NEW MAP – Klostertal- World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is testing a new map, Klostertal, in the recon game mode, here's why I think might be one of their best yet!



  1. I think this is one of the best maps in the entire game, I feel like I have a chance in all of my tanks. the only improvement I can think of is just opening up the tunnel other than that It’s perfect.

  2. If TDs can flank and it is not a scout one sided spotting map. It is definitely balance. I say this map is as good a Pearl River. Many ways to flank without it being a triple choke point where players are forced to camp due to being spotted as there are enough barriers to move forward sneakily. This map is better than the Paris map.

  3. Anything is better than Ruinberg and Ensk

  4. if I mention skee-l-4-u in the comments will you mute me jiggerBaby?

  5. this map is WIDEPARK on steroid.

  6. 1:24 come on QB, the tunnel vision on that FV was so unsportsmanlike. Taking shots left and right just so you can farm that FV even though you literally have EVERY tank in the game?

  7. Synthetic Danimal 90

    New map added to game, get to play it once out of every 50 games cause you’ll get ghost town 10 of those 50. Lol

  8. Wargaming will probably pick the least liked maps as the new permanent maps

  9. These maps are bigger and for the fast creeping. You’ll HATE being a 20 mph tank

  10. What appears to be fantastic about this map, is that Wargaming are starting to figure out that if they want to counter hull down always best meta, it starts with map design; specifically having fields/hull down areas as low ground, not high ground. As long as hull down points of engagement are also the highest/most firing line providing points on the map, hull down will always be best.

    • Omg yes this is why the light tanks feel so much better on these maps as well because the meds in hull downs cant spot for themselves on the new map on most positions. Thanks man you showed me why the scout mode is so much fun in lights

  11. Klostertal i like this map wish the tunnel was open with added stuff inside it .

  12. Double the width of that tunnel, expanding underneath the church more, and add collapsed rubble from the walls periodically along the sides, I think. Also make it spill at angles rather than perpindicular to the wall, so that side scraping tanks can side scrape off the pieces of the wall that are missing. Or, add some kind of higher vertical terrain as well, so that it’s not a hull down only area.

    Overall, seems like a step forward, with a lot of room for a good player to play dynamically around vision and firing lines to work shots in.

  13. I think Cholesterol is a rework of a map from last years Recon maps.

  14. It’s a fun map, even though I have gotten caught out a few times while playing it. Personally I think I liked Aquila the best, purely for the scenery. I enjoy that they put in a waterfall and everything. Truly wish both these maps could go in.

  15. Does Wargaming send you these maps before they are released?

  16. It seems like a mix of Paris and Minsk
    Looks interesting

  17. What this map mainly does is promote gold shell usage

  18. Whats the point of these new maps, they never make it into the game, months and months of testing for them to be scrapped

  19. I’m a new player. This is the 1st time I can join the recon mission with my T8 tanks. All 6 recon maps are beautiful, fresh and competitive. Will WG add any of these into the main modes? Wish they do, replace some maps like widepark.

  20. Error404_RNG_Not_Found

    You pronounce it like this: Close-There-Tal

  21. Klostertal isn’t new, it’s a copy of the “Kassel” map from a few patches ago

  22. I read it at cholesterol and that it what it shall be known as forever

  23. Arty positions?

  24. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    When I played this map I was amazed by the layout of the city and the streets. In most city maps it feels like the edge of the map is always there (either with the red line or with buildings) to confine you but here it seemed that streets popped up where I expected the edge of the map to be.

  25. 9:22 I prob was the vz

  26. I played all 50 games yesterday on the new maps. Most of the time I always had exactly this card….about 20 times. I’ve always played the map to a GSOR as a light. Most of the time on E-F 3, 4, 5. My gunmark is down about 8% even though I have a 2nd gunmark on almost all light. The reason is the TD positions, because they can only shoot at the lights and nothing else. Unfortunately, this is the case on all new maps. So it’s no longer worth mocking. Lights are the new artillery that is simply destroyed with the maps.

  27. I really like this map but I like Far east better.

  28. This map needs to be added to main

  29. KLO

    It means monastery valley

  30. Guess what… Wargambling and their HTs maps only… Good I have stopped playing this bs some time ago.

  31. Colostomy or possibly cluster fuck will be what this map is going to be informaly known.

  32. Great map without coridords…U have lot of opportinities which way to go all the time. Really nice map 🙂 Arties won’t have so much fun as the rest of the tanks, but who cares I’d say.

  33. The map is ok I just think the hilly area in the middle could be expanded as the streets behind don’t really have positions to play. Basically to improve the map I’d like to open the mid area a bit more so its less of a clustefuck close range hull down gameplay because really you can go to a close range hull down fucker spot on every map we don’t need more maps like that

  34. This map could be Stockholm If they just change a bit of things

  35. of the 6 maps, I liked this, Far East and Aquila the most. Really disliked Anykeyyevka (ugh that name alone), at least the first few times I played it now.

  36. its not a new map till it is in random battles, they did recon last year and we have no new maps (2 fewer thanks to Minsk and Karkiv). This is just another mode that wg throws out there (they seem to be coming with more frequency nowadays), I am unsure why all these spin off modes, does wg see the end in sight and is looking for a transition mode. What irritates me is the fact that we are not getting new maps, yet they are working on these for modes, Steel Hunter got a new one. Yet we get a higher propotion of mines, abbey, himmels, lakeville that should have been shuffled to low tiers eons ago. So please don’t call this a new map

  37. henk geenreetaan

    Recon mode is waiting for 8 minutes and not yet getting loaded in. So love to try if I don’t have to wait forever to play them. But finally new maps is super.

  38. unfortunately klostertal is a place in austria, so wg definitely not straying from its path

  39. oh hey i saw this match live, nice!

  40. falsemcnuggethope

    It’s Klostertal, not Coloster towel

  41. Can’t believe peeps still play this game. It is utter garbage.
    Just like the fellow that owns this channel.
    wargaming’s man child

  42. Klostertal is actually pronounced with how an ‘o’ would sound if you spoke it on its own. Both the o and the a in Klostertal are a bit longer than you pronounced them too.

  43. The Klostertal is an alpine valley in Vorarlberg, in Austria.

  44. Klo…Klo klo klo…Not kolo…Think klo like clause and not colossous…

  45. looks horrible for Arty, not sure about lights.

  46. lol it has 2 Dicks on the Minimap

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