New “Loot Gates” & Premium Rewards in Return of The Waffenträger 2021 Event in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Return of The Waffenträger Event Rewards, Premium Tanks from Engineer’s Gate, Astron Rex 105 and More. Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2021 in World of Tanks as Waffenträger Auf E-110 and E-220. World of Tanks Halloween 2021. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100.

Information from:
► Official Artile from World of Tanks Europe: https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/return-of-waffentrager-2021/

Today they released full details for the upcoming Waffenträger Auf event, including the mode guide and rewards.. One of which is a brand new tier 8 American premium medium tank Astron Rex 105!

What do you think?


  1. Are you going HAM in the event to get all the rewards? Interested about the Astron Rex 105?
    Well, compared to the last year, when they added T-77 ONLY into loot boxes, then this time seems like you can get that outside of it as well, which is kind of an improvement?
    Tell me what you think, stay awesome!

    • The Rex looks garbage, as per usual Wargaming doesn’t like making good premiums unless it’s Russian. Honestly a shame. Definitely not going to waste my time with this event.

    • He we go loot crates. If you don’t already take a look at iearlgrey’s channel. It was mainluy about World of warships. They talk a lot about loot boxes and the way WG is making everything a loot box to desensitize players to buying loot boxes.
      Now a lot of things in WoW is done via loot boxes that you need to pay for – e.g. we’ll see new tanks intorduced as loot boxes and most players will end up paying more for the loot boxes than if the tank was just put in the premium store.
      Even the elements collection mechanic is straight from WoW.
      Bend over lads – here comes the pineapple!!!!!

    • Dez whats your stand on this event being used as a cover for Loot portal a.k.a loot boxes?

    • I will play the event because I like the event game itself. I will try to get the Emil 1951 drop, and the special tankers and 3D camo’s of course. I hope that if you win the lottery and get a vehicle, it actually gives you one you don’t have yet instead of replacing it with gold if you have it already. As far as the Astron Rex goes, I am not really interested in it. I used to collect tanks, but not so much anymore. The meta has changed so much, its more fun to watch videos than play usually. Power creep takes the challenge and fun out of the game.

    • Loot gates? Give me my feet lockers back!

  2. I Really want the 3D styles. and the tanks i want the T77 and the astron, Thanks Dez 🙂

  3. i don’t think we are getting commanders. They have to be crew skins, just like last year.

  4. Yeah I havent been on more than a couple of times since they started tier 9 premiums. I am pretty much done with WOT.

  5. Cows allowed milking boxes once, they’ll get milking boxes forever 😂

  6. another premium tank with tumor and 190 pene puke…

  7. I have been playing this game for 8 years. I have all the tech tree tier10’s. I don’t need more USA/Russian/German/French prem tanks to grind crews….. I need Polish Swedish Czech Japanese Chinese or possible a Brit Prem…… the odd races.

    When I look at that list and go 9/12 of the prizes I either already have or I don’t really need cos I already have vehicles that cover that area why on earth would I grind tirelessly to get a shit chance at getting a 9/12 DUD of a tank.. I would rather Grind a bit more and get a choice…..


  8. What?
    Your *m3* *lee* is evolving!

    Your *m3* *lee* has evolved into *Astron* *Rex*

  9. what a complicated pile of dog poo

  10. It’s just loot boxes with extra steps. They’re trying to add so many layers to it to create the illusion that free-to-players are going to have mostly the same opportunity. But if it’s anything like the Christmas Lootbox chances, which I imagine it probably would be similar (if not exactly the same). Then a free-to-play player will have to complete everything in order to gain a small chance at earning just one premium tank, let alone the Astron Rex.

