NEW Leopard & Should War Thunder Get Helicopters? – War Thunder 1.63 & Heliborne

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Helicopters would be interesting but the flight mechanics differ so
    drastically from planes and would Gaijin go for like an ARMA style of
    helicopter controls for realism or maybe a Heliborne or Battlefield arcade
    style of controls or just build something from the ground up. And weapons,
    other than rocket pods and heavy MGs, most attack helicopters by the late
    60s-early 70s had some sort of guided missiles, would game mechanics allow
    that or will Gaijin allow a second player to be the gunner. War Thunder is
    a very robust game but adding helicopters is a big leap in a different

  2. I just want them to put the A-10 in the game so that I can watch every
    thing start exploding.

  3. I have to wonder if the new Leopard’s stabilized gun will allow it to have
    the same shoot-on-the-move ability as modern-day tanks like the Abrams
    which can reliably hit a target while moving at 40+ MPH over rough ground?
    As for helicopters, I highly doubt that will happen as it would require the
    addition of guided missiles for aircraft, which Gaijin has said they will
    not do.

  4. Baron, helicopters would be great. However, I can see them getting taken
    down very often by main tank guns, not to mention SPAA

  5. Helicopters would be a very fun addition but they’d be useless because
    they’re a really easy target for SPAA

  6. go Kentucky

  7. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    I would rather see AI infantery, beach assaults + playable landing crafts
    in the game before helicopters to be honest.

  8. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    how would helicopters work tho?
    they’d get rekt even by reserve tier planes, they might be best in the tank
    tree (probably along the tank destroyer branch), or maybe spawned in like
    aircraft are in Arcade

  9. I watch hockey… and play it, i dont like football :D

  10. go gators go

  11. I think Gaijin needs to make two separate game modes. Things are getting
    out of hand what WW2 tanks are facing. Besides, WT is stepping in on
    Armored Warfare’s territory now, not that it really matters, AW has WT beat

  12. whats next? the abrams!

  13. Modernizing?!? You mean we get an isis faction?

  14. The WW2 Helicopters are so bad

  15. T. Maximilian Waechter

    Baron, please, no more German. Dein Deutsch ist Scheiße… Sorry

  16. You did good baron youre german is getting better! gut baron dein deutsch
    wird immer besser! :D

  17. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    I’d say helio’s should be added along with AAM and SAM missiles. If you
    wanna go full 60s.

  18. out of all the wt youtubers i like you and slick the best but slick doesn’t
    do too much dev blogs

  19. War Thunder should get Japanese tanks first and then helicopters

  20. ger offfff DOOOMM ._.

  21. Airborne “Skyraider” GR

    keep it up with the devblog covers

  22. wait a minute was gun stabilization not in the game before this? im
    confused because the sherman and stuart tanks were designed with gyro


  24. no you did not do ok :D

  25. Please … NO

  26. No fcking helicopter in the game you fool !!! The maps are too small for
    heli, it would be a tank slaughter. Look at planes, it’s already a little
    bit OP :/

  27. I roll with the Tide

  28. can you do some gameplay on hellborn

  29. Helicoters in war thunder !? R.I.P. Tanks

  30. pls stop speaking german Sounds terrible

  31. So the Germans are getting a better version of the leopard which is build
    in 1975. But the Russians still only have the t62 which already is lagging
    behind from everything in top tier atm. So y don’t we get the t72, its
    taken in to mass production in 1972 so ye

  32. keep talking gayly german

  33. Be nice if WW2 tanks that had a gyrostabiliser had stabilisers in the game.
    Like say the Panzer V “panther” series

  34. you make the best dev logs!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Gajin copys Armored warfare and that heli game

  36. Baron, an deinem Deutsch müssen wir noch ein wenig Arbeit :D

  37. Best looking tank in my oppinion

  38. What a fucking Question? NO!

  39. i have an idea for your pronounciation failures: type the word into google
    translator and let it speak it out for you

  40. i support LA barcelona

  41. Omg they should put in Helicopters this would be amazing

  42. Should war thunder add helicopters? Fuck no! it starts to lose it’s
    originality. It’s slowly turning into armored warfare if we just want more
    modern shit. soon there will be A-10, and that’s the moment when l just
    give up on that game.

  43. T72 Ural + T80 coming up, brace your arse

  44. That thing looks sexy GO WILDCATS!!

  45. your pronounciation was ok, only the last “o” a bit longer and “s” more
    soft. But the “Kampfwertsteigerung” was …lets say funny to hear 😀 and
    “Waffenstabilsierungsanlage” is even for some germans not easy 😀
    i did service on that tank, but it was the last upgrade in the 80´s (LEO1
    A5/A1) with “old” round cast turret like the new update version ingame,
    add. laserdistancefinder and nightvisibility as well as better
    gunstabilizer and 360″ round and some degree up and down search ocular. The
    rest i forget…..We were told it has a first hit chance of of 95%….but i
    did´nt believe them 😉
    I always felt it was completely outdated when i sit on drivers seat and
    beside all the storage room for shells only behind that 50mm? front plate;
    moving coffin nothing more ! An old officer told us at the peak of cold war
    time many of the Leo´s were ready to go direct in battle out of the garage;
    sharp shells all around. They gave a Leo a average lifetime in battle of
    about 10-20min…….! there was a man hole or rescue hatch in the basement
    on early models but they weld it for better mine protection. The shock
    armour at the turret side was not steel; it was a component of some rubber
    and inlets. These days the canadians had some LEO1 in Afghanistan which
    were heavily add. armoured and gain some tons i think. They said its always
    hard work to keep them in service because parts get old and spare parts are
    out of production. I never saw a A3 or A4 version with the angled welded
    “Wegmann” turret; danemark, the dutch and many other countries bought these
    ones. In wt i dont think the gun stabilizer will be useful beause of
    Gajin´s map and surface design; most are cramped, narrow and bumpy.
    Therefore and the non existant teamplay most battles are a simple shooter
    game with a lot of luck factors. The add. little armour will do nothing
    against cold war shells or rockets. I see more another fodder tank for IT´s
    . I like to see the T72 ingame which sudden appearance was a shock for NATO
    and lead into fast developing the LEO2 and Abrams 😉 Helicopters would be
    very good to hold that game in “service” ….especially our very agile
    little BO105 with 6HOT rockets. (same system as in RakJagdPz ingame !


  47. I like your channel very much but please stop trying to speak german. It’s
    atrocious. XD

  48. ur german is good except of the connected nouns like “waffenstabilisierung”
    and “kampfwertsteigerung” :-)

  49. Guys please help me.
    I don’t know why,but in my tanks I can’t remain with only 1 person in the
    tank like the video shows.
    With 2 people yes,but if I remain with one person the game says “crew
    knocked out”.
    Is there an impostation where I can fix this problem?

  50. OMG War Thunder its broken…

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