New Lorraine 50T Heavy is Fast! | World of Tanks Lorraine 50T Supertest Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Lorraine 50T, New French Heavy Tank on Supertest Server. World of Tanks New Tanks, Update 1.9.1+ Patch . World of Tanks AMX M4 mle. 54 Gameplay.

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Another tank enters the supertest, and another tier 9 heavy tanks, this from . What you get is a fusion between Lorraine 40T and AMX Mle. 54 heavy tank, called Lorraine 50T.

It is fast, with good handling, but the gun… That needs a bit more work!

What do you think?

Thank you for being amazing lately!


  1. First of all, want to say massive OMEGA thank you for such an amazing feedback in my previous episode. You guys CRUSHED IT! Talking about that and about the giveaway at the end of this video.
    Stay awesome and enjoy your weekend! <3

    • Imre József Kovács

      I think the STRV K,Lorraine 50T and plus one Tier 9 tank is going to be on the next year of frontline reward tanks.

    • As a french this tank doesn’t exist so 0 hype :/

    • Dez thanks for another great video. Hope the next video is extra special, Cant wait to see what it is.

    • Why don’t you have 1080 60fps on your videos?

    • They found Strv k on a huge french forum page called BCNP WOT that have for goal to introduce 1000 new tanks that existed into existing tech tree and creating new one with the documentation linked and sometimes even military archive to back them up it’s in french however it’s super interesting to see what they have done. @DezGamez

  2. robert hoogenboezem

    when are they going to introduce tier 11 12 and 13 tanks ?

  3. Soon we will have fast heavy artillery tank, oh yeah.

  4. Can we get French Montana as the radio operator

  5. wheres the wheeled arty?
    i kneew it!

  6. WG should leave tier 9 alone ….they destroyed tier 8 and now turned to tier 10

  7. Thank you , Dez~Newz .

  8. dhiraj kulkarni

    Remember they have collectors tab in game wish they put that turreted t10 russian rs there based on obj 277

  9. Suraditfcf Pengsaeng

    Lorraine 40 t : armorless.
    +10 t weight = +10 t armor.

  10. Looks like an enjoyable tank to play, I’m glad it doesn’t seem overpowered so far

  11. Swabhiman Behera

    Being an arty lover..i’m gonna face another fast tank…. I wish they do some cool changes to spg even…like they showed us in the sandbox testing.

  12. Probably Collectors Tanks 🤔🤔

  13. ELC 50t when?

  14. Are supertest and sandbox the same thing?

  15. Sorry if this is offtopic but, any news on the e100 buff?

  16. occasionalquest

    Another useless collector avatar. There is no point in tier 9 as long you don`t grind it to get tier 10 or tier 10 is crappy one and player is stuck with 9 which is better… Another retarded devs creation like idiotic crew 2.0. These tanks need to be upgraded and get tier 10 and get special MM, 1 mandatory tank per team in randoms and exclusion fro any other game mode.

  17. DEZ. – my friend. Soooo very dam good to hear you, and see your awesome video work. ; b

  18. Is not on tech tree?

  19. Tier 9 chinese prem Td has been there for years and never be released . What we need is a balanced t8 premium arty then we have premiums of low and high tiers in every class

  20. Japanese tank destroyers?meh…
    More wheeled armor?Hell yeah!!!

  21. Yea more tanks 99% can never get

  22. The Raging Storm

    Tier 9 it’s got to be the next reward stage after frontline

  23. Someone is getting a raise in the team, that is for sure.
    It is obviously just a cash grab, not by history but being just redundant crap, much like all the IS variants, we already have the non popular AMX line, even the premium 49 is not popular.

  24. Hi Dez, How would you play AMX 13 105? When to WoT comes relatively balanced tank everyone is complaining that is not competetive 🙁

  25. Carlos oliveira

    Maus wheels coming, just wait… 95 kmh… king ram.

  26. Lorraine 50t is maybe not fake. This tank is logical when we see the development of french tanks in the 50s. There was a project of making a 50t tank with a 120mm. Several companies worked on this project, AMX, Lorraine, SOMUA and FCM. We have AMX’s blueprints, but for Lorraine, SOMUA and FCM we have nothing on the internet. For FCM we have some information, there is a version of this tank with 160mm of armor in the front for example.