  11. In frontline u saw an Astron Rex.I was confused by that.Then i saw him get 1 shot ammoracked🤣🤣🤣.Then i thought that its another balanced premium tank

  12. There will be a lot of the WT E 100 in the battlefield.

    And the mode sucks cash 💸 😂

  13. Funny thing is last year i completed both collection but untill today i didnt reseved any of the crewmate skins.

  14. But I bet you will be able to spend up to $100 and buy that tank and I am quite sure many will just do this.

  15. Today I had a dream that tier 11 tanks got released

  16. Wow atleast now the prizepool in lootbox are great tanks instead of last years IS6 AND MAUERBRECHER LOL

  17. Wow Wargaming…another boring mode nobody wanted to return ro.

  18. well .. i will not open my card for this 🙂 ..for sure

  19. 60 😂😂😂 WTF

  20. Cant wait for the gate opening videos from content creators who going to open the aston rex and some of the best tier 8 tanks in 3 gates 😂

  21. Looks like a wait for Christmas boxes tank.

  22. So I’m going to have to grind my ass off for an entire week on this event to get a mediocre medium? Jesus

  23. Not the Atrocious Rex

  24. Can safely skip the loot boxes. No interest in any of those tanks.

  25. I only want the 3D styles anyway. Oh, and the bonds!

  26. thanks Dez.. already seeing player spamming gold with this AstronRex in game.. dunno how they got so early before the event

  27. Why I hate this game?
    -Too many premiums.
    Why am I still playing?
    -Too many premiums.

  28. Why does WG keep forcing us to want to play these mods i dont like them but i like the opion you can get a premium tank i just dont get it th are just forcing us to pay cccccc what can i say this game is just becoming more and more to the edge pay to win

  29. lol what a shit tank ! its a new T77 crap tank over again

  30. Pew pew inc

  31. I want 3D style for obj140 rest of them i got it already from other different missions or events

  32. Muppets events… Where muppets put their money into the game…. Cof cof…. Sorry… Into offshore accounts!👌🏻😂

  33. i lodt my all tier 10 account if anybody has one and doesnt play can i get it free

  34. Emil ist nice other tanks are ….

  35. you forget Dez, this tank is made for the cheats… if your shots always hit when you peep shoot, then the inaccuracy doesn’t matter, auto loader – more camping – cheats with more shots in their clips… erggg…

  36. last few days of the previous event were great, lots of fun as the people learned how to play against Waffent and there was decent teamwork, but the first few days were terribad 😀

  37. i dont like the event because the battle is basicly a grind. and repeating it more than 10 times makes it boring…
    at first there will be a crap ton of harries in que, and few days later there wll be hunderds of wafflecocks in que

  38. 320 alpha, with 4 second intra-clip? Yeah, I think I’ll stick to my K-91 at TierX lol. I can basically shoot that fast without an autoloader and then needing 34 seconds.

  39. This is why I love Dez, he is/was always honest about all the WG’s crap! <3

  40. Wow Rex is the biggest pile of shit so far, even Ballbreaker is better, 4,5 sec between shots and 5 shots in mag with 30+ sec reload, you will never empty you mag without losing half your HP at least, sure 1.6k burst damage but its no burst at all. Even T77 is better.

  41. It would be interesting if they made this mode so you could use your own tanks with the mad science equipment and modules added on; that way you could use your crews and get XP for them and your tanks. It would be wicked fun to add a weird science mode for PvP battles using that stuff.

  42. ahh the event where I didn’t even win one of 40 rounds because the whole time i had brainless monkeys as team members who always immediately fought the Waffenträger head on…

  43. This is just another Cash Grab Loot Box gambling from Wargaming using the event as a cover…

  44. Day 66 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  45. Players: Game needs fixing – MM, maps and so on…
    WG: We have a new way to get your money.

  46. Hey Dez or anyone out there really haha I have been searching for help on Chimera missions Bloc-2 and Union-8 for 5 internal critical hits. Cant seem to get it, any help would be appreciated! Dont know who to ask anymore lol. Thanks! Great video keep em coming!

  47. I’m really tired of frigging all american tanks having a giant tumor on top, Hull down is chancy at best if you don’t have a wall to hide it behind.

  48. Let’s not forget that WG is in a world of legal troubles with their helping criminal enterprises to launder their ill gotten gains. I actually hope WG gets convicted and punished, just to take them down several notches. It would be sweet poetic justice served on a lying worthless, no good company that mistreats it’s player base and competitors. Folks, there was a reason they fled and moved to Cyprus, when they did, they were already in trouble, with the law, in Kiev.

  49. nothing will ever beat the 8 bit maze minigame

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