old ones. I know that you should do this to keep people buying gold to research these new tanks so that they can be meta but gosh… that’s how you’re ruining your game…

    Please bring back the WOT of 2013

    • Stopped playing 1 year and a half ago but still haven’t deleted it because I remember hrs of fun playing yet just when I might get back in they add more fantasy tanks . I still got thousands of gold over 60 million credit and hundreds of large repairs,meds,auto extinguishers plus hundreds of other goodies and hate wasting them

    • @john beardshall i usually sell large medkits and repair kits, its very rare that you have to repair multiple crew/modules at once, and if i use them i will most likely come out negative after a battle

  11. This tank is already in wot console with a working upper turret that woud be a nice mechanic…

  12. i have been waiting for the kv4 td for a long time since you showed it long time ago on yt

  13. Woaw! Just woaw!.

  14. Joe vanrey B. Bacuyag

    This is a sign that wtf e100 is really coming back kv4 ktts is canceled but it will enter the game for real now.

  15. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Man, I remember when this tank was first time tested, but instead of it, the KV-4 Kreslavskiy came to the live server. It’s one of those relics hidden in the game files like Kirovets-1 and the old VK 100.01.

    • Someone had the real vk 100.01 with 490 alpha gun. I believe he still own it now as the only one owner.

    • @Fauzan Hermawan Now it is considered the ausf b version. And it has the same gun as the current VK 100.01 top gun.

  16. damn WG, another generic American HT…if u want release another of those, might as well be new and novel like that rumoured TS54 or something…

  17. @CrumbyK 1. No healing in random battles.
    2. Heavys with strong armor and high HP like Maus etc can barely use those advantages because of the prem spam. Yes. it would buff them but they deserve it.

  18. Vladimir Mihajlovic

    The game is not designed this way. There is a lot od tanks that are designed to be penned with premium high pen ammo. So tanks like maus become buffed because now it takes longer to kill them frontally.

  19. KV-4 KTTS is not new tank

  20. I play this game because at some level it’s fun, but the game is broken. Maps, tanks, and the credit economy are broken and not fixable, hell wg has been trying to balance this game for years without success and the ever changing meta is not helping. This dog will die chasing it’s tail.

  21. Why can they not just add tanks that existed irl, mist of them low and midtuer like from 3-7

    • @William Agan they have to add low tiers at some point, new lines cant keep branching from high tiers forever

    • There’s a ton of tanks that existed IRL (albeit a lot of them are prototypes) that could be Tier 8 through 10 and haven’t been added yet. The T54 is actually one of those tanks, it really existed. Though the real T54 had a 105mm autoloader, not a 120mm hand-loaded gun.

    • @RedXlV ok yes makes sense but if they keep adding ‘modern’ tanks to wot they will have to change the mm and tech tree system…like I mean it can’t be that a tank from 1970 fights against tank from 1945 or a tank from the 60s against 1940s it just won’t work out

      In Warthunder they managed to work this out quite good

    • @MrCorn Gaming Honestly, I’d be on board for adding Tiers 11 through 15 for more Cold War tanks.

    • @RedXlV tier 11 to 15 would have so much potential…obj 279 (not e) bmp tanks t70s t80s t90s, leopard 2s, more modern versions of leopard 1, abrams and stuff like kpz 70 just to list a few but I think they have to change the game system in general…since (at least imo) the max range u can see/shoot enemys is way too low and the spotting range -idk it just doesn’t work out that good

  22. the New TD is Just a Reskinned HTC t28….More Lazy Development…. Copy and Paste BS….

  23. @CrumbyK Oh yeah… Because all tanks with fat armor are so meta rn lol

  24. i actually met kv 4 ktts in game once about a year ago

  25. That T9 american sure looks a lot like the T8 Renegade except on steroids.

    • That’s because it is. The Renegade’s real-life designation was T54E2. While this T54 Heavy is a fictional version that replaces the 105mm with a 120mm.

  26. 440 signal range can be very annoying

  27. KV-4 KTTS was dropped forever ago because they were struggling to balance it

  28. The KTTS is on the console and is a 3 shot autoloader

    • The Orthurus is the auto loader the KTTS is the single shot on. I would love to see the auto loader clip one in the game with the mini turret too.

  29. I would like a kv 4 ktts, always a big fan of the kv series

  30. Why 220ish pen… Smh.

  31. I have seen KTTS in battle ages ago so I don’t know what’s new about it.

  32. @Vladimir Mihajlovic they are designed this way to encourage you to spend more time to get credits so you can afford gold ammo and not because they would be op otherwise…. The Maus sucks in it’s current form.

  33. new event comming for buying “sepcial” premium like on the begin of the year with Kirovets (Tank is like 5-6Years in the game files – wg needs tanks like that – k4 ktts perfect match)

  34. wot is P2W trash game

  35. KV4 KTTS is basically a TD version of the KV4.
    I think it will be quite interesting. The only problem is that it seems to be effectively “a better KV4”, or maybe a russian mauerbreacher.
    T54 is probably the upcoming battlepass (whatever) vehicle

  36. KTTS is like T28 HTC

  37. TehButterflyEffect

    For years and years they promised they’d never release tier 9 or 10 premium tanks. For years and years, premium tanks had big drawbacks to them. The Lowe had trash penetration and engine power, but had good armor and decent damage. The Super Pershing had good armor and decent gun handling, but trash mobility and terrible penetration. Now we have premium tanks with no drawbacks (LT432, Skorp G, Kpz, Elc Even 90, EBR 75, Slapstick, etc, etc, etc….). After they released the first tier 9 premium tank two years ago, everybody was yelling at WG because now nothing is stopping them from adding more of them to the game. And here we are. More of them.

  38. Oh, look. New tanks but still no new maps in rotation, what a surprise.
    That T54 sounds almost like what the tier8 WZ-114 used to be.

  39. What ist the name of the Outro Song? (Good Video BTW)

  40. 3 shots 5 k damage omg dude!

  41. i don’t have any thing to say… so i not going to say any thing else made me laugh … nice video as always

  42. I would love to see premium rounds go back to gold only like it used to be it was much better back then.

  43. Kv4 ktts is russian turtle mk2 and ts5. Like we need more premium t8 tds, the worst type of games is where there are more that 5tds and the side that has more tds that can play like a heavy especially in the city maps

  44. I’d really love if the KV-4 KTTS had its mini-turret be functional like the WoT Console version is. It’d be funny when a thinly armored tank tries to flank you to shoot the 45mm. Or even for heavily-armored tanks, just use the 45mm to keep them permatracked.

    If Console can make multi-turret tanks work, surely WoT PC could do it too.

  45. Funny fact: this KV-4 KTTS had been sold on the Chinese server before, just like many other weird unreleased tanks (at least at the time, e.g. Obj. 268 V5 and WT E-100 (P))

  46. Wtf is that

  47. @RedXlV Iv always wanted to blaze up a EBR with the mini gun on the t30 skin. Would be cool to have a secondary gun for taking out light armour

  48. @Gyuri P. maybe again same thing like 780

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