    Go check BNCP WOT on the World of Tanks forum. Anodjil (the founder of BNCP WOT) therorized that it was technically possible to mount the TOB turret on the Lorraine 40t. So Lorraine 50t is logical, but we don’t have information on the Internet.

  27. good job dez you alweys give us the new news <3

  28. those circles on the turret look like eyes

  29. World of imaginary made up , bullshit , never existed tanks !!

  30. This game his broken why RNG sucking , MM , stupid Maps , OP Tanks , To much nooooobssss in fucking battles , Arty that his not nerf to low damg and put stun HIS BUFF , wheel vehicles i dont play anymore that stupid game

  31. More things we asked for again-NOT!

  32. Dez, those firepower stats look like autoloader stats. With the low dpm and long reload for a 120mm gun. Is it possible that is the case and their list omitted the number of rounds in the magazine?

  33. Isn’t already 50t a tier X tank? I v been 2 years without playing

  34. for wargaming “promotional” means : for 1 tank buying …..1tank buying ! 😛

  35. Alfred Conqueror

    I thought it was the replacement of AMX 65T

    • ignace part mendier

      same then he says it’s a tier 9, i was so desapointed because I researched the 65t but never played with because i m not sadomasochiste

  36. looks kinda mediocre ngl. The armor will make or break the tank

  37. are we going to ignore that 8:30 “Battle>Matchmaking>Battle tiers _IX X XI_ ” lol

  38. Hey Dez ! The history of post-war french tanks is fairly simple. The French experimented a lot with different chassis and turrets, swapped turrets and chassis (see EBR 75 FL 10, where the FL 10 turret is an AMX 13’s turret with a 75mm, represented with the AMX 13 75 in the game, or the M4 FL 10, a sherman chassis with once more an FL 10 turret, or the M4 Revalorisé, an M4 with a 105mm gun and so on…). So what Wargaming represents with this tank is pretty much a heavier Lorraine chassis with an AMX M4 turret, another likely combination that they did, although I never heard about it. (I studied a lot about the french armoured doctrine).
    So yeah basically the french played the old switcharoo with their turrets.

    • still waiting for the m4 fl10 – which is actually saw combat actions go in the game rather than lorr 50t :))

  39. Patch 1.9 brought some new low tier vanks in the game. Could you take a moment and check T6 Medium,. a tier 4 American new tank and give us your opinion?

  40. This video makes me remember how much love French heavy tanks need. Sad…

  41. Another shit 🤦🏼‍♂️
    It’s a way to World Of Fake Tanks….

  42. Hi Dez, been here for years watching you, I have a question. When will WG finally make the buffs to E-100 / IS-4 / T110E5 they said they will do in the next patch? I only see they add cosmetics and other stuff but not what they promised for over a year now. What are your thoughts on that?

    • tamas lapsanszki

      E-100 is actually going to be nerfed. The tank has great armor right now, it suffers from goldspam not from poor armor. Skilled players can outplay E-100 armor with standard ammo. When whoregayming will “buff” the armor, everyone will be obliged to spam gold, totally negating the armor. So, right now, the armor is usable against standard rounds and garbage against gold, when it will be “buffed” it will remain the same, but more people fire gold because standard rounds cannot pen weakspots

    • @tamas lapsanszki I think you live in a different world, as a player driving E-100 I can confirm that only the first 3-4 shots are normal ammo (and not always), every single shell fired at me after that is gold. Also, E-100 suffers from weak frontal turret armor when sidescraping or wiggling doing the classic think every good Maus player is doing with it’s turret, which can’t be done with E-100 due to large weak cheeks.
      Moreover, as a beta player, I can also say that many tanks, even from that era, can penetrate E-100 and Maus front turret armor with normal ammo when one of the latter directly aims against them.
      Seems like you have never drone effectively those super heavies.

  43. Wargaming did announce some time ago about the possibility of Tier Xl tanks, personally I think it could possibly happen

  44. Mathius Dessureau

    I just hope there not putting all the tier nines as ranked rewards

  45. 2:37 dude that thing has tyres AND tracks

  46. *Crazy aliens guy* Hear me out, Collectors vehicle.

  47. Looks like French version of American M103 with that huge turret.

  48. ***Mingot Army***

    “…is this an out of season april fools joke?”

  49. And how we will get this tanks?

  50. Dez these so called frankenstein tanks are not just random. The nations experimented with all kinds of combinations otherwise the t110e5 e4 and e3 would be so-called frankenstein tanks becaus they all share the same hull

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