NEW M60a1 vs Leopards (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Brummbär????

  2. my war thunder (tank) question why everybody uses only t34 or a m4

  3. … Baron Gaijin is a Russian company

  4. @BaronVonGamez if you are ever uncertain who shot you, and you happen to
    still be alive, hit the “J” key on your keyboard and it will tell you who
    shot you last and who will get credited with the kill/teamkill. obviously
    dont hold down the button for too long or you’ll die from bailing out. just
    do a couple taps the check the name, then you can check the name on the
    scoreboard to see which side he is on.

  5. HESH is basically a higher penetrating HE. so it would do good dmg against
    leos, spaa’s or the backs of tanks and even the sides(without hitting the

  6. Russian Bias, Comrade.

  7. 14:45 Yoo that was me ramming my friend XD

  8. I used my phone to count, and you definetly counted bad. Every second you
    counted was 0.5 in my phone

  9. You fuqin wut.

    U didn’t mention P-47N.

    U fuqin wat

  10. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    Are you for trump baron

  11. Captain SumTingWong

    do you get a lot of money and stuff in the development server so you don’t
    have to grind for them you can just buy the tanks?

  12. “I saw your bush!” – BaronVonGames, 2016

  13. This tank variant was only designed to fight the t54-t55s. No need to
    compare to the t62 the Americans had an even more improved tank by then.

  14. War Thunder needs to add the Stuka zu Fuß!! Six 300mm rockets on a half

  15. Just realised the m60a1 is an Abrams. Lmao

  16. It’s 10sec and 8.5 sec upgraded. You do realise you can start a stopwatch
    or something on the phone lol

  17. my experience with hesh is it dosnt care about sloping it has 145mm pen
    thats why it goes clean throw soviet 100mm fron plates. i might be wrong

  18. Yo hit me up with a shout out need channel subs

  19. That is the only tank I have seen where it is modeled with the exposed
    radiator yet it somehow has armour in the back

  20. How you get your research tree to look like that?

  21. what did you record this with? Looks like you used a potato

  22. is he as stupid as he sounds or does he do that all for the show? imagine
    him in real life

  23. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    was waiting for it!

  24. you are SUPER gay

  25. This update isn’t out for me

  26. Hey ho Baron! Just writing some stuff about the HESH shell: as you, i was
    super hyped when i did first got them, but it was during 2/3 patches ago.
    Luckily, they got KINDA fixed two days later: right now they are pretty
    effective against almost any tank at BR 8.0. The fact is that they do not
    lose any mm of penetration even if the enemy armor is extremely sloped (as
    Most of the tanks in tier 5 can be penned (i know, irl they dont pen, but
    hey, GJ implemented them this way, and probably for limitate theyr
    effectivnes) from any range, and even at absurd angle. They are pretty
    awesome at not bouncing (so they results pretty effective against sloped
    armor x 2), they deal a HUGE amount of damage (way more than HEATFS imo)
    and, the most important thing, they are WAAAAY cheaper. The speed
    difference is not that much, if you are an experienced tanker you can
    defenetly one-shot almost any tank in the game and, even you miss them, you
    wont cry blood because of the cost (not even mentioning the fact that HESH
    shells are HE rounds in the first place, so you can easily take down soft
    targets with indirect fire)

    So, in the end:

    HESH pros: -VEEEEERY cheap
    -Deal a ton of damage in a large area
    -You can pen almost any tank hull (with few exceptions)
    -If you are good with them, you can one-shot ANY tank (and i seriusly mean
    -Bounce only at extreme angles
    -Can be used for indirect fire against soft targets(like SPAA and light

    HESH cons: -you must know where to aim. But it’s the same for HEATFS.
    -Cant deal with the frontal turrets side of many tanks. I compensate this
    by carrying a mixed load of HESH and APDS rounds, usally 20 each. So you
    can take good and effective shots at long-range/fast-moving targets quite
    easily, with the advantage of not having to sell one of your kidney if you
    miss a shot.

    I hope this might help you or anyone else out, if you want any examples on
    how to use them feel free to write me here or in game, the nick is the same
    IMO, this is the best cost effective round and the most underestimated
    shell in the game at high tier, but i might be wrong, point out anything
    you guys dont agree with :)

  27. I’m the panther D lol

  28. this may sound stupid but how can you play the 1.61 version of the game?

  29. Baron baron!!!!!!!!! Is the Po-2 going to become a normal plane that you
    can research in the next update??????? ??

  30. zombie_tanker19K

    Reload speed should be less than 8 seconds for the M60A1. Being American
    tank crews on the M60 and M1 have been held to the 8 second minimum
    standard for a long time. (granted, on my crew my standard was 6 seconds or
    faster, I have loaded in 3 seconds and I’ve had other crewmen who’ve
    reloaded in 3 seconds) But for a fully trained crew in this game it should
    be 8 seconds.

  31. I’m expecting the Leo 1A5

  32. Since your counting is making my OCD very bad. I suggest using a stopwatch
    to count these reload times? Your counting way too fast and starting at 0.
    IF you don’t bother with the stopwatch (should be one on your phone) Try
    using the Mississippi rule. for the sake of all you OCD viewers. Please
    stop this off balance cruelty.

  33. did anyone notice that the f-82 is not there!!

  34. Barron hesh works better when when there are a lot more angles or curves on
    the target

  35. use the jet IL-28

  36. 2:20 Baron- you’re counting way too fast…

  37. I’m in tier 3 rus, but i would use hesh against side armor

  38. Baron those were not seconds


  40. Hey great tanks fight at suicidal ranges… wonder how may idiots will
    spend countless hours grinding these tanks or even more stupidly paying out
    hard cash for them?…. Gaijin great map…we know where are all the top
    talent designers are and it ain’t working for Gaijin

  41. America!!!!!!!

  42. Baron if you look at your crew it will tell you how fast you reload

  43. hahahahaha F9F-2 Suuuuuuuuuuuck me nuuuutz lol i was in fits after that

  44. why no intro :(((

  45. Baron are you gay?

  46. See this is the problem.. SPAA is so powerful vs tanks that they actually
    stop shooting planes. I’ve been in planes far too many times where i’ve
    been able to shoot open top SPAA without retribution because they’ve been
    on the front line against tanks..

  47. I counted 11 for stock and 8 for aced lol

  48. Came here mainly for the armor upgrade preview. Saw none of it. A truly
    worthwhile video, I have to say.

  49. if trump donated he would have told everyone

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