NEW MAP: FAR EAST – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

of is testing a new map, Far East, in Recon gamemode. Here’s all you need to know!


of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I like the looks of the map

  2. The Far East is copied from Armored Warfare Ghost Field but smaller, fewer trees and hills than AW.

  3. Thank you for your detailed and good analysis as always!

  4. That looks like a fun map and most importantly different from what we currently have.

  5. map looks like clown face

  6. Taking “to be able to” to the next level… “the ability to be able to”. 🙂

  7. Lots of interesting advance and defence options, easily a top 5 map.
    should have been named “Landing Strip” kinda is dominant
    * “The Landing-Strip” club, out by my local airport, very popular…..

  8. It looks awesome. The game needs bigger maps. This sort of maps

  9. William Monterosso

    I think having the hills be heavily wooded, particularly on the cross back road up it, would make it a lot more appealing and fun. Maybe blasting the airfield with craters and wrecked planes would be good too. It seems interesting.

  10. Feels like Malinovka + Mannerheim Line

  11. I love this map already. Yes please put it in the random que

  12. Honestly think this is a really good map, spots for lights, tds, heavies and mediums. Only problem is that mid is way to wide open

  13. drag race anyone? that runway is good enough. we go by weight classs.

  14. Andrija Brankovic

    Nice looking map!

  15. Dose not like arty…but hiding in bushes and letting other do the work is ok. I guess that is what you call playing the game. And as long as nothing can out spot you. You are happy. Question. How does a low down little tank with a turret have a better view range that an open top TD? Hint. The answer is it does not. Such a sad game now.

  16. I found my new fav spot in my type 5. Gonna broadside and block off the underpass exits before I die XD

  17. Yes WG….With the speed and view ranges of newer tanks (also wheeled vehicles), bigger maps are needed. Might even stop the 3 minutes games by bringing back tactics and teamwork. Rock on QB.

  18. I was looking forward to the Recon Mode.

  19. Either way I see this map being extremely popular in training rooms even after the initial excitement will have passed

  20. New map kind of make me want to play wot again. Soon as they sort out the issues with the EBR-s, the MM and the ‘speshul’ ammo issue, .. I might return.

  21. This feels like it would be a great Company of Heroes map

  22. Peter Voytanovsky

    LOL, this looks eerily similar to a map in Armored Warfare …. just another feature that the poor clueless devs at WG have copied from AW.

  23. The Pink Panther Tank

    That big runway looks like an ebrs playground

  24. I love this map and i think i will play more lights on this map. I had a game in my hwk 30 on this map where i got 7.8k assist and 1.2k damage and all i did i pretty much stayed all the game in the first bush where QB stayed at the begining of this game. Very nice map.

  25. love it when i’m in my ebr, i call it the drag race map 😆👍 straight line in turbo mode

  26. Great analysis. Much appreciated.

  27. With Crew 2.0 (as QB showed in 2.0 video) EBR’s will be going up and down the runway highlighting everyone without being seen.

  28. How is this bird-eye view working at 6:05? I’ve always wanted to look around some maps in such a way.

  29. Imagine an ebr 105 speading across the field and spotting your hole team

  30. This was my fav map from the recon missions

  31. We are witnessing the last couple months of this game with crew 2.0 coming out soon boys


  33. As far as I’m concerned they just take out the current airfield and make this the new air field.
    That dustbox with death alley is a shitshow anyway.

  34. Brilliant map QB, and great explanations of options for different tanks.

  35. Far East? Has the same vegetation as Germany. Seems to me plain and unfinished. The least favorable map of the recon maps in my opinion.

  36. Now how about fixing your MM and RNG WOT!

  37. He’s suggesting that corridor maps are novel? How much are they paying him?

  38. New shits: not given.

  39. The layout reminds me of Hidden Village with a row of mountains shaved out of the middle.

  40. Julian Thrussell

    The huge runway is just a dead zone where nobody can play. Half the map is unplayable. Fill it full of craters, bulldozers and burnt out aircraft to give decent cover. Not very well designed at all.

  41. As others have said this feels like a better airfield, _because it looks nothing like Airfield_

    It looks pretty balanced, the no man’s land in the middle is gonna be prime killing ground for idiot EBRs just charging through, at least they won’t have many places to dip behind cover

  42. Manipulative MM!

  43. U sure gonna see me with maus going down that road scaring everyone off xd

  44. Maps are not the major problem in this game ,WG take care of mismatches ,clown cars and the unneeded nerf of HE shells,that you did that completely ruined a whole style of tanks that many players enjoy playing.

  45. I’m pretty sure this looks a lot like a map on WOT Blitz.

  46. Everything good, except that stupid name. Far east… Just, why?

  47. 15:17 yes it is possible to go across

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