NEW M-V-Y, Tier 10 Yoh Heavy Tank | World of Tanks American Yoh Heavy Tank Branch

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of Tanks M-V-Y, New Tier 10 American Yoh Heavy Gameplay and Tank Review. of Tanks New American Tanks – Yoh Tanks with Special Reserve Tracks feature. of Tanks Yoh Tanks Tech Tree – M-V-Y, M-VI-Y, M-III-Y, M-II-Y, Pawlack Tank and a Premium M-IV-Y.

– WG Official article about Yoh Tanks:

Brand new heavy branch from America is here – Yoh tanks. Is this weird design of the tank going to be new META in the or simply average? Let’s take a look!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Is this basically a weaker kranvagn?

  2. small gun gets apcr the big gun does not

  3. The first yoh tank is Polish?

  4. Another video for the top players, I don’t have the money, the free experience to go directly to the Tier X like to you to me this is useless right now. I prefer you review the bottom lines. You can say: But I’m trying to tell you if its worth to grind or not, I don’t care. I’d like the strange look of Yoh tanks so I’ll grind it anyway.

  5. The METAH is thicc frontal hull down bullshits. You can probably guess that by recent premiums and Czech HT tech tree. Now a new tier 9 fake Chinese tank ridge line warrior is also in the game… So yeaaaaa, Yoooo are gonna be METAH broken 😀

  6. Idk why they put VI yoh as tier IX if it definitely looks more like tier X

  7. tier 10 tornvagn

  8. its funny because the first tank i killed this morning was the m-v-y with an 800 hp ammorack, for what i have seen and for what a friend told me the entire line loses the ammorack very often

  9. The 105 gun is way better more dpm acuracy aiming time every think

  10. When the RNG switch is in somebody elses hands, everything that has anything to do with WG is just money, pay-to-win shitshow. Especially after wheeled circus, every now and then tanks like that “star-wars” one. Just a SHITSHOW 😉

  11. In as much I basically have all the tanks…and am American…I do intend to grind these out. They do seem to be competent, typical American heavies.

  12. There outdated but if you want to stay safe while peaking this is the tank but warning no one is safe from arty

  13. that T55 player must have bought that account

  14. M-V-Why indeed :p

  15. Small gun gang

  16. Day 139 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  17. Great video, horrible tank.

  18. Bruh they put mV in t10

  19. Blueprinted the line to T8, did I spot new Topography missions?

  20. I think the 2nd game vs ae phase i was a trap shot considering a noticeable bounce there and that was a nice way to pen this tank 😀


  22. Turret ring is a weak spot when they try to side scrape, once people find out, this tank will become a one trick pony

  23. im definitely not touching this game for a few weeks. really don’ty want to MM with 12 HTs per side that are all hull down stupidity.

  24. I’d say average, it doesn’t excel at everything but i do say it somewhat performs better than the E5 at times. It’s not a tank everyone immediately want to get, that title still goes to the VZ.55. But what it does excel at is a close support heavy. I kept the tier 10 just because i still like the T29 at tier 7, I have the M-IV-Y at tier 8 and I perform better with the AE phase 1 at tier 9.

  25. too bad HE is nerfed to uselessness as well.

  26. Guess wargaming didn’t trust the RU players to be nice on the test server.

  27. Plz also take a look at the lower tanks of this line. Thx.

  28. High dpm gun with gold ammo while playing like a Tiger line will probably be the best.

  29. American wt auf e100 xD

  30. Been waiting for this video allll day

  31. All the wallet warriors making WG wallets even bigger. Just wait, I bet they will get nerfed eventually, just like all OP tanks. Once WG aren’t seeing much more pennies from these tanks, that’s when the nerf bat will come out. By then the next set of OP tanks will be released, lol.

  32. Showing first time in the battle, obviously everyone is curious and pink equipment is fully in? 80% of players will use standard one so it’s a big no-no for me, not watching

  33. Bandkanon 1 when?

  34. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    I wonder since the turret on the tier10 version is so strong that its almost always autobounce would a shot under the turret bounce down in to the hull??

  35. sound like you have a cold hope you feel better soon

  36. This tank looks like it came out of a comic book.

  37. So Dez, wich one you prefer more, this new Yo or the e5?

  38. I want a Yoh tank that is thin like spaggeti and throws bananas at the enemy tanks so that they slip off


    Its look terrifying the m v yoh

  40. Yo yo yo what is up!

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  42. yoh this tank will be a annoying tank even the hull armor is so thicc

  43. Looks weird, but classic American. Good hull-down, 105/120mm gun, pretty good accuracy. It only doesn’t have GIANT weakspot like M60 or T110E5

  44. Why you contributors don’t talk about taht WG is doing shits with all these ugly tanks ? And make WG think about their mistake that they made ? And if all of us think in same way, the game will be better !


  46. Looks to me like all these Yoh tanks are worth grinding. Not perfect, and they shouldn’t be of cause, still good enough to be competitive. Only the tier 9 looks relatively weak.

  47. DEZ what modpack you are using?pls give link to WG site…i like it

